Requiem for Mankind
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Conso Anima

Chatty things, writers are.

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March Unto Torment

Right-o then! Anyway, I'll go back to waiting for you to post in one of the threads.

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Conso Anima

I know how Sara starts cracking down on him as well about his past, she finds his phone and begins flicking through the messages. Because it's not overly done (Wila wouldn't ever let him go overboard), it'd be pretty decent reading material. She'd eventually hit the part where he began sending frantic texts to her, asking her where she is after the explosion before he finally sends one last one to say goodbye and he's sorry it's his fault. She or Emily confronts him, he initially acts Jerkass until it finally breaks through to him. Emily (most likely) comforts him, and he decides he should act as he did before all of it happened. Heh.

Oh, and I'm also posting Wila's character sheet. Reason Story post is taking so long.

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March Unto Torment

(Continued from the other thread)

Depends. Reconquista is really only effective for ground-based combat and short bursts of aerial combat for getting to higher ground; I've got another craft, the Gawain, which is a very similar template, but uses dual Motorcobras instead of dual Canopus rifles, and has the Judith booster instead of the Lahire booster that Reconquista has; thus, it's much better for air combat than Reconquista.

It does make a good 'it's all up to you', doesn't it? But now we just need a motivation for Valentine to be fighting him in the first place.

I believe that it was stated that they were all dead in the Japanese version too. FA was a very rushed game compared to AC4; they spent most of their time working on adding new parts, but apparently, the devs were told that they needed to release it earlier than planned, and thus, the story and enemy Lynxes were thrown together quite quickly. This is why there are so many filler missions, and the plot only actually kicks off in the final chapter.

Yep. He's pretty much our 'always someone better' of this fic. And yeah, having it all settled is great; one of the many things I disliked about FA was how much had changed without explanation, so I figured that I might as well write a story about how it came about, and how everything changed in the gap. This fic really grew out of that.

Shall we assemble a short list of what should be explained, and how we could explain them?

My first idea: Eqbal mysteriously became Algebra in the interim. My thought is that there was an internal revolution, and our characters might be recruited to help with it during the first arc. Another, bigger arc might be the formation of the League; naturally, everyone would be worried about this, because all the corporations united would pose a severe threat to Line Ark.

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Conso Anima

I was saying aerial combat because being on the ground with another ground-runner gets annoying unless it's on the water level. Seraphim helps in that it can do air combat even for a little bit, but is good enough for my use. It's basically the Seraphim that Daven has, just...ACfA-style.

Valentine would probably want to use it to wreak havoc on the League for Sara and his Ghost of Rayleonard status. Bjorn, being rather idyllic in his reform and not wanting a slaughter, would have to stop him and the ARETHA.

For a rushed game, it's actually really good. It's remarkably amazing compared to a rushed game from another franchise (which gave me one of my favorite Let's Plays, Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 by pokecapn).

I was kinda surprised by what had changed, but I accepted it and ran with it. Ran pretty far with it too, it's only until you really try teasing it apart that it seems a bit off in the end. It seems like we've got a fair amount to explain, and that'd be cool to actually do it correctly.

The names of plenty of the weapons changed, but some of them did not. I'm thinking part of that is registry error, the second part is that they're just the designs from earlier with some different parts but same functionality. Eqbal sounds like it'd be a good one to tease apart though.

I'm really glad that we have two unique platforms to solve most of the problems, without a ton of angst, between the main cast. It's cool to have a teen tale that doesn't go 'Oh, I love her...Oh, I love her...Oh, broken heart....Oh, new love...' and so forth. While it's becoming sadly more prevalent in real life, I think fiction is supposed to be a REPRIEVE from real life...So yeah.

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March Unto Torment

Yeah. I have a Requiem build, although it took me forever to make it so that it's not overweight, and it's not terribly effective. So after watching Code Geass, I built the Gawain and haven't looked back since (seriously, best platform ever; fast-moving and able to mount just about anything, and has 42,000 AP; most of my builds based on it use the wing-lasers and some kind of arm weapon combo). I even beat Krimzon when he was using Double Edge with it; yep, that's right, I have something that can reliably kill bladers.

Ah, that makes a lot of sense. He also wouldn't have a great deal of rational logic left at that stage; realising that he's the person he's been hunting for so long is himself would wreak havoc on his mind.

Agreed; I just think they could have done better with more time. I mean, let's face it, most of the missions sincerely aren't that fun. The most fun mission IMO is Attack Anti-Satellite Cannons on Hard; you get to take out a Normal detachment and three massive cannons, along with a NEXT, only for the freaking ARETHA to turn up and start tearing stuff up. I use it to test-run all of my NEXTs.

Yeah. Since I got ACFA, I was really hoping for another game in the same continuity to explain some of the plot holes, but alas, it was not to be... if I ever learn to write computer code, I might create a few more missions for it as a mod. I really want this fic to be a setup for FA, so that you turned AC4, this fic, and FA into one TV show or movie, it'd all run smoothly.

Hmmmm... a particular example for the parts is actually Eqbal/Algebra, who had basically all their parts renamed in the interim, so the internal takeover would explain that neatly.

Agreed. It's definitely great to see a teen story where we've got interesting characters who are all too human, and who get through their problems without too much Wangst (Wangst has basically ruined young adult reading for me, which is why I'm currently writing a novel where it's almost completely averted). And yeah, fiction should definitely be a reprieve from real life; when I read a story, I want to be somewhere else other than my life.

Oh, and one thing with your recent post; Valentine wouldn't reveal his first name to anyone except the Raven, as he uses it for his 'school' identity (that reminds me, we need to work out a way for Valentine to get to school in the mornings without the others realising that the guy at school and him are the same person).

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March Unto Torment

Finished up Emily's profile.

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March Unto Torment

Oh, and another thing.

The reason why Valentine wears a mask and conceals his identity is mostly not to hide his identity, but more a psychological compulsion to hide from himself. He can't face who he really is and what he's done, so he mentally locks himself away as the 'Ghost Of Rayleonard', and hides his own face. He doesn't wear a mask at school, but instead he is playing a character there, so he's still not himself. The Raven knows and understands this, and the reason why he insists that Valentine's identity remain a secret is because if Valentine's own masquerade were broken by his identity being revealed and all his seperate identities merging back into the same person, he would have a complete mental breakdown, followed by attempting to wipe out everything in sight.

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Conso Anima

Yeah. Zach's ACfA is actually really effective as well, partly because of the FLUORITE. The other part is the NEW-SUNSHINE is agile compared to the earlier SUNSHINE models.

Yep, that was my thought. ARETHA would just be the coup de grace, warping what little fragments that remain into dust. Hopefully, Bjorn managing to disable the ARETHA allows him to re-assert his sanity back in fairly quickly.

Most of the missions for me were entertaining, though the massive learning curve when you hit Big Box had me stuck for days I will admit. Most of my problems simply stemmed from Vaoh, because once those gatlings started up they were really hard to dodge.

We're having a few little canon hiccups because of the whole Otsdarva business. However it's nowhere near as significant as, say, getting a whole White Glint frame from Raven.

Another small part of it is the AALIYAH frame. That was one of the things I was thinking about.

There will be some form of Angst in the form of Bjorn. When he's confronted with his past, he's basically just going to fall apart. But...It's just a turning point, and one small section of it. What's really going on here is the fact that all of these characters are getting over the angst. That I find far more enjoyable. It'll be more enjoyable with Bjorn, because I kinda have difficulty writing him at times.

Edited for Valentine's name, and I kind of figured that much. MPD (multiple personality disorder) is chaotic in the best of times, here it sounds like a relatively mild case compared to some...But it's still a major thing no matter how mild. No surprise that Valentine'll fly off the handle at some point.

The Emily Marsh thing has me kinda intrigued about how we help her out. But...Maybe it'd be nice to have her use her pain to help heal Bjorn's. Bjorn then starts trying to help her with the pain she feels. It's not an...Elaborate way to do it, but rather realistic all things considered.

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March Unto Torment

Ah, interesting. I never really used a FLUORITE; I tried it a few times when I got FA, but then I unlocked the Canopus and didn't look back.

Yep. By that stage, Valentine's mind would have been shattered; however, being defeated actually allows him to put himself back together somewhat.

I know what you mean. The AI seems to be better with gatlings than actual people are, unusually.

If you're referring to Valentine and his AMS, I believe it was mentioned that it's possible to increase one's base AMS with enough practice. Alternately, he could keep pushing himself beyond his limits to the high-end AMS that Ostdarva possesses, at the cost of being increasingly alienated from Omer by his lack of ability to focus on the mission at times (his estrangement from Omer is mentioned in-game).

Mind elaborating?

Yeah. Valentine's won't so much be angst so much as a decent into insanity; while other characters piece themselves together, Valentine keeps falling apart, due in no small part to the fact that because no-one knows about his past, no-one wants to try to help him, unlike Bjorn and Sara.

Well, it's less MPD and more just a repressed personality; it doesn't manifest outside of Valentine's mind, but it does wreak havoc inside his mind. Valentine will seriously lose it at some point.

Yeah, that could work.

Oh, two more things. Firstly, I think that Sara will end up with almost a Betty And Veronica situation with her two potentional love interests (although it almost qualifies as a Veronica And Veronica situation), Bjorn and Valentine; Bjorn is a Jerk With A Heart Of Gold who's wracked with guilt over his past and is unable to move on, while Valentine is an increasingly insane pilot who is hunting a facet of his own mind without realising it, and who is slowly becoming more and more obsessed with her.

The other thing is that I have a way to delve into our characters' minds, and possibly detail their pasts; a kind of Dream Episode. Basically, in an effort to get them to confront their problems and cope better given their increasingly nightmarish reality, Fiona and the Raven (with Abe Marsh's help) build an AMS-based machine that traps them in a simulation constructed out of their own minds where they are forced to confront their worst fears together. First, they go through Sara's mind, which is nothing more than a barren wasteland, but quickly get stuck in the dream as someone else mysteriously takes control of the simulation. Sara gets abandoned by the others due to violent circumstances and is forced to push through it. They then end up in Bjorn's mind (I'll let you decide what it's like), where they end up meeting his girlfriend, and Bjorn comes to terms with the fact that she wants him to move on as he talks to her. Then they reach Valentine's mind, a hellish place where reason and physics hold no meaning, and they eventually reach the centre, to find a mysterious Alicia frame, laying waste to a city which is revealed to be what's controlling the simulation. Valentine confronts it and attacks it, recognising it as the craft of the 'Ghost Of Rayleonard' he keeps seeing in his nightmares, but after defeating it, the pilot steps out, as does Valentine. The Ghost Of Rayleonard removes his mask, but as he does so, the scene switches to outside, where Fiona and the Raven see Valentine screaming in agony. They pull the plug on the simulation, and Valentine becomes completely catatonic, not responding to anything they say. Fiona asks Sara who the Ghost Of Rayleonard's face was, and she answers that it's Valentines. Seems like a cool way to fit in our Reveal.

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Conso Anima

I use it because it's the most efficient plasma weapon, it's got great power, doesn't drain terribly, not terribly heavy, good clipsize (50 rounds, and almost twice the power of the CANOPUS in some Regs) and because it's just so dang small. It looks like a case of Fluffy the Terrible, because it doesn't look like a weapon. It looks like an odd water gun. The CANOPUS is cool, but the FLUORITE actually fits me best. That's one reason why Seraphim carries it, because the plasma cannon on the original in From the Ashes isn't majorly uber for the timeline. It's basically just an upscale FLUORITE.

Valentine's mind would probably be very affected by the learning of his true identity, but it would probably end up being that the ARETHA is really what sets him off. We all know Joshua O'Brien didn't want to fight the Raven in AC4, so it obviously is very overpowering.

Valentine's AMS wouldn't be the problem, I'm thinking the ARETHA probably would be able to boost AMS permanently if you could survive it. I mean in the fact Otsdarva would finish off CUBE and survive the whole time, because White Glint takes him down, CUBE takes White Glint down, then Sara takes CUBE down. Of course, if you do it a certain way then it's slightly possible Otsdarva wasn't finished by White Glint.

The ALIYA (I believe that was its first name for US release, I'll have to check) was renamed in between the gap, mostly because the new company that took the game for other countries' releases decided it shouldn't be a big worry that a big-name singer died with the same name as the frame. (Aaliyah was a singer in America, and she died not long before the game was put through AC4's release. They felt it would be disrespectful or something like that). AALIYAH was then the name for all releases in ACfA.

Yeah, that's different.

Well, Bjorn might be a little interested at first but it would probably end up being that he'd think of her more as a sister. One that wouldn't probably give up on him like his siblings. He probably would end up loving her more than he did his siblings, but part of that stems from the fact she...Accepted him in more ways than his family ever could've with his dad's influence.

That'll be interesting...I know how Bjorn's would go as well. His wouldn't be a confrontation, but allowing his subconscious and knowledge of Wila to speak directly to him beyond dreams. It'd start off with all of them running away, and Bjorn ending up in front of a console and a tinted window. Because the controls are all in a different language and he hears people coming towards him, he slams one of the buttons. The nuke explodes, and they all get bathed in white light. As it fades away, Wila in a white dress walks up to him with a smile. He falls to his knees, and keeps saying sorry over and over before memories flash through his mind. Wila softly takes hold of his hands, and begins telling him what he knew all along. Like being with him was the happiest she had ever been, and that she regretted nothing about it. He then sees a whole bunch of people around him, who are people he saw before the nuke went off. They all begin telling him that it's not his fault, that they were going to die as it is. They fade, and Wila helps him stand up and kisses him. She tells him the obvious, that he was innocent of any blood on his hands from the experience. She then lightly (very lightly) slaps him on the side of his head and tells him to live his life because he still has a lot he can do for others. As she fades, she tells him to make her proud that she loved him. I think that...Would probably end up working out absolutely everything with Bjorn.

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Conso Anima

Damn. I thought I found Wila's song (interestingly enough sung by another vocaloid), but it turned out to be Bjorn's guilt song. Still, it's pretty dang amazing. English translation in bottom left-hand corner.

However...I found Bjorn's subconscious Wila song. And, amazingly, it's sung by Gumi. So...Do I get points for that or something?

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Conso Anima

Also, this is mostly because I like to jump the gun on thoughts and come up with a way to make them good...I also put an Extras/Rough Drafts thread. Bjorn's sequence is coming together now.

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March Unto Torment

Firstly, my apologies for not posting. Just got Fallout 3, you see.

Main problem with plasma weapons is their absolutely crap hit registry online. CANOPUS is much more reliable, and has an alarmingly high rate of fire; it can out-DPM just about any weapon in the game if you use it right. Killing a heavyweight in six rapid-fire shots is actually possible. Plus, most online builds are designed for ballistics defence due to the rarity of energy weapons online.

Correct. It seems to cause its pilots to lose all reasoning beyond that of the Aretha's basic function - to destroy all targets available. It's actually referred to as the 'Mutant Core', and I believe that it was stated in the original Japanese to have become self-aware by basically taking fragments from the minds of those who have died while piloting it, so that might explain a bit.

Ah, yes, that. Well, the way I'm thinking it will work is that CUBE takes down White Glint (which does happen sometimes in the mission, if you engage Otsdarva for long enough), gets killed by Otsdarva, and Otsdarva then gets brought down by Sara as part of their plan.

Anyway, I think I've got an idea; the unit went out of production after the fall of Rayleonard, and I wouldn't be surprised if upgraded (notice that the ALIYA/AALIYAH's stats increased between games), second-hand AALIYAHs were renamed by their sellers.

You're probably right about that; however, Sara might be interested in him at some point. She would see him as a more sane love interest than Valentine, who at that stage, would probably be a little scary (I'm thinking that at the conclusion to their first arc, Valentine will have a moment where Sara gets cornered and he proceeds to go Ax Crazy on everything that moves).

Yeah, that'd have a very positive effect on Bjorn. As opposed to Valentine's; his would mark the moment where hereallystarts losing it. (Note: explanation of rest of plot ensues.)


Afterwards, his AMS scores become wild, fluctuating heavily, and he stops sleeping completely. Shortly after, he slips up and his identity as the Valentine they know from school is revealed, leading to much anger at school, and when his past involving a massacre committed by Rayleonard is revealed, he is abandoned by his friends. With no-where left to go and pursued by the forces of both Omer and Line Ark, he is attacked and beaten by all of Omer and Rosenthal's remaining Lynx (along with their latest recruit, Risaia), Valentine is defeated, and lying on the ground, he requests death, only to be denied by Risaia, who replies 'not yet' and knocks him out.

He then arrives at Omer's headquarters and is given the ARETHA, but Line Ark's forces attack just in time and raze the facility to the ground, leaving Valentine standing in ashes. After Sara is almost killed in a fight with Leonhardt - who is killed in the battle, tying up one loose end - and thinking her dead, Valentine swears vengeance against the League and prepares to assault to newly-risen Cradles, but immediately before he starts, is confronted by Bjorn, who has taken the White Glint from a now-catatonic Raven and switched out its assault rifle for his craft's 051ANSR.

He battles with the ARETHA, and Valentine narrowly wins thanks to the ARETHA's power, but is stopped at the last second by a shot the back from Sara's destroyed craft, which takes out the ARETHA's generator (the armour around it was blasted off in the fight). Sara then convinces him not to take revenge, but after kissing him and asking him to stay with her, he simply says 'no', and turns away. She says 'Valentine, wait!', but he replies that Valentine was killed by her shot to the back, and that he was Otsdarva, the League's new ace pilot. He turns and walks off into the ashes of Omer HQ, while Sara watches him go.

Three months later, Sara is sitting with Kasumi Sumika - who has assumed the alias Serene Haze - and the two discuss recent events. It's revealed that Sara left Line Ark, and she is now a mercenary. Haze also mentions that the League has recently acquired a new Rank One to replace Leonhardt, named Otsdarva. Haze then asks her for her craft name. Sara just says, 'I was thinking something along the lines of... "Strayed".'

And that's the last line of the fic, with the reveal that Sara is Strayed.

P.S. Could you post? I'm not sure where I'm supposed to go next.

1/4/2012 . Edited 1/4/2012 #14
Conso Anima

Ah. If you like shooters, then you'll love Mothership Zeta. Just...Beware. They've got really strong weapons, and some of them are even harder to kill than...Almost anything in the game except in the Brotherhood DLC. (My character basically started only taking a single VATS to take out a Deathclaw. Those things are tough. With a degree in tougher)

Well, sounds about right for me. Guess I'll just stick with it then, it'll be entirely chance if I hit you and even more chance if it works. I like those odds. I know the CANOPUS, it's just never struck me as something I want to base a whole style on. I'm solid-shell/plasma guy myself. (Hmm...Halo has struck me again apparently) Not surprised about the six-shot thing. Nor am I worried, my quad-leg frame with good boosters hits over 700 km/hr even on 1.2. I think when I tested it on 1.4 it's 800 km/hr, even on the 063. The more normal speed is something like 500-600.

I think I remembered reading something about that. No real surprise to me if it did what we're talking about though.

Yeah, I think that happened to me once. Then I somehow managed to get pincer'd by both with me facing CUBE, while Otsdarva pelted my NEXT's back with all of his weapons. Fun time, I think I still won though.

Probably would make sense, more letters means more POWER! Like the F/A-18 Hornet. Became the Super Hornet now, even though it's just been upgraded to some degree.

That does make sense, and it sounds about the right time for if Bjorn/Sara started up...But then squealed to a halt not too much later when Bjorn recognized he saw her as a sister. Sara wouldn't understand it, not at first, so he'd have to explain it to her. I'm thinking the best time for that is after he's confronted, where he drops most of the Jerkass-Bjorn...But mostly just around her.

I'm thinking of more I can put into the post I had in the Extras Thread, so it'll actually be a fair amount longer than even on the Rought Drafts thread.

Sounds about right for me, except for White Glint's armaments. I was thinking Bjorn would pick up the ANNAR for his regular machine, in realizing he needed something close-combat. When he gets the White Glint frame for the single battle, he keeps the front armament but picks up a sniper cannon (most likely the 061-ANSC if possible). That way he has something that can pierce the ARETHA's armor with relative ease. Of course, need to check the weight for the sniper cannons...But that's the only modification to White Glint that would really be needed for him. Sniper cannons will rock the ARETHA's world! The amusing thing is the kickback on the thing may actually make him dodge an ARETHA shot as well, because in-air the recoil blasts you back a nice amount of distance. It'd be a near-vertical shot, but that'd be a cool thing.

1/4/2012 #15
Conso Anima

Holy crap that edited post is long. 1219 words from Bjorn's scene alone. A lot to ask, but can you look over it to see if it's overdone?

1/4/2012 #16
Conso Anima

I'm starting to question if I should keep listening to this stuff at times, because if I keep on going I'll find 20 more songs that fit. Another Gumi song, this time called 'Run Away'. Fits Good!Bjorn, and amusingly even foreshadows the fact Sara probably will shoot the last shot. It's almost wrong how many songs I'm finding are beginning to fit...Especially because Bjorn and Wilandriah fit it in almost every way. I doubt that I'd ever write Bjorn as falling out of love with Wilandriah, but he does still fall in love with (most likely) Emily. Unless we decide to Retcon her in.

There is something amusing I just realized about Sara and Emily. Both have a potential to remind him of Wilandriah, because Wilandriah's physically similar to Sara except eye and hair color. However, Emily Marsh is very similar to her mentally...So it becomes this question, which would be more favored? I'm figuring Emily, though she's still quite a bit younger than Wila. Wila was 18, Emily's 16. Sara's even younger at 15, but very similar in body. It's just amusing to me because no matter what he does, he still doesn't fully escape her shadow with the potential love interests.

1/4/2012 #17
Conso Anima

Also, an idea on Bjorn: ACfA really should have more LYNX in it than it does. (41) Part of this is, to me, the simple lack of time to produce more. So I'm wondering, what if we had Bjorn be independent of basically every system? Or if he was a secret Line Ark pilot? That would solve his part, and he would most likely overhear the conversation between Sara and Knight. He comes to Knight and tests him on what he believes, and agrees at the end of a short duel that he'll join in with Knight's plans but not as a member of ORCA. (Thus, he is not in the official ORCA rosters either) He takes out Old King due to Knight's realization that he really only needed Sara to join him, and dislikes the pure amount of blood the madman wants.

Bjorn ambushes Old King at the battleground where you face Noblesse Oblige, but unfortunately Roadie and another LYNX (canon from the destruction-path) ambush him as he walks away mostly unharmed from Old King. Bjorn faces the two down (barely), and thus this also clears another question: Why is Jan the one who Wynne sent for? Roadie and the other surviving canon LYNX from the ambush would make more sense due to higher ranking. Thus, it makes sense of that part of canon too...Wynne and Jan being the only ones to defend Arteria doesn't make sense. Wynne and Jan being the only ones due to the League attempting to take out a merc allied with Knight? Makes a lot more sense that way, since if Bjorn falls and they negotiate a cease-fire Knight has less firepower. Bjorn by this time would be a really capable pilot, maybe not to the levels of Strayed or Raven but a very potent enemy.

It's just kinda funny though, the best of them in attitude is the third in the list. But...I think that kinda makes sense. If he really wanted to try, he could probably make an organization as large or maybe even larger than ORCA. Bjorn's more charismatic after his defeat, and he's got a good person to be the brains of the operation if need-be.

1/4/2012 #18
March Unto Torment

Yeah. I got the Game Of The Year edition, so I've actually got all the DLC pre-installed.

Well, the CANOPUS is really only effective if dual-wielded. Anyway, it will be a pleasure doing battle with you.

Yeah. It's no stretch of the imagination that it'd be able to exert control over the pilot; in the Jap version of FA, it was stated that CUBE was commanded directly through his AMS, so that'd make even more sense.

Dual-CANOPUS spam is god in this situation. CUBE can be downed in three shots, and Otsdarva in four. You don't even need White Glint on your side if you pull that tactic. Just beware the spectre of EN...

Bahahahaha. That was a hilarious statement.

Yep. And then Valentine's sort-of friendship with Bjorn gets even more fractured because of it all.

Great post. Wow, didn't expect it to be that long... but hey, it's awesome. Also, something which I'm considering is having Valentine already assume his Otsdarva guise with Omer about halfway through the fic; his intention is for the Closed Plan to begin (Berlioz entrusted him with it on the day before he fought with the Raven), but he can't tell anyone about the closed plan, meaning that when his identity gets discovered, he's immediately branded a traitor.

Well, that's a problem. You see, arm-mounted weapons can simply be dropped and picked up, but I believe that back-mounted weapons would require specialised equipment - or at least a second NEXT - to put them on.

1/5/2012 #19
Conso Anima

Not surprising, GOTY is about the same price.

...That's if I can remember to break out the disk. I'm still knee-deep in Vocaloid amusingly.

Interesting, but no 'true' surprise. CUBE was more machine than man, and that just provides a better explanation to that.

Well, my thing was that I was using gatlings. Most of the time that's what I use, I recognize I have horrid accuracy normally. So to compensate...I get the largest amount of shells I can that have good power. Gatlings fill that dual role so well, and the fight with Vaoh showed me just how plain powerful they are. Amusing thing: Vaoh actually lost a battle against me in sims because I pushed him beyond the ceiling limits of the battle, so I insta-won that. Epine Blanche's weapons do have a fair amount of use at least.

*shrugs* Was kinda going for stupidity, but stupid is comedy normally.

Youch. The bad thing is, if Sara's looking for real affection she would know where to find it...Because she has Bjorn's phone. If she wanted it as badly as Knight wants Sara, then we're really in trouble on two fronts. Not only this, but another really big thing would become the fact Knight wouldn't hesitate to kill Bjorn...Actually, we could have a rather 'funny' sequence of that. Frequent different shots of him about ready to kill Bjorn, each one to be ruined for some reason by complete accident. Like Sara finding him and pulling Waif-Fu for instance. Of course...That wouldn't be that funny I guess. Poor Bjorn, not only can he not escape his girlfriend's shadow...He can't escape someone a lot like her physically either. And while it's no significant part of him, he's had sex quite a bit with Wila. So he would also feel that temptation. Man...Instead of guilt weighing down his heart to being a total Jerkass, he finds one who wants to kill him and another that could want more than he'd ever want to give.

Thanks, I wanted to check if I made it too wordy and overwrought. Apparently that apprehension kicks in when it's basically at the breaking point...Which would be a good thing. It's no surprise he would pick up Otsdarva, but I'm thinking it'd be a codename-only thing. It'd be the moniker he'd use to accept missions, not that he'd be officially tied to anyone at that point. (I was personally thinking he'd get a LAHIRE as part of a reward for doing a mission, actually)

So we'd have the ARETHA first battle...Then an almost immediate second battle? If Knight got in there, the ARETHA would attempt retreating to recover I'd think. And to subdue the pilot. Since it's a Mutant Core, it'd find previous battles and would mish-mash the armor to fix itself. Then I figure it'd attempt taking stuff out, which is where Bjorn would head him off. (Line Ark or Raven laying a tracking beacon on Knight after all this would make sense)

1/5/2012 #20
March Unto Torment

Yep. Also, spent my time listening to that song you linked me to recently. Very good song.

Anyway, Gatlings aren't actually that good online; their hit registry is incredibly poor. Relying on them is a bad idea. The big reason for the dominance of dual-rifle NEXTs is the fact that they register better than anything else online.

Stupidity and comedy are closely related in my mind.

It'll certainly be interesting watching Sara trying to get Bjorn's attentions, while he wonders whether he should resist the temptation or not. While Valentine watches from a distance, quietly angry and watching his sanity slip away.

Nope. One of the best posts I've ever seen, actually. And the LAHIRE would be acquired as a reward; Otsdarva would be his codename for accepting missions, and he would be primarily employed by Omer for recovery operations against what's left of Rayleonard's technology. He'd start out using an outdated JUDITH model, but after his skill was realised by Omer, he would be given the first-ever functional LAHIRE prototype (he'd be pretty much their only pilot, alongside Risaia, the test pilot for the LAHIRE). Oh, another plot detail - perhaps Risaia was raised in much the same way that Sara was. It'd be interesting to see how Valentine would react to meeting someone so similar to Sara.

The ARETHA would be involved in a brief battle with the Raven, but the Raven's shock at seeing it would result in him basically having a Heroic BSOD about halfway through the fight, after causing some damage to the ARETHA. The ARETHA would attempt to pull back to repair itself, but Bjorn would basically pull the Raven out of White Glint, then jump in, re-arm it and block the ARETHA's escape route. The two would fight, and, well, I explained what happens after that, didn't I?

1/5/2012 #21
Conso Anima

*shrugs* Just keep finding songs that normally seem to fit. Listening to some Yandere stuff right now...Most of it insane obviously. Most of it also involving killing, which Valentine doesn't sound like he'd be doing towards Bjorn. Most of 'em are also really creepy, as expected.

It's not surprising to me about that either, but that means my Seraphim frame will be requiring an upgrade to an ANNAR (as I kinda anticipated anyways). Beyond that I really don't wanna change it, the frame's amazing offline. And most of what I play is offline.

Stupid and comedy is closely related in a lot of circles...Unless you're really smart and quantum physics is child's play. Then that's a different ballgame.

Thanks. Makes sense with Otsdarva, Bjorn would most likely attempt to be just a neutral pilot and be open to any contract that doesn't involve slaughter. Risaia would be an interesting plot detail, especially because she'd probably be just a little bit older than Knight. Knight would probably try to protect her too, but she'd probably resist it a bit at first. Who knows? She might actually enjoy being around him until the Yandere part came up.

That makes more sense with the 051-ANSR and the 050 sniper rifle. The missiles are already high-quality spread, so it makes sense it wouldn't make much of a difference. So yeah, that makes more sense now.

1/5/2012 #22
Conso Anima

Oh, and two things: One, writing Sara's confronting of Bjorn. It's just a framework idea, but a fully-written frame.

Two, after I'm done with that I'll do the next Story post. Raven would probably win the chess battle I'd assume?

1/5/2012 #23
Conso Anima

Well that's simply amazing. Apparently I can't do crap without a rapid-fire weapon on my NEXT, as my test repeatedly almost killed me without one. Stick the gatling back on? Total decimation in the Seraphim original frame (well, chaingun replacing pulse). Didn't even realize everything had barely begun when I had won. While both are hit-or-miss weapons, the gatling and plasma still appear to be my winning combination. The gatling because it'll cause you to try to avoid the damage, the plasma because it'll strike right after a quickboost. The chaingun and railgun are there for backup at this point, before now my 'winning' strategy was force back with arm-mounted weapons. Deal death with railgun and sniper cannon.

That is one thing that is unique about machine gun weapons: They rapidly drain PA, allowing for a more powerful weapon to take the enemy out with fewer shots. I really forgot my main battling strategy in all this time, the reason Daven has three gatlings. The reason why every single NEXT I make has to have at least one rapid-fire weapon. Because I just frickin' SUCK without one. Oh, and I did notice the whole 'plasma-eating' thing on 1.4 Regulations (I fired a total of 20 shots the first time around from the plasma. Not a fun match for me, later ones were far more profitable with its existence), but when I have 50 shots and a chance to survive a long while it doesn't really matter as much I think about that. Whenever I went through and made Seraphim I was really smart with it though, the SOBRERO is almost overpowered for the frame providing more than enough power. The LATONA aspect means it has defenses against laser weaponry, and because it's a light it moves faster (generally) and can support all the weaponry I need. I'm not sure if I want to officially adopt it as my NEXT or not.

Oh, something more amazing: My game disc looked like it was put through a shredder almost. It's mostly fine now, mostly just some glitches in some screens (like Assemble, on some frames it won't show the legs or arms...And the weapons come out the bottom of the torso. Looks really cool with two gatlings! During regular play it's just fine, just takes a little longer to load I think) Be happy it works, I lost the one that I actually wanted to use.

1/5/2012 #24
March Unto Torment

Hmmm... mind giving me a link? I am curious.

Yeah, same here. Largely because I can't seem to get any games online.

Ah, true. In which case they need to stop wasting their time with comedy and get around to getting me my goddamn jetpack.

Yep, he'd probably be an Irregular mercenary. After all, there must inevitably be more Irregular mercenaries than just the player. With regards to Risaia, correct. She'd basically be what Leone attempted to create with Sara; an emotionless, completely loyal, immensely skilled assassin willing to do their bidding without the slightest hesitation.

Well, that's one bit resolved.

Yep, Raven would win the chess game. I might write up that bit now.

Hmmm... shredded disk. That happened to my MW3 disk after I punched my Xbox (don't ask). Doesn't work now :(

1/6/2012 . Edited 1/6/2012 #25
Conso Anima

There's quite a few I could show off...In fact half of them are Yandere. O.o A third is unhappy loves. A tenth is just random. The last 7% is actual HAPPY love songs. Or so it seems, only ran into a few that speak of an actual GOOD working love.

Rather old-style Yandere (Luka): (I wonder when you'll get the Fridge Brilliance about the song?)

Lily aka Chloe in the song (Fast-paced lyrics, so it might be hard to follow at times):

Lily aka Chloe/Mary Louise (tied to last song):

Enemy Yandere with Gumi (Kinda):

...That's as many Yandere songs as I wanna listen to for now. It gets kinda sickening after a bit for me.

I just don' want to play it online. I like the challenges offline, and I don't even play it that often.

Well, I was just saying that for them it's smart comedy instead of dumb comedy. Of course, being sufficiently smart in any subject means you can get 'smart' jokes.

Heh...Bjorn probably would be annoyed if he couldn't help out his little sister at times though, but he'd have to live with it. With Risaia we're having a love pentagon right now though, with Knight liking Sara and Risaia, Sara liking Bjorn, Bjorn liking Emily, Emily liking Bjorn (and potentially Knight at first, until she begins seeing who he is)...Sounds like high school so far to me. Risaia would end up being the successful kind of trained warrior, not broken but stronger. I think that's one reason why Bjorn would like Sara, because he's more attracted to those who are kind and probably less likely to deal with that kind of thing. Wilandriah was the same way.

There is one bad thing about the Seraphim frame though: It fits me perfectly, but the ACfA one is almost a blitz-type. It fits me perfectly, don't get me wrong, but fights longer than about 45 seconds mean I probably will lose. I do have the Heavy Glint still, which is just barely slower than Strayed Glint and has between 44 and 47 K AP.

Youch. Well, for mine it's working for the most part. I'm going to have to go in again and repair it a bit more though, but beyond that I can fight (Monday or Tuesday). I guess we'll see if blind luck will let me in or not. To be honest, because I don't play it as much as I should I'm actually fairly sucky than a lot earlier. I'll just have to see how I do, but don't expect a great fight.

Oh, and I've got my next post to write. It's a long one because I actually wrote it during the school day, and well...It seems Bjorn shoots the dog (tears apart Fiona), but then Fiona one-ups him. She destroys his photo of Wila (she doesn't understand its importance at that time). Sara gets a nice Pet the Dog moment from sympathy (I hope that clears) because she prints out another of it and anonymously places it in his room. Oh, and we get to see Killer Cooking. Bjorn's rant is INSANE.

1/6/2012 #26
March Unto Torment

Well, offline is interesting at times.

XKCD is a great example of 'smart' comedy. Look it up sometime.

Yep, pretty much. And it'll probably only more confusing as time goes on... we may end up pulling one of the few examples of a serious love dodecahedron.

Ah, true. I have the same issue with Reconquista; as time goes on, it seems to become less and less effective. It'll either flatten its opponent in ten seconds, or it'll take me half a dozen tries.

Yeah. With scratched disks, online seems to be more of an issue than online; my Reach disk crashes regularly online, but runs fine offline. I've been busy playing Fallout 3, so I'll probably be absolutely terrible at AC.

I'm still not sure what to post...

1/6/2012 #27
Conso Anima

Yeah, 5 enemies on Arteria Carpals is...Fun. For masochists.

Been there already. Pretty good stuff, though because I'm not a computer whiz I don't always get some of the computer jokes. Did get the windmill one though...Heh. Don Quixote will protect us from evil windmills! Though he'll call them giants instead...

This'll be...Interesting to write. There's one major thing I can say though: Poor Bjorn. I already have ideas of what's probably going to happen to the poor guy. Well, there's only one part of it that probably will work out though...Which sounds normal. That's in the fact Emily and Bjorn will probably be together, or so I'm thinking. Unless we feel like pulling Hot Amazon on him, and instead Risaia. Which would just make that insane instead of sensible, Emily (for now) is the most sensible choice.

Well, I should put it like this with Seraphim: Seraphim can do overwhelming firepower and speed quite well. But when it drags on too long, the SOBRERO doesn't have enough time to recharge due to the fact I go batshit insane with the quickboosting and boosting. I will literally run into points where I run out of EN, even with a generator that provides far more than I need. I'm not good with actually trying to go for sustainability in NEXTs, and that often works out for me. On my test run the first time with Seraphim (Full LATONA frame, replaced the gatling) it took very little time, and I lost barely 4K AP. With someone who regularly hit for 5K AP when the twin lasers hit you. I'm going to go through a few missions and see how it changes with that type of thing, but I'm thinking it won't be severely different from regular Strayed Glint in the end. Oh, and as a note anyways: FLUORITE's hit detection is also fairly poor offline as well. The thing has to almost entirely hit your NEXT, but if it does it deals a ton of damage. Using the gatling to overpower and the plasma to knock you out is actually a fairly reasonable strategy, if I can get it completely down-pat.

Weird. My Reach disk works perfectly fine in both, but it's not doing so great on the scratch department. To be honest Zero, I've not played the game for months. I'll be lucky if I can try some of the stuff out and do well, let alone great. Most of my skill is still sorta there though, so we'll just have to see.

Well, I was just figuring you'd post about Knight and Sara's first 'regular' day of school. Probably one of few, now that I think about it.

1/7/2012 #28
Conso Anima

...Okay, apparently I should stop thinking about ways to show what happened with Wilandriah and Bjorn. I just found a song/video (Another one of Gumi's! Really? The appearance of the character sings the songs that explain the two of them with pretty great accuracy) that had some of the relationship I wanted to show, and it even showed some of the relationship they wished to have! This just ain't right. And in the video they even have what I imagined as the simple white dress Wilandriah was wearing.

It's amazing, just...Wrong how similar it is. I really can't explain it. Really good song though, and a good use of one of the newer voicebanks for Gumi.

Anyways, I was also thinking we should probably bring in Emily fairly soon so we can show her as the person who helps to repair the NEXTs. After that, we can decide on other characters if need be. Who knows? Maybe we show how several characters get around to being NEXT pilots in ACfA. And some of the reasons they're who they are. (Champion Champs is insane for instance, what if that was because he faced one or two of them in the beginning and was beaten? And that also helped to destroy parts of his AMS? He's the worst pilot I've ever seen, and his 'melee' tool could barely strike beyond how long the arm of the NEXT is)

1/7/2012 #29
Conso Anima

...Something I just ran into that I wanna ask about...You sure you didn't watch Vocaloids? This video just started throwing annotations all over the place, some of them random comments. One of them had 'Lelouch was here'.

1/7/2012 #30
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