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RP your OC's and Cannon Characters in the Land of Waves!

12/27/2011 #1

Sitting in a Teriyaki Chicken stand, a man with silver sunglasses sat eating his food with little interruption. Ever since arriving in the Land of Waves, Kenji Saito felt rather content here. The small country was doing well enough, the people were friendly despite him being an outsider but despite this their was a downside for him being here. Not that the small country needed to worry about it.

"Great, searching for a small group of Chunnin from Kiri is just easy. Damned black market is just a hassle enough for bounties..."

His Nodachi clinked with the side of his elbow, as he ate his lunch contently. Several of his Mizu no Bunshin were scouting the town and asking people about his targets, he took a moment to reveal in the aroma of the food. Thankfully he had some money left over from his last bounty in Iwagakure, what a pain that was getting in and out from that country. He sat there briefly glancing at the mirror in front of him as he sat at the counter of the small stand, crowds of people walked by without a hitch.

"Just another day as a missing-nin, nothing new here."

1/28/2012 #2

Bao crossed the border first with a grin.

2/27/2012 #3

Mion passes next, only because Sakuya tripped. Panting Mion helps a terrified Yumei off of the horse before it poofs away. Sakuya pants and glares at the group as she crosses, "D-Don't...say...a...word."

2/27/2012 #4

"Looks like your first clutz!" Bao teased, patting her on the head meaning well to let her know he was kidding.

2/27/2012 #5

Sakuya smiles, "O-Oh well at least we saved time right?"

Mion yawns, "We need to set up camp...I'm out of chakra and it's almost night fall."

2/27/2012 #6

"This is far enough then. Let's set up camp!" Bao grinned.

2/27/2012 #7

Sakuya builds a fire and cooks everyone some instant ramen. Yumei stares at it, "Um..."

Sakuya rolls her eyes, "I brought plastic forks. I just didn't want to waste them on the fish." She passes out forks.

Mion sets up tents and quickly eats before heading off to bed, "Get me around one am Sakuya."

"Can do Mion."

2/27/2012 #8

Bao yawned and entered his tent.

2/27/2012 #9

Sakuya waits for Yumei to head off to sleep before sending clones out scouting. When they come back with nothing she stretches out beside the fire watching the stars

2/27/2012 #10

Bao went to sleep

2/27/2012 #11

At one in the morning Sakuya wakes up Mion and heads into her own tent, determined to not freak out and leave the tent this time.

2/27/2012 #12

Bao remained asleep.

2/27/2012 #13

At the end of her shift, Mion wakes up Bao, "Bao. It's your turn. Things have been pretty quiet."

2/27/2012 #14

Bao nodded and headed out.

2/27/2012 #15

When the sun rises the girls wake up. Sakuya yawns, "Man what a boring night."

2/27/2012 #16

Bao yawned, "Better than having bandits and every which thing." he looked at the celebrity, "You alright?"

2/27/2012 #17

Yumei has bags under her eyes, "I need a hot shower..."

"Sorry there's no shower until we get to town." Mion explains.

Sakuya sighs, "I'll start cooking breakfast."

2/27/2012 #18

"Okay." Bao yawned, stretching lightly.

2/27/2012 #19

Once food is handed out Yumei grabs Bao's arm again, "Bao~ We'll have to hang out before my performance, just the two of us. After the concert my normal guards take over."

2/27/2012 #20

"Uh... okay." Bao grinned naively.

2/27/2012 #21

"Perfect~" Yumei smiles as she squeezes his arm tighter.

Mion and Sakuya just roll their eyes as they finish eating and packing up camp. "Come on we're just a short distance from the town we can walk."

2/27/2012 #22

Bao let Yumei hold his arm as he walked toward town, "So... what's it like being a celebrity?"

2/27/2012 #23

"It's interesting. Everyone is always asking me for autographs and to make appearances. It's rather annoying, but..." Yumei smiles, "It's great to be pampered."

2/27/2012 #24

"Hmm... I get it." Bao nodded.

2/27/2012 #25

Yumei smirks, "I have my own sauna. We can hang out in there~ Just us two."

2/27/2012 #26

"Ah, sure!" Bao grinned, "That sounds interesting! I've never been in a sauna before!"

2/27/2012 #27

"Great~" Yumei hugs his arm some more while Sakuya and Mion frown.

2/27/2012 #28

Bao just blinks in confusion and shrugged, "Ah, we're getting close."

2/27/2012 #29

Yumei smiles, "The sauna is right over there! See the tall red building?"

2/27/2012 #30
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