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Dark Wolf Greigar

Seriously, i HATE Shana i mean she is such a stupid whiney clingy little brat who NEVER shuts up. Any thoughts?

2/13/2011 #1

She is pretty useless. I never have her in my party. Everyone else brings something to the team but with her, dead weight.

4/30/2012 #2
Dark Wolf Greigar

Even Miranda is better. If not in actual use to the party, her personality is much less like a disease.

4/30/2012 #3
I only just got the game back so I had to start all over. God what a nightmare having to watch poor Dart go through traveling with Shana. Meru isn't as annoy as she is yet Dart's in love with Shana. Please someone tell me it's only cause she was only girl in the village his age. How could any guy fall for such a baby.
5/1/2012 #4
Dark Wolf Greigar

Actually, Dart was never in love with shanna. He always insisted that she was more of a baby sister to him. However, towards the end of the game everyone else practically forced them to get together hence, the creation of Dart/shanna fangirls -_-

5/1/2012 #5

Funny I got the impression that at the party after Dart and them defeated Lenus (Or whatever her name was) that Dart kissed Shana.

5/2/2012 #6
Dark Wolf Greigar

Social conformity. look at the majority of the game previously and he keeps insisting that she is more of a baby sister to him.

5/2/2012 #7

And yet their body languse (Sorry about the spelling) suggest Dart had dropped that kind of thinking somewhere at the beginning of chapter 2.

5/2/2012 #8
Dark Wolf Greigar

I still refuse to accept it and I still will always pick "She is special to me." when shanna asks my opinion of Rose :D

5/2/2012 #9

Truthfully I don't think any of those women stand a chance at hookingup with Dart. I get the feeling he perfers the men of his group. After all did you see how well he got along with Lavitz?

5/2/2012 #10
Dark Wolf Greigar

Now now, we all know Lavitz has a thing for Loyd. just look at how loyd's sword pierced him XD

Bad joke -_-

5/2/2012 #11

lol Dart's either after Loyd to make him pay for killing his love or because he wants to replay Lavitz with Loyd. I thinking replay him.

5/2/2012 #12
Dark Wolf Greigar

Regardless, I'm a DartxRose shipper through and through *rants about how much of an a** zeig is*

5/2/2012 #13

Have only started disc three. Had to restart the whole game after getting it again because I couldn't work out just what I was suppose to be doing in my old save file.

5/2/2012 #14
Dark Wolf Greigar

I felt the ending was quite lacking. I really wish that there was a sequel or even a remake of the game. perhaps with a dialogue wheel and an actual option of the pairings? graphics only come after that.

5/2/2012 #15

Oh yeah a remake would be great. THe characters talking all the time, maybe some moments in which the groups camping and you can talk to everyone, learn a bit more about them or something. I so agree with you. Though if they mess with fighting I will hurt them. I love having to time my button pushing to get that perfect move off. But there should've been more to it as well as the magic.

5/2/2012 #16
Dark Wolf Greigar

Yeah, i LOVED the aditions combat style and I also agree that there should have been more use of magic. pehaps being able to use either less powerful or simpler spells when out of dragoon form? and what about meru? she was a wingly and yet magic was also only available in dragoon form, plot fail . as for out of combat i was thinking something similar to dragon age?

5/2/2012 #17

Yeah Meru should've been able to use magic out of dragoon form after she reviled what she was to the group. Hey have you played White Knight? Maybe a remake could have some kind of system that lets you make your own combs/aditions. Dragon age had a good combat system going for it in the second one.

5/2/2012 #18
Dark Wolf Greigar

Never played it. For out of combat i was thinking a dragon age style of gameplay and in combat a sort of blend of the original and dragon age while the basic plot remains the same?

5/2/2012 #19

Sounds promising. Now if only we could get someone to make it happen.

5/2/2012 #20
Dark Wolf Greigar

Rest assured, if I ever gain any sort of ability (I can't program anything *crys*) to design a game that will be my first project.

5/2/2012 #21

You don't need to desigh it yourself. Just find someone with the funds to pay someone who has everything they need and can get decent voice actors. Hey who do you think should voice them?

5/3/2012 #22
Dark Wolf Greigar

Voice actor for Hawke in dragon age (whoever that was, I know nothing of famous people exept David Tennant -allhailthetenthdoctor!-) for Dart?

5/3/2012 #23

DAVID TENNANT!!! *Fan girl sqeel* Sorry. He was the best Doctor. The guy that replaced him just doesn't have the same emotional skill.

Hawke's voice actor for Dart? Hmm, I think I can see that working. Maybe for like Rose they could get Trish's voice actor from Devil May Cry.

5/3/2012 #24
Dark Wolf Greigar

INORITE? what about favorite companion? can be from any doctor. mine is Martha with Romana and Amy tied for second. :3

sadly, i never played that game.

5/3/2012 #25

Amy was a good companion because she seemed to do more then some of the others. Martha was a good one too. They're both tied for first in my books.

Who else could voice the characters?

5/7/2012 #26
Dark Wolf Greigar

rose was just plain useless .

I dunno, I kinda want some of the actors from doctor who out of a sense of nostalgia, I love english accents ^_^

5/7/2012 #27

Albert could be voiced by David then! After all at the start of chapter two he does talk in a way that could be view like the Doctor.

5/7/2012 #28
Dark Wolf Greigar

Was thinking Matt for albert, David just has so much more.... energy than Albert does.

5/7/2012 #29

Hm, yeah I see your point there.

5/7/2012 #30
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