The Life of a Grimm
Explore the hidden truths of Portland, Oregon through the eyes of a Grimm- or something very different.
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Cumberbatch Critter


1- Be respectful.

2- Don't start arguments. Sometimes this is unavoidable, but drama over stupid stuff... just it's not necessary, right?

3- Exercise the correct use of your language. Which is probably English. What I'm getting at, everyone on Fanfiction is either a writer or reader, and correct use of grammar is important. I no it sav tiem 2 tlk lik dis, but please don't.

4- Post in the correct thread to the best of your abilities. Sometimes, things just roll into another. I understand this.

5- Be good Grimmlins and respect the rules.

6- Have fun and spread the Grimm-love!

In an effort to improve this forum, I'd love for you, the viewers and visitors, to see what you're into. If you have a suggestion for a thread, feel free to post the idea or go ahead and post the thread. But, please, for an effort to avoid unused threads, make sure it's a topic people can expand on. If it's just a random thought, there's a random thought thread.

12/29/2011 . Edited 4/8/2012 #1

Pairings area. Tell everyone which pairing is their favorite, true or not.

1/13/2012 #2

Monroe/Nick is awesome, I sincerly hope this fandom picks up fast. The show is awesome. Also someone needs to write a Mpreg for this show!

1/30/2012 . Edited 1/30/2012 #3
Cumberbatch Critter

Thanks for the suggestions! I will put the thread up accordingly. :)

2/12/2012 #4

How about a recommendation thread to share your favorite Grimm fics?

2/20/2012 #5
Cumberbatch Critter

Sounds like a lovely idea. :3

2/20/2012 . Edited 2/20/2012 #6
Luna Kelly
People who have been to Portland or Oregon say how true some of the scenes are.
3/4/2012 #7

Less what I want to see, but I'm ready to offer some translation know, the name of the Wesen, some random things in the show you only see if you're German. Ie the name of the clinic in "Organ Grinder", "Folter Clinic"? "Folter" is the German word for "Torture". in general a threat to point out such references might be useful (not just German references, but also references to the source texts aso). We could collect what we find for each episode.

3/17/2012 #8

The translations add a whole additional level of meaning, which is great!

There is a nice interview with Bree in the Oregonian today:

"Which brings up a question fans are obsessing over: When will Rosalee and Monroe have a love scene, instead of just exchanging meaningful glances? "Believe me," Turner says, and laughs, "I want to know, too! There's a lot of dilly-dallying going on. But we'll have to wait and see if this is delivered in the finale." The Season 1 finale airs May 18, and Turner says work on Season 2 will begin at the end of May."

Where do we post news stuff?

4/30/2012 . Edited 4/30/2012 #9
Cumberbatch Critter

I love how she acts clueless when they've already filmed the season finale. xD I saw in a spoiler from Ausiello that Monroe and Rosalee take their relationship to the next level in the season finale, so I'm looking forward to that.

Just post news in general here, or on the Episode Discussion board. Any news that may have spoilers included [so, anything kind of like what you posted], post on the spoiler page, As it Rots. It's not so important, but keeping things organized helps. :)

4/30/2012 #10

Portland is now the creepiest (fictionalized) city on TV. FX just approved a female serial killer series based on local author Chelsea Cain's Heartsick, which takes place in Portland, OR. Probably film it in Vancouver but still...sitting in the back table at the Lotus is sure odd now! (See "CLR Writer, David Loftus, Recounts His Role as a 'Reaper' on NBC's Grimm" )

5/8/2012 . Edited 5/10/2012 #11
If I were to write an AUwith a WesenJuliette. Who Nick meets AFTER becoming a Grimm, though he doesn't know she's Wesen atfirst , what Wesen do fellow Grimmlins thinkJuliette would be??? Cheers, XXXXXX FirePhoenix97
12/13/2014 #12
grace constantine

thats awesome

9/5/2015 #13
grace constantine

anyone around ?

9/6/2015 #14
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