Play the original character of the 1966 batman show.
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alanna of olua

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1/4/2012 #1
alanna of olua

Name: Aly Lightsmith

Alias: Wolfwoman the Shadow Kinght

Age: 35

Gender: Female

Appearance: 6'0 tall, black hair cut short in a military fashion, skinny, well muscled. as Aly she wear blue, greens, and browns.

Outfit: Wolfwoman outfit. Greyish-brown in color. the cowl is shaped as a wolf head would be.

Personality: She is friendly to those who know her. Unfriendly to those that hurt her friends and family.

Bio: (If kind of hard to explain) Aly was a street urchin that was found by Alfred. About the same time as when Bruce Wayne parents were killed. They are about a year apart in age. Aly parents were killed when she was four. She had been in and out of foster care. Before the old butler found her living on the street. The fact she was tryign to pick-pocket him at the time was not a surprise. Alfred took her instead of handing her over to the foster care people. Like so many other had done. Aly grow upliving in Wayne manor. Her and Bruce at first did not get along. But as time went by they started to get to know each other. They became good friends. Alfred had hope one day that his young master would marry Aly. He love the girl like his own child.

When Bruce first took the name Batman. Aly was already working as Wolfwoman well before that. She left the manor in a grey colored car and did not reappear at the manor till well after one or two in the morning. Then one day She was comign back to the manor after her round and Batman came up behind her and attacked. Bruce had no idea that Aly was Wolfwoman. He knocked her out and took her to the bat cave. Aly came to tide to a chair with her cowl off looking at the eyes of Batman cowl. Aly get angry that he had attack her from behind without tell her he was there. Alfred came down to the bat cave about that think to see Bruce stand in front of Aly chair in complete shock. After that they work together for many adventure till Young Richard Grayson came along. Aly had saved alot of money over the years from working at one of the many Wayne office building. She opened a company of her own and began to make money from that. She is some what wealthy in Gotham.

Power: None

Weaknesses: is in love wiht Bruce Wayne

Titan or not?:Not a team play work solo or with Batman

Other: has an engagment ring that Bruce Wayne once gave her.

1/14/2012 #2

Name: Carlota Prickstion (changes Levair last name to after Arkham first takes her) C.Levair (clever)

Alias: Brain Teaser

Age: About two years younger than E.Nygma, which I'm gonna guess is 24 to his 26-27

Gender: Female

Appearance: Almond colored hair with ebony black bangs and streaks to her chest in a "perfect"(she takes a while to get it as close to that as possible) ponytail, "Athena"(as she calls them) grey eyes, fawn colored skin, gymnist's body with almost fragile-looking curves in the right places.

Outfit:(Crime Clothes)Hair is in a tight bun tied with a black ribbion, full dark magenta spandex suit under jasmine colored blouse, black pants, & black Stilleto heels.(Civvies)Pastel pink button up shirt, light grey dress pants, and white sneakers.

Personality: Acts childish and ditzy, but is actually calculating, devilish, intelligent, intellectual, clever, witty, and sly

Backround: Always the top of her class, Carlotta took up puzzle making at a young age as a hobby. By the time she was 9, she began to use it in almost everything she did. Concerned, her parents tried to set her up with a 'cuu-koo's nest doc', to which the girl ran away. Deciding then it was nothing to worry about, they sent her to a private school where she only enhanced her projects. After seeing Riddler's work, she began modeling her own after it until she commits her first crime. After Batman and Robin stop her, she is sent to Gotham State Penitentary, where she is 'greeted' by those in the rehabilitation center. At first modeling her work after him, she will end up falling hard for Nygma.

Relations: Later on love interest of one Edward Nygma, perhaps even 'female romantic acquaintance'

Power: Can make out-of-this-world puzzles meant to either trap, escape, take, or confuse mostly, but can fix them to do most anything she needs

Weakness: Overconfidence and having her mind in too many places. She also falls unconcious at the scent of certain herbs

Other: Likes to sit quietly in her room making little puzzles, drawing on the wall just to bug the doctors at G.S.P, making little puzzles, reading, making little puzzles, "playing" with her dolls, talking with the more intelligent villians when she wants/can, and of course making little puzzles. What she grows to adore is seeing Eddie working and his reactions/retailiations when she comes by

1/14/2012 #3

May I also play Cheif O'Hara and The Penguin?

2/3/2012 #4
alanna of olua

You can play them both if you want to it to you.

2/3/2012 #5

OMG yeah!!

Question, would it be a bother to temp some people and make a little RP Topic for fun? I could be my charies plus a few others

2/3/2012 #6
alanna of olua

Go right a head

2/3/2012 #7

Yeah. I can take almost anyone, except Riddler for obvious reasons.

2/3/2012 #8
alanna of olua


2/3/2012 #9

Made my first post

2/3/2012 #10
alanna of olua

I will run Comissioner Gordon. Bruce Wayne, D*** Greayson and Alfred for now.

2/3/2012 #11

Ok....then let me change my post really fast

2/3/2012 #12
alanna of olua

I cna handle play Bruce and D*** Grayson other side as well. I ma play a rpg right know were I am running five different chacters and the Robin and Batman are two of them.

2/3/2012 . Edited 9/30/2012 #13

Ok. Sounds good

2/3/2012 #14
alanna of olua

okay did my reply

2/3/2012 #15

Yeah, so I'm thinking Batgirl and Wolfwoman do the drug bust while Batman and Robin deal with Brain Teaser

2/3/2012 #16
alanna of olua

That fine. Tell you the truth. Had not even thought about Batgirl.

2/3/2012 #17

Kk, now our males need to be briefed

2/3/2012 #18
alanna of olua

Are you running batgirl?

2/3/2012 #19

If you mean playing her, I guess I am. I just really want to get the guys breifed and hopefully get a 'HOLY' line from Robin

2/3/2012 #20
alanna of olua

Do you want the Comissioner or O'Hara to do the honors?

2/3/2012 #21

Well, I'm thinking of the O'Hara begining the briefing then Commisioner introducing the two to the villianess name and skill wise

2/3/2012 #22
alanna of olua


2/3/2012 #23
Name: Charlie Love Age: 13 Position: good Rank:? Appearance: long raven black hair, slim, short for her age. Personality: sarcastic, shy, spunky Backround: is an orphan, that is all she knows Relations: none
3/5/2012 #24

I like being Robin. In fact, I'm being Robin for Halloween. So, if ever there is a character I would play, it would be him.

9/30/2012 #25

holy rp's batman, can i join?

11/15/2012 #26
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