Rebels and Demons
Asmodeus, King of Demons and the Lord of Wrath and Lust, is building an army, one with which he intends to attack Heaven itself with. If he succeeds, the angels will fall, and Heaven will burn. Only we can stop him. Are you with us?
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Wrath of Carcosa

Demons reside in their own dimension, called the Infernal Worlds, and they cross over to Earth to wreak havoc


in The Infernal Worlds, there is a demon capital city called Pandemonium, which sits on the edge of an abyss that is owned by Abbadon, a Greater Demon.

Inside Pandemonium, Asmodeus, King of Demons, resides.

Asmodeus is the FIRST demon ever created. After Lilith was turned into a demon but before she was cursed with infertility, she mated with the fallen angel Sammael, and gave birth to Asmodeus, making him the first and only Fallen Angel-Greater Demon hybrid.

Asmodeus is the King of Demons, Greater Demon of Lust and Wrath.

In this plot he is the main villain.

Asmodeus is preparing a MASSIVE army of Greater Demons.

Asmodeus is preparing this army to attack heaven. If he succeeds, and if his army reaches the gates of Heaven, there isn't a single angel up there that will be able to stop his wrath, and he's also adding any fallen angels he finds to his army

The mission of the RP's characters is to infiltrate the city Pandemonium, and burn it to the ground. Destroy it, and Asmodeus, and prevent him from collapsing Heaven and taking the throne of God.

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Kitty Bane

....what if I don't love it?? lol jk! It's awesome!

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Wrath of Carcosa


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