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About a hundred years has passed since the Flock was killed by Itex. Mutants are made frequently, and live in labs hidden away from the human population. They are are treated horribly. But then, a group of mutants rise up against the whitecoats...
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Dr. Mel leaned back in her chair, watching the mutants through the bulletproof glass. One winged mutant stood and tapped the glass, watching the Doctor. Dr. Mel pressed a button on her remote furiously. How dare it smudge her glass with its filthy mutant fingers!! An electric shock buzzed through the mutant. It fell on its back and convulsed, screaming. A cruel smile played on Dr. Mel's lips as she watched. The other mutants cowered away, afraid they would share the fate of the shrieking mutant if they intervened. But they were all watching Dr. Mel with pure, utter hatred.

Inside the minds of the bravest mutants, plans were being made. Plans to rise against Dr. Mel and her cronies. Plans to destroy Itex and its research. Plans to be free, once and for all.

But who are these brave mutants? Submit your character now using the forums below! :)


Animal Mutation (bird, wolf, etc.):


Appearance (Detailed!):



Anything Else:

Okay that's it! Once I get at least 10 characters, the role play will begin. I will be the whitecoats and Erasers unless someone wants to be one...? Thanks!

12/27/2011 #1

Name: Tallahassee

Animal Mutation: Jaguar

Traits/Abilities: Graceful, fast, and smart.

Appearance: She is a tall, thin, 16 year old who longs to be free. She has mid-back brownish hair, her hair covers her left eye. Her eyes are Dark red with purple closer to the center and silver flecks. She is a beautiful girl who's body resembles a Jaguar.

Personality: She is a quiet, leader type girl, who takes matters into her own hands. She talks back and believes rules are meant to be broken, and there should always be sarcastic remark said in a conversation. She laughs in the face of danger and spits in its eyes no matter what. Always make things fun.

History: Her mother donated her to science and she grew up in a cage all her life.

Please PM me when you start =)

1/14/2012 #2

Name: Kay Mutation: Bird Traits/Abilities: flying, excellent agility, enhanced speed Appearance: Straight blonde hair that doesn't quite reach her shoulders, steely grey eyes, about 5' 4" tall, skinny, has a defiant quality to the way she stands, pale skin, has many scars from the punishments received due to her continuos defiance against Dr. Mel's cronies Personality: Short tempered, courageous, rebellious, defies what all the adults at Itex say repeatedly, often gets slightly mad at the mutants who sit back and take the torture and pain given to them, tends to rush into dangerous situations, and is constantly thinking up ways to get free History: Her parents believe she's dead, has received some of the most punishments of any mutant and continues to go against Itex staff, has been caught trying to escape on her own on a few occasions Anything Else: Has reason to believe she has a brother on the outside of Itex close to her age and is constantly trying to find out more about her family, and she's 15

4/14/2012 #3
Name: MonstuńĀ Mutation: 50%Human and 50% Wolf demon. He changes into his demon form when angry but usually just has red wolf ears along with a black and red tail. Demon form: Traits/Abilities: Able to manipulate shadows and has enhanced hearing and scent. Appearance: ...Just add dark red wolf ears and a wolf tail that's mostly back an is dipped in dark red Personality: Cold and guarded until he gets to know you. He doesn't trust easily and hates to talk. When he gets used to you, he'll hang around more and relax, but still be on guard. History: He's been through many tests that would drive a regular person insane, but with his peculiar DNA fusion, he has managed to get through them easily. He I punished the most to see of they can drive him to his limit, which happens often, due to his short temper when irritated. Scars mark his tests and punishments. Anything Else: he is a very skilled fighter and mostly uses a sword, preferabbly a katana.
8/26/2012 #4
Commander of Justice

Name: Natalya Hart

Animal Mutation (bird, wolf, etc.): wolf/Eraser

Traits/Abilities: Protective, loyal, short-tempered

Appearance (Detailed!): 5'6"; 16 years old, had blonde hair that is just past her shoulders with a bright hot pink streak. She has jade green eyes, they turn almost black when she is angry. Her wolf form is like an Eraser, but her fur is blonde with a pink streak going down her side.

Personality(Detailed!): Natalya is a bit on the shy side, but can snap a bone when needed. She doesn't like being pushed or bossed around and can go from shy, quiet girl to instant rebel within a blink of an eye if she feels she is being treated unfairly.

History: Natalya was kidnapped by Itex when she was an a family vaction to America when she was 12.

Anything Else: Natalya is Canadian.

10/6/2012 #5
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