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Sakai The Demon

Name: Ray Uchiha

Age: 18 (same as Sasuke)

Affiliation: Unkown (he was born in the leaf.)

Rank: Unkown (he left the village at a young age)

Personality: Ray still has his lively and caring tone, even though what happened to his family man years ago when he was a small child. his polite and sweet attiude is all he wants to use to have friends...event though its so hard for him since his twin brother Sasuke is a global criminal, so people seem not to get along with Ray even though he wants to help. However, behind the smiles, the caring and the loving soul that he is, Ray is still hurting from the inside. Not only losing nearly his entire clan, but his twin betraying the village, leaving him alone.

History: Ray is the cousin of Sasuke uchiha and a member of the family that strives to be useful for both the caln and the village. Years later from the Nine tailed fox's attack. Ray was a child, living the golden days of the Kohana leaf villiage, being kind, supportive and helping other people. Meeting with Hinata from the Hyuuga clan and becoming great friends. Ray was happy, and he enjoied watching his cousin train hard, trying to become stronger than itachi, yet laughing when Sasuke made a silly mistake and the two would enter in a play fight.

But the happiness did not last forever. One night Ray heard noises coming from outside and ran to see the problem, he saw a jonin calling to him and told him to meet him by the gate. Ray listen and ran to the Kohana gate, there he met the third hokage face to face. The wise man told him that something terrible is about to happen to his family and he must leave kohana in order to stay alive. Ray was frightened and had no where else to go. The third hokage told him to go to the Villiage hidden in the Mist. The Hokage ordered 4 jonin ninjas to quickly escort the petrified nnija away from the village and kept safe as possible.

As Ray along with the jonin left the village, the boy already heard the screams from his cousin Sasuke, Ray didn't say anything for he literally fainted afterwards. After the long trip the Village hidden in the mist. He work up at the medical centre, where he was being cared for by the Tsunade and the 5th Mizukage. They sucessfully treated his mind from the tragic events, but never could heal heart from the sadness, that Ray had to do himself. Ray ran away from the medical facility and away from the village hidden in the mist. Tsunade appeared infront of him, trying to calm him down. Ray, even though for his young age at the time, started to attack tsunade but did barely anything.

Tsunade liked Ray's spirit in fighting and began teaching the Uchiha some moves and some medical technique that will come in use for him. That day onward Ray called Tsunade, 'Nana Tsunade'. At first tsunade felt odd by being called Nana, but later on , she accepted the term of Nana Tsunade and already had feelings for the young uchiha.

She left the villiage for her own path and so did Ray, already feeling the need for exploring, even though he didn't take the examinations. Ray had to learn the jutsu by himself. Fortunately, due to the tragic event's he had learned the sharigan at the young age, so it was easier for him to learn the jutsu of others while he was hiding.

Years later, Ray was older, stronger and soon became to his old self and deided to return to the kohana leaf village...But when he hears that Sasuke he gone to the Dark Side, Ray will be shocked.

Ninjutsu: Very Strong

Genjutsu: ok

Taijutsu: strong

Kenjutsu: ok

Kekkai Genkai: 3 Tome Sharingan.

Jutsu Related Weakness- Poor knowledge of Genjutsu. .

Weapons: Sword of Darkness- Once called The Dynasty Emperor's Sword of Darkness, and wielded by Sakai Sakamoto (Once Ray's Devil now gone since this Rp). The Sword contains alot of Dark Chakra, still intact after all these years ever since the foundation of Kohana. The sword's appearance is similar to that of the Caladbolg and of the Durendal, which is way it has taken the shape of a Katana. The Dark Chakra within the sword is the strength and power of demons, devil's, corrupted ninjas and sacrificed souls that used to power the sword. Dark Chakra and normal Chakra are very much alike of the Ying and Yang, one light, one dark.

Friends and Family: Sasuke Uchiha (Cousin) Itachi Uchiha (Older Cousin deseased) Fugaku uchiha (Uncle deseased) Mikioto uchiha (Auntie Deseased) Tsunade (Ray refers to her as Nana Tsunade) Hinata Hyuuga (Old friend, had a crush on her when he was young)

Biju: none.

Other: None


4/14/2012 . Edited 4/15/2012 #211

Okay Sakai, there are a few problems I see with this. Uchiha + Bijuu container is a bit much, not to mention the fact that 11 tails is already taken. Another thing, Tsukiyomi is unique to Mangekyou Sharingan, so Ray would have to have that to use it, not just a regular three tomoe Sharingan, (not sure if you called it six tomoe due to having three in both eye or not), like I said we're trying to keep it as canon as possible, so I think the whole twin brother thing is a bit much, maybe a regular Uchiha would be good enough?

4/14/2012 . Edited 4/14/2012 #212
I can't believe I forgot who my character is O_O' Pretty sure I made one. Ah well, guess I just have to make another one.
4/15/2012 #213
Sakai The Demon

I see, so I got abit of editing to do.


Just wondering, what A Devil and Jinjuriki be the same?

Sharingan? Prehaps I need to change the kekkei Genkai? (I have not rped as a Uchiha in a long time)

As for the twin brother, I was wondering if I could keep it, but say he is a long lost twin? Due to leaving the village?

4/15/2012 #214
The christian

In the last couple weeks we have had the Ninth hokage rejoin, four new people join, and now miss perfect. This is a really good time for the forum!

Rose incase you didn't see.

As to adding combat info for Tesudo, props if you can guess what I diverged his name from, he is a character I've worked on quite a bit so I feel I should give any info pertaining to him I can. That and really the only reason I am keeping him out of action is because he is supposed to be the strongest one on a continent! This added with how his powers look would almost guarantee him being OP. I also wish for people not to be confused should I make some epic scene with him using his abilities.

4/15/2012 #215

Okay I'll take another look at him

4/15/2012 #216

In a way yes Sakai, but basically an Uchiha is strong enough as it is, and they typically learn techniques that are so powerful that a Bijuu would just be adding on to that. Sharingan is the Kekkei Genkai of the Uchiha, if they're Uchiha, they'd have a Sharingan if they unlocked it. Once again, the twin thing is still a bit much and clashes too much with Canon Sasuke's life, he was an only child and overshadowed by Itachi, which is part of how he grew up, you can make an Uchiha that wasn't around during the massacre, but we're trying to keep the relationships between Canon Characters Canon.

4/15/2012 #217
Sakai The Demon

ok, so basically screw the bijuu and the twin brother buissness. That I think I can do.

But what Sharingan should I give Ray, it has been forever since I have rped one.

4/15/2012 #218

All the Sharingan are basically the same, it's just that they're abilities once accessing Mangekyou that they differ. Prior to that they grow in strength from one to three tomoe. Three tomoe is the strongest outside of Mangekyou and Eternal Mangekyou, but we'll get into that later.

The first three stages of growth, (one tomoe to three tomoe) grant the user increased perception, the ability to copy whatever jutsu they see, (provided that it uses handseals), and fighting styles. Note that while it allows the user to copy them, if the user's body is not ready for such a technique it won't work as provided. Also, the same goes with perception, as shown when Sasuke fought Rock Lee in Part 1, even though he could see all the attacks, his body wasn't fast enough to act on it.

After the three stages of growth comes the Mangekyou Sharingan. This is an ability few of the Uchiha ever learn, due to what the person does to activate it. In order to gain access to the Mangekyou, one has to kill their closest friend. (in Sasuke's case it was Itachi apparently, Itachi killed his best friend Shisui.) This is where the abilities of each individual Uchiha comes into play, as the abilities of Mangekyou Sharingan change depending on who has it. When Kakashi or Tobi use it they gain space/time manipulation, as shown with Kakashi's technique Kaumi and the way Tobi can disappear from just about everywhere. On the other hand, people like Itachi and Sasuke gained the technique Amaterasu, and if I remember correctly only Itachi got Tsukiyomi, though a three tomoe Sharingan can escape the jutsu. Though they all have different abilities, all the Mangekyou Sharingan seem to be able to produce Susanoo, or at least that appears to be the case, as so far Madara, Itachi, and Sasuke have all shown the ability to use it. By sacrificing one of their eyes it also allows use of Izanagi, which is basically an OP troll move so I won't get into that. Note prolonged use of Mangekyou will eventually blind the user (permanently).

Beyond Mangekyou is Eternal Mangekyou, which is only available to an Uchiha who has stolen the eyes of another Uchiha. It is basically Mangekyou but without the drawbacks of blindness.

4/15/2012 #219
Sakai The Demon

I see, I would say he is in the 3 tome stage.

4/15/2012 #220

That's fine.

4/15/2012 #221
Sakai The Demon

Quick note since they are not twins, would that make them Cousins or something?

4/15/2012 #222

Yeah they'd be about cousins since they're from teh same clan, but that'd be about it.

4/15/2012 #223
Sakai The Demon

fair enough, i'm cool with that ^^

4/15/2012 #224
Sakai The Demon

Ok, I have done some improvements is it ok now?

4/15/2012 #225


4/15/2012 #226
Sakai The Demon

Awwwesome :D

4/15/2012 #227
The christian

Name:Vorik Kasen.


Affiliation:Solas talamh

Rank:High king of Kasen family. (Hokake lvl)

Personality:Brave, honorable, a natural born leader and general. He is considered the greatest soldier in the land with his ability to obey orders and carries his nobility well.

History:He led the Laibhe army to unify all western nations on his continent. He had three sons, Karnax, Vorak, and Vonmek, all of which he divided his land amongst, keeping the land of light, Solas talamh, for himself.


Taijutsu:9/10 Is a master of his own created martial art.

Kenjutsu:10 He goes off the chart in this case. He is the greatest bladesman on the continent, possibly the world, never bested before in one on one dual, though his son Karnax came close. He weilds a claymore well over his own height, freely and with unparalleled skill.

Kekkai Genkai:Light projection. Vorik can emit light from any part of his body, from a blinding flash to a physical beam, that he uses often in battle.

4/19/2012 . Edited 4/19/2012 #228
The christian

Jutsu Related Weakness:Light projection can put serious strain on physical body, as well as chakra. His greatest attack has a high chance of killing himself.

Appearance:6'2, long black hair that is beginning to fade, white eyes,a thin beard, a gold crown, a vest, and a pair of fine pants.


Other:The second member of the unified concel of the leaders on his continent. His greatest attack emits a light that... (AH! I got nothing!) ..can vaporise anything caught within the blast. This however is very likely to kill him as he has no way of defending himself from the power, and is compressed to a fifty foot radius.

4/19/2012 . Edited 4/19/2012 #229

Okay Hiyuusha and I have come up with a compromise.

If you are willing to tone down his 'greatest attack' then we'll let you keep the '10' Kenjutsu, and you'll be approved.

4/19/2012 . Edited 4/19/2012 #230
The christian

My apologies, I should have made it clear that kenjutsu being 11 was a joke, I simply meant he is crazy good. His final attack is a definite one time only thing, but to tone down the power some is of no bother. Thankyou, and again sorry.

4/19/2012 #231

XD! Okay atomic bomb is a step but can we tone it down just a bit more? We just don't want another Madara running around. How does the strength of 1/2 of one of those sound? That's still pretty damn strong

4/19/2012 #232

It'd probably be easier if you stopped givng real life examples, as even half an atomic bomb would be a too much. If you want to make examples, try to put them in a Naruto World perspective, rather than real life, as atomic anything is well, nuclear. Anyway, as far as your other character Tesudo goes, a pm has been sent.

4/19/2012 . Edited 4/19/2012 #233
The christian

Ugg, this forum...I will finish my ideas though! I only have to make acceptable forms of..nine more...'Cries' Nesaer, Ogroz, Cretia, and perhaps Artess will be very difficult. I'm rolling a dice twelve times and so far have succeeded only once.

4/19/2012 #234

Sorry Christian we're just trying to keep ridiculously powerful characters out of the forum. But now his attack is much better thank you :D


4/20/2012 #235
Inga's Truth

Hi... :3

Name: Hisana Minasan

Age: 18- probably needs to be older, so just say the word... ^^

Affiliation: Medic Nin of the Leaf Village

Rank: Chunin

Personality: Hisana is a quiet girl, who tends to stay away from disputes as much as she can, preferring to heal instead of usin violence. She will, however, do so if se seems nessicary. She believes that everything can be settled with reason, calmness, and class... Obviously that motto can be a little bit far fetched... Anyway, she has a strong sense of loyalty to her teammates, and though her violence issue, she is willing to die for them if nessicary. Hisana also,if someone disagrees with her, gets annoyed rather quickly and will be prone to raising her voice.

History: Hisana is... Very reluctant to speak about it. She grew up with a civilian mother and father who disn't approve of her being a Ninja. The reason she enrolled was evade her grandfather was watching her for a few moths whike her parents went on a second honeymoon, that resulted in her younget brother Daisuke.... If you know what I mean. The main reason why she hates violence, was the Chunin Exams. Sheobviously passed- when she and team was 15- but shesensed up killing someone during the final test, which she regrets the most. She is still trying to work up the nerve to apologize toTthe family.

Ninjutsu: 7/10

Genjutsu: 6/10

Taijutsu: 2/10

Kenjutsu: 2/10 (not too good with a sword)

Kekkai Genkai: N/A

Jutsu Related Weakness: Ill be honest, I haven't seen Naruto in a long time. I may need some help.

She has issues with weapons: she's not good at using nor does she want to use them unless she has to. Not very good at Taijutsu- if I remember correctly, that's what Bush-brow uses, hand To hand combat?

Appearance: Hisana stands at 5'7'' dark black hair thatreached to the bottom of her chest. It's tied back into a pony tail with bangs hanging in her face. Her leaf headband is tied around her forehead. Her eyes are a light blue, and she's normally wearing a loose grey tank top with netting underneath, black top of ankle pants, black ninja Sandles. Her weapons are tied against her leg, and medical supplies in the black backpack over her shoulder.

4/20/2012 . Edited 4/20/2012 #236

Hmm, so need help with the app? For affiliation we're more or less looking for a village, like Leaf Village, Sand Village, etc. Taijutsu is hand to hand combat, and if she's not good at it it should reflect in the stats, which are a bit high for a Chunin, (seems more like Jounin level), the rest of the app seems to be fine.

4/20/2012 #237
Inga's Truth
Just a bit x3 but thanks, I'll fix it in a moment! :D
4/20/2012 #238
Inga's Truth

I fixed the affiliation and the stats... I think. ^_^

4/20/2012 #239

Looks good, though if you want you could put Genjutsu or Ninjutsu back at 7 and the other at 6 if you wanted, when I said a tad high I was mostly referring to the 9 in Genjutsu that you had, probably should've been more specific, sorry.

4/20/2012 #240
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