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here we are claymore RP thing someone need to make sooooooooooooooo i did yeah ! there you go claymore fans
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2/10/2012 #1
Lt.James lugnerische

It was late at night, a young man was walking though the street, a sword at his side and a black uniform covering himself as he walked

2/11/2012 #2

-the man heard a crazy giggle and a large metal armor falls form the heavens(building) and lands at this young man's feet

-unknown female's voice giggled is a madman the moonlight cast a shadow of the women all you saw was her glowing red eyes, and a blade that extended form her arm-

2/11/2012 #3
Lt.James lugnerische

Adam quickly skidded back and drew his blade

2/11/2012 #4

-the metal armor blew up ,and the women disappered-

2/11/2012 #5
Lt.James lugnerische

Adam resheatched his blade and contuined walking

2/11/2012 #6

-the women jumped and landed right in front of adam her blade glowed red-

2/11/2012 #7
Lt.James lugnerische

Adam took a step back and set his hand on his blade as he said "..who are you.."

2/11/2012 #8

-the women gazed at him and smirked- "Aww your cute - she moved so fast that adam was on the ground and the women on top pinning him down she was about to lean in for a kiss before i women call out-

the women gazed behind her-

"Soulblade SouLBlade!"

the women smirk- " gotta go cutie chow~ " -she stood and disappeared-

2/11/2012 #9
Lt.James lugnerische

Adam got up and looked around, before turning and walking away

2/11/2012 #10

- it's morning-

the women slept hard her now black hair she yawned hearing her lil sister

lil yuki : yukino -pouts- wake upp

yukino: nnnughgh 5 more minutes

yuki: you said that 20 minutes ago

yukino sat up with the help of yuki

yuki: you need a job sister

yukino:thats comin for a 12 year -she laughed

yuki giggled-

2/11/2012 #11
Lt.James lugnerische

Adam sighed and returnt to his house.................which was ironicly right next to theirs

2/11/2012 #12

yukino check the mail she gazed at adam- "morning mister.."

2/11/2012 #13
Lt.James lugnerische

Adam checked his own as he looked over and said "..morning miss.."

2/11/2012 #14

yuki: yukino yukino

-yukino looked at her sister- " job paper?" - anime tear drop- " ok i'll go job hunting.. just relax sis"

-yuki pouted- " not till you get a job"

2/11/2012 #15
Lt.James lugnerische

Adam contuined looking over his mail as he said "..Im Adam..and...well if you need a job I think their are some opening at Douji.."

2/11/2012 #16

yuki: really! go sis go take the job!

yukino sighed a bit- " ok ok yuki.." -she looked at adam- " my name is Yukino Fujino"

2/11/2012 #17
Lt.James lugnerische

Adam smiled as he said "..Im Adam..its good to meet you.."

2/11/2012 #18

yukino: soo.. uhh.. can you show me this company?" -she rubbed the back of her head adam saw the soulblade on her wrist- ( it look like the witchblade but it's black with a blood red stone)

2/11/2012 #19
Lt.James lugnerische

Adam looked at it for a moment as he said "..nice bracelet.."

2/11/2012 #20

yukino: hmm? thanks -she smiled-

2/11/2012 #21
Lt.James lugnerische

Adam nodded once as he turnt to go back into his house

2/11/2012 #22

yukino breathed-

2/11/2012 #23
Lt.James lugnerische

Adam looked back at her and smiled softly

2/11/2012 #24

yukino was reading the paper while her sister pouted about a job-

2/11/2012 #25
Lt.James lugnerische

(time skip?)

Adam sighed and went into his house

2/11/2012 #26

( yeh sure =])

-yukino walked though the company and knocked on her boss's door-

2/11/2012 #27
Lt.James lugnerische

*ok, nother time skip to after she gets the job*

2/11/2012 #28

yukino: hello! how in the hell did i get here? ( remeber when mesena was in that fake city and she fought that x-con

-yukino looked around- ( she has the job but she has to go though training)

2/11/2012 . Edited 2/11/2012 #29
Lt.James lugnerische


Adam watched from a glass box as he said "hum.."

2/11/2012 #30
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