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Parthos the Silver Dragon

(Here is where the RP will start. Any one can start us off.)

1/8/2012 #1

Haruka groaned as she woke up. "I don't wanna go to school today...." Her alarm clock went off. "WHAT THE HECK!" Was heard inside of the room.

(All I could think of to start)

1/8/2012 . Edited 1/8/2012 #2
Parthos the Silver Dragon

(Hey it's a start)

"WHAT THE HECK!" Shiroki yelled. Tapping the snooze on Haruka's alarm. "And Fox and I even came to wake you up."

(Shiroki's a teacher so make sure you call her sensei)

1/8/2012 #3


Haruka shot up and rolled out of the bed with a thud. "What are you doing here, Sensei?" She grumbled.

1/8/2012 #4
Parthos the Silver Dragon

"sigh" Shiroki jumped down from her perch on the window sill. "I've heard that the students from my class have been skipping out on their regular classes so I'm going to everyones dorms to wake them up and make sure they're going to class."

1/8/2012 #5

"Can I at least get 5 more minutes asleep?" Haruka grumbled tiredly.

1/8/2012 #6
Parthos the Silver Dragon

"I doubt you'll get any on the floor as you are," Fox stated, nussling his nose in Haruka's hair.

(you can play as your own familiars to those with familiars)

"That and no," Shiroki crossed her arms. "You're one of the regular school skippers. The only classes you seem to attend regularly are the cram classes."

1/8/2012 #7

"Wait a sec." She said as she grabbed a piece of paper on her desk. Haruka bit her hand and put blood on the paper.

"Hello Master..." Kaoru greeted Haruka. Haruaks sighed and stood up. "Time to get dressed and other crap like that. Hey! I go to normal classes sometimes!"

"Hi." Kaoru greeted Fox.

1/8/2012 #8
Parthos the Silver Dragon

"Yeah," Shiroki sighed. "Sometimes, you also need to get your grades up if you want to stay here at True Cross. Don't forget you're here on scholarship, you have to keep your grades up. You're not Rin who's Guardian happens to be the Principal."

"Hello Kaoru," Fox greeted, sitting down. The snooze on the alarm went off again, and Shiroki tapped the off button.

1/8/2012 #9

"Yeah, forgot about that. I hate this!" Haruka glared at her clenched fist. 'I hate that demon for killing my parents!'

Kaoru sighed at her mistress' thoughts. "I need to clean my scythe later... Remind me to do that." The familiar told Fox.

1/8/2012 #10
Parthos the Silver Dragon

Shiroki put a comforting hand on Haruka's shoulder. She started rubbing the base of Haruka's neck, "If you need any help with your regular classes, I'm here to help you." The memories of a forgoten life made Shiroki freeze. She recovered and took her hand back, "I am a teacher after all."

"I'm not your nanny. But if I find the time I'll tell Snow White to remind you later," Fox told Kaoru. He noticed that his master had hesitated for a mere moment, if he was any other fox demon he might have attacked Shiroki. But he wasn't, and not even Satan can truely contorl a fallen deity like himself the way Shiroki can.

1/8/2012 #11

rei walked through the hallways of true cross academy,reciving comments from boys about how cute she was as she shlyly hid her eyes by her long hair

1/8/2012 #12

Haruka nodded and went to get her uniform and put it on.

Kaoru gave him a look. "But you ARE my babysitter." Kaoru smirked and looked at Haruka go to the bathroom.

1/8/2012 #13
Parthos the Silver Dragon

Fox glared at the cheeky she-demon. "That may be true," Fox stood up all nine tails frizzing out in anger. "But I do not need to remind you of every chore!" He growled, his black aura radiating off his fur.

"Fox calm down," Shiroki rubbed her temple. "Kaoru try to stay on Fox's good side before he burns down this dorm like he did the last girls dorm." She giggled at the memory of when she and Shiro tried to pull a prank and it flopped. "Haruka I have to go wake up the others." With that Shiroki jumped out the window.

1/8/2012 #14

rei kept walking before bumping into shiroki"s-s-sorry sensei!"she apologized

1/8/2012 #15
Parthos the Silver Dragon

"Oh hey Rei," Shiroki turned to her student. "Are you okay?" Shiroki was lost in thought looking at the hand she used to comfort Haruka, she didn't realise she went the wrong way to the school.

1/8/2012 #16

"y-yeah,bye!"rei bowed before running off

1/8/2012 #17
Parthos the Silver Dragon

Shiroki sighed, 'At least she goes to class.' She thought to herself, brushing her hand through her hair.

"Master!!" Fox came rushing up to his master.

"Fox I told you not to call me master," Shiroki huffed, she never liked being called master.

1/8/2012 #18

rei sighed after she got out of sight"I wonder how ri-kun and yu-kun are"she thought

1/8/2012 #19
Haruka sighed as she walked to class. "This sucks." Kaoru was walking behind her.
1/8/2012 #20

"AH I'M GOING TO BE LATE ON MY FIRST DAY!"rei screamed in her mind as she began running

1/8/2012 #21
Parthos the Silver Dragon

(Fyi I just cliamed Yukio because he needs to make an apperance)

Yukio was walking to class. 'Shiroki-dono is not going to be happy that I left Nii-san to wake up on his own.' He thought to him self, he noticed Rei running to the school.

"Rei-san!" he called out to her, running to catch up.

1/8/2012 #22
Haruka saw a girl running in the halls. "Hey! Are you going to school?"
1/8/2012 #23

rei stopped and turned"yu-kun?!"

1/8/2012 #24
Parthos the Silver Dragon

Yukio caught up to Rei and bent over to catch his breath. "Rei-san, you're not allowed to run in the halls. Why were you running?" Yukio huffed.

1/8/2012 #25

"I-I-i'm sorry! i was trying to find my classroom and the bell was going to ring,i'm so sorry!"rei bowed in apology

1/8/2012 #26
Parthos the Silver Dragon

"You still have ten minutes untill the bell rings," Yukio said after he caught his breath. "There's no need to rush."

1/8/2012 #27

"N-n-no not that class,"rei spoke quietly"The exorcist classroom"

1/8/2012 #28
Parthos the Silver Dragon

Yukio smiled, "That's not until this afternoon, after the regular classes end." Then Yukio noticed Haruka standing not to far away.

"What's with that face Haruka-san," Yukio said adjusting his glasses.

1/8/2012 #29
"Sensei woke me up to go to sucky school." Haruka answered.
1/8/2012 #30
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