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Dark Priestess66

Desiree heard the sounds of fighting going on, "Well I see some things don't change," she flipped through the air and morphed at the same time. "Is this a private party or can I crash?"

1/7/2012 #271
Mrs. Zacky Vengeance

Tommy and Hadyn showed up, morphed, and fought. "Long time, no see, Kira," Hadyn said, punching Zeltrax.

"Okay, I know of her, but havent met her," Jezebel said to them.

"And you can crash," Tommy said to his sister.

1/7/2012 #272

"Hey tin can!" Callie ye air yelled jumping in the air kicking him away.

1/7/2012 #273

"I missed you guys." Kira smiled and winked. "Cover your ears."

1/7/2012 #274
Mrs. Zacky Vengeance

(Okay, forewarning, I'm going to go write. Do Not go anywhere without me.)

Jezebel was confused but covered her ears. As did the others.

1/7/2012 #275
Dark Priestess66

"Angelica says that she is missing out on the fun," Desiree states before summoning her weapon "Masto Staff," she began to help fight Zeltrax. "I think we should just have background check on the would-be psychos, and stop this problem in the bud,"

1/7/2012 #276

(okay i am stoping here to!)

1/7/2012 #277
Dark Priestess66

(K, let me know when we start again! On to pillow cases, the hardest of all objects to do with only eight working fingers,)

1/7/2012 #278

(i am ready to role)

After the fight they went back to the lab. Callie went to her room. "Well i get no birthday"

1/8/2012 #279
Dark Priestess66

(Doesn't mean everyone else is)

"Stupid battles, I thought Zeltrax was gone for good," Desiree mutters to herself as she walked into the house to finish setting up.

1/8/2012 #280
Mrs. Zacky Vengeance

"By the way, who are you?" Jezebel asked Desiree.

1/8/2012 #281
Dark Priestess66

"Desiree Oliver, I graduated Reefside early, I guess you would call me the third oldest out of these bunch of misfits" Desiree replies. "I have a twin sister around here somewhere"

1/8/2012 #282
Mrs. Zacky Vengeance

"Oh, I'm Jezebel Hawkins, Silver Dino Ranger," Jezebel replied, holing her hand out.

1/8/2012 #283
Dark Priestess66

Desiree took Jazebel's hand, "Crimson Dino Ranger, former Ninja Storm Ranger,"

1/8/2012 #284
Mrs. Zacky Vengeance

(I just noticed... there are only two guys out of all of the characters....)

"Thats awesome," Jezebel laughed.

1/8/2012 #285
Dark Priestess66

(that's funny,)

Angelica shrugged as she turned back to go upstairs when she was overcome with a case of nauseous, she bolted upstairs and ran past Desiree and a teen she hasn't seen before straight into the bathroom.

"And that blur would be my twin," Desiree states off-handedly

1/8/2012 #286
Mrs. Zacky Vengeance

"Whats wrong with her?" Jezebel asked, confused.

1/8/2012 #287
Dark Priestess66

"I haven't a clue," Desiree replies, as she started walking for the bathroom door, she tried the handle but it was locked. "Angelica, open this door before i break it down,"

"No, go away," Angelica replies as she heaved once again in the toilet, she lifted her head, 'I can't tell them, It wasn't suppose to happen this soon.'

1/8/2012 #288
Mrs. Zacky Vengeance

"Okay, from the looks of it," Jezebel started. "She's pregnant."

1/8/2012 #289
Dark Priestess66

Desiree stared wided eyed at Jazebel, "You can't be serious. I would have known through the bond...." Desiree tried to connected with Angelica, but was being blocked, then she realized for the past few weeks she couldn't figure out why her sister wasn't speaking to her through their telepathic bond, "I really hate to do this to Tommy's bathroom door handle but you leave me no choice." she raised a hand that was glowing red-orange and melted the handle right off.

1/8/2012 #290
Mrs. Zacky Vengeance

Tommy walked up just as Desiree did that, "What did you do the my door?"

1/8/2012 #291
Dark Priestess66

"Melted it. I'll replace it." Desiree answers before walking into the bathroom, "Right now, I want some answers." Desiree knelt down next to her sister, who was looking at her. "Are you?"

"Am I what?" Angelica asks playing stupid

"Pregnant, you nitwit." Desiree replies placing a hand on her twin's shoulder, and gasped at the sudden surge of emotions, pain, fear, love, uncertainty, and a deep sense of joy of having a child with the man, her twin loved with all her heart. "Does Cam know about this?"

Angelica shook her head 'No'

1/8/2012 #292
Mrs. Zacky Vengeance

"I knew it!" Jezebel said in triumph.

1/8/2012 #293
Dark Priestess66

Desiree rubbed her twin's back, as a another wave of sickness hit, she held Angelica's hair and she heaved again.

"I came here as soon, as i found out. I didn't know what to tell Cam, he thinks I have the flu." Angelica explains, leaning on her twin's shoulder for support and comfort.

"Angelica, you should have told me as soon as you found out," Desiree states,

Angelica looked up at the teen, "Who are you?"

1/8/2012 #294
Mrs. Zacky Vengeance

"Lets see if this jogs your memory," Jezebel laughed. "Silver Ranger, Dino Power."

1/8/2012 #295
Dark Priestess66

"Nope, can't say I remember a sliver ranger, but then I haven't been here," Angelica replies, "I left after high school to take over the Ice Ninja Academy."

"And I've been in Ocean Bluff," Desiree seconds. "Finishing formal training to take my place as head of my own ninja Academy"

1/8/2012 #296
Mrs. Zacky Vengeance

"Okay," Jezebel laughed, powering down. "I'm Jezebel Hawkins."

1/8/2012 #297
Dark Priestess66

The doorbell rings. Angelica freezes thinking it was Cam, seeing as he has been here before.

Desiree went and opened the door. "Hey Trent."

"Hey, I thought you left town?" Trent asks,

"Yeah, but I'm back on break," Desiree answers

(There we have another guy, since we can't get any real guys to play them.)

1/8/2012 #298
Mrs. Zacky Vengeance


Jezebel heard Trent's voice so she ran down to the door and jumped into Trent's arms, "Trent!!"

1/8/2012 #299
Dark Priestess66

"Good to see you too, Jeze, but I need to breathe," Trent states as he hugged his girlfriend back,

Desiree raised an eyebrow, "Did i miss something?"

"I wondering that myself." Angelica agrees, she turned to her brother, "Tommy, forget about the door,"

1/8/2012 #300
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