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Parthos the Silver Dragon

I just want to know when the best times that everyone can RP. Also I didn't want people to feel awkward when they post something and we don't reply.

For me:(Edit:)

Mondays and Wednsdays: All day

Tuesdays and thursdays: Before noon

(after Oct. 28) Fridays and weekends: all day (Before Oct. 28) Fridays: before 3 Weekends: Before 10

1/11/2012 . Edited 10/10/2012 #1

for me? Im on:

Wed-Sun between 2:30 and 12:00

Mondays and tuesdays I work all day, though I might be on for a couple minutes during my breaks lol

1/12/2012 #2

Mon-Fri:I'm on about at 4;05 through 11'ish

i'm on all day during sat-sun

1/13/2012 #3

Monday: 3-6 pm

Tuesday: 3-6 pm

Wednesday: (I have band sectionals, so...) 6-8 pm

Thursday: (I have private lessons for voice and my instrument.) 6-8 pm

Friday: (I have Anime Club) 4-8 pm

Saturday: All day unless I'm doing something.

Sunday: All day, but spotty cuz I usually have chores to do.

All this is questionable due to breaks in school and possibilities of getting rides and stuff getting cancelled.

3/20/2012 #4

Whelp, this is only till school starts:

Weekends: All day.

Weekdays: Now these sons of... barrels... are a little tricky, cause I'm taking computer classes over the summer. USUALLY I will get on at 5pm-ish and then stay on till 10:30pm. THen I will disappear for half an hour to a whole hour and get back on. Sometimes I won't get back on.

On some days though, I'll skip and either be on all day or get on at 12-2pm.






7/26/2012 #5
White Rabbit Candy

Weekdays: 2 hours, more or less, each day after school.

Saturdays: If I get up early, a bit in the morning. At 11pm or 12am I get on for hours.

Sundays: Whenever.

10/9/2012 #6

I'm on most of the time Sundays i'm not on as much. and every now and then I will miss a day or two. Feb 1 2 and 3 i will not be on at all

1/15/2013 #7
Moonlit Crusnik

ummm...I don't know the time periods of everyone else so I'll just post the time periods that I would be on if I were in the US, Central.

Sunday-Thrusday: 11am-2pm

Friday and Saturday: 3am-5am, 6am-8am, 11am-2pm

(I live in the middle east over seas so the time is messed up)

4/10/2013 #8
Jirue TheCafeinomaniac Reploid

now the classes have ended i can be conected everyday

11/23/2015 #9
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