Naruto: Rp your Oc's
Rp your OC's in a Naruto Universe.
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1. Listen to the Admin and Mods.

2. No god-modding- this includes auto hitting, dodging every attack, being overall OP (Overpowered).

3. Let's be mature and solve issues like we have sense.

4. Post in appropriate threads.

5. As for Canon Characters, 3 per RPer, however, they can and will be stripped if there is a prolonged absence without notification. As for unclaimed Canon Characters, anyone can use themasneeded.An example of this would be going to receive a mission from say a Kage. You can RP as that Kage for teh duration of the mission-giving progress, but not beyond that. Furthermor, this rule is not to be abused, i.e, "OC is about to take a hit from an attack, Canon Character comes out of nowhere and blocks said attack." If you have been found to have done this you will receive a warning. During fights only one person can control a specific canon character, and don't just pick a canon character you know will help you win the fight. That's not cool bro. If the person claims the character permanently they can have their OC's be overly close to the character. If they don't own them then they can't be like bffs or in a relationship. Two Canon's can't go off screwing each other just cause you want to RP as the kid.


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