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alanna of olua

Where other RPG can be placed

2/3/2012 #1

Cheif O'Hara was in Commissioner Gordon's office as the two discuss old cases "Wasn't it just unbelieveable of that Joker, trying to fry the Dymanic Duo in electric chairs like that."

2/3/2012 #2
alanna of olua

"It a good thing that Wolfwoman was around as well. Even if she does not work with Batman no more. I dont know what happen to make them split like that. I hve wonder if it had to do with the boy wonder" Comissioner Gordon said. Wolfwoman came slicking into the office. "Commissioner Gordon, it has nothing to do with Robin the Boy Wonder" Wolfwoman said softly making the Comissioner jump a little. He really hated it when Batman or Wolfwoman would come into his office with him knows

2/3/2012 #3

Cheif O'Hara jumped a bit "Wolfwoman, you scared me half to death there. So, are you there about that call we sent you and the Dynamic Duo? Where are those two, anyway?"

2/3/2012 . Edited 2/3/2012 #4
alanna of olua

Wolfwoman looked at O'Hara with a small smirk. "they could be busy" Wolfwoman said as she moved a little closer to the window. "Or are behind you Wolfwoman" Batman said with a smirk of his own to her. "What bring you here Wolfwoman" Robin asked see the way she was standing. "Had a drug ring run bad. Need to run a few thing with the Comissioner before I go in and bust heads" Wolfwoman said as she watched Batman reaction to her comment. "Why was I not informed about the ring" Batman asked watching her for her own reaction. "I just found out about it from one of my source in the city" Wolfwoman said her voice showing a little impatience when it came to her older partner behavior. "Maybe you two should work together on this case. It would be safer that way" Comissioner Gordon said quietly to himself. "That is up to Batman and Robin. I can handle a group of four thugs" Wolfwoman said with a little be of a scowl on her face. "Wolfwoman ar ethere gun in on the matter"Batman asked he could not help but feel that Wolfwoman was in danger this time. "I dont know at this point in time. I will not find out till I get there and break heads" Wolfwoman said as she looked at the comissioner for premission to handle this on her own. "I agree with Batman there could be gun in on it as well" Robin said looking at the comissioner from behind his mask.

2/3/2012 #5

Cheif O'Hara nodded "I have to agree, but we may not have a choice on the matter but let Wolfwoman go by herself with what I need to adress to the Dynamic Duo"

"Or I could go with her." Batgirl stated as she appeared with a smile "Hello Commisioner, Cheif O'Hara, Wolfwoman, Dynamic Duo"

2/3/2012 #6
alanna of olua

Wolfwoman had wonder when Batgirl was going to get there. Where Dynamic Duo went she would follow. "Comissioner I think I can handle it. It a group of four thugs. That I have had dealing with before. Hello, Batgirl. Long time no see" Wolfwoman said with a smirk to them. She was not one to let the young girl get in on her operations. "Wolfwoman I think you a partner for this" Batman said as he looked at Batgirl keeping his face neutral at the present time. Wolfwoman gave the it not a good idea kind of look. Robin had to wonder what was going through his mentor and Wolfwoman head at this point in time. "Wolfwoman can you not take at least Batgirl with you" Comissioner Gordon asked. He did not like the idea of Batgirl being with Batman and Robin with this case. "No, I will not put her live in danger. If she was my partner then yes. But She is not" Wolfwoman said to them she did not work that much with Batman, Robin or Batgirl. She keep her mission and other thing to herself. Inless she need the Comissioner Gordon for someting then she asked him to hold off his men till she was ready from them to join her in a case.

2/3/2012 #7

Cheif O'Hara sighed "Well we need to decide something before my news can be delevered"

2/3/2012 #8
alanna of olua

Wolfwoman looked at the comissioner as if trying to figure out what he was thinking. She knew there was something big going on right know. She may nto have seen the Bat-Sign or Scene the Bat-Phone having been used. "Batman you know my ruling on having a partner" Wolfwoman said she was embrassed but she had to say it. Batman heard the plea in her voice a little. He knew why Wolfwoman broke it off with him and Robin a couple of years ago. "Wolfwoman, it just for one night. batgirl can handle herself in a fight" Batman said again he was not goign to force it. "I guess I can let her come with me. Three rules you need to know, Batgirl. Rule 1 - Stay out of my way. Rule 2 - Get injured on your own time. Rule 3 - Keep one eye open and looking over your shoulder at all times" Wolfwoman said to Batgirl. It was her standard training rules. Most of her street runners and urchins had been trained to live by those rules. "Wolfwoman" Batman said in a command sort of tune to Wolfwoman. "I know she is as much my responsobility as she is yours" Wolfwoman said as her smirk changed to a scowl a little as she looked at Batman. "Wolfwoman, Batgirl do be careful. Dont do something two dangerous with this drug case" Comissioner said to her. "I will make sure that Batgirl stay safe for this. Come, Batgirl let go get your feet wet with the ring of drug dealer I ma after" Wolfwoman said as she turned to leave the Comissioner office with out a backword glance at Batman or Robin.

2/3/2012 #9

Batgirl nodded with a glance to everyone else "See you soon Commisioner and good luck Batman and Robin, on whatever it is you're doing for this case"

2/3/2012 #10
alanna of olua

Comissioner Gordon watch Wolfwoman and Batgirl leave. He had to wonder what had made Wolfwoman almost growl at Batman. "Batman is there something wrong with Wolfwoman" Comissioner Gordon asked he had to wonder if something was wrong. "It nothing Comissioner Gordon. It just a old arguement we have had in the past before. So just leave it be. Now what the problem" Batman said as he and Robin moved close to the Comissioner Gordon and Chief O'Hara for the briefing or debriefing for the case. "Batman do you think it something bad" Robin said to his mentor at the way thing went just now.

2/3/2012 #11

Cheif O'Hara shuddered "I'm sorry to say that just this morning, I was met with the sight of a jewelry shop robbed blind by a female figure who left the entire place covered in gas and crossword markings. Then a giant jigsaw puzzle...with it's pieces forming a picture of you and Robin *gulp* in nosses and the floor scattered with jewels and a tiara, not an hour later was in a box on my desk here at the police department"

2/3/2012 #12
alanna of olua

"That sound like The Riddler. But then how many of his guys are out of jail at this point in time" Batman asked he was puzzled. he had heard those kind of death images before. There was a lot of people that have tried to kill me, Wolfwoman, Robin and Batgirl in the past this is not a surprise at all. "There was a new name but the picture it was The Brain Treaser" Comissioner Gordon said to the Dynamic Duo. "Holy Puzzlers, Batman" Robin said at the thought of someone other then the Riddler giving them a puzzle. "That is very interesting. I wonder if it is someone related to The Riddler or something" Batman said thinking about it. "We have very little information other then a young woman that goes but the name Brain Treaser work with the Riddler" Comissioner Gordon said to the two as if he was worried about there lifes.

2/3/2012 #13

Cheif O'Hara nodded "Frankly Batman I'm not just afraid for you. If we've had to deal with the dastardly plans of the Riddler, who knows what kind of diabolical twists a female version, as it were, of him. And the puzzle, it had a note stuck on the bottom. I had it taken to the lab at once, but I remember the message: "I only give a warning now, but when the time comes I won't play around. Signed, Brain Teaser"

2/3/2012 #14
alanna of olua

"I dont think he is behind it this time. It not his way to leave a name. he only normal leave a riddle" Batman said as he keep thinking. "Batman could it be that it a trick to get us to lower your guard" Robin asked at some of the thought he was having about it. "No, Robin! It is nto a trick to make us lower your guard" Batman said to his young partner. "Batman, Robin you both need to be careful with this case" Comissioner Gordon said two the Dynamic Duo.


Wolfwoman walked to her bike that was out front of Police headquarters. She got on to it after she had placed her helmet on her head. She turned it on. "Batgirl do you have your own transportation" Wolfwoman said to her.

2/3/2012 #15

Cheif O'Hara nodded quickly "Yes, do be careful. This is one dangerous lass you're dealing with. And as it is, we don't know what she's planning"


"Oh transportation won't be a problem. I have the Batgirl Cycle." Batgirl replied as she climbed onto said transportation vechile

2/4/2012 #16
alanna of olua

"Comissioner Gordon, Chief O'Hara Let us handle the this matter" Batman said he was not worried all that much. Robin saw his mentor was trouble by Wolfwoman reappearence again. "Batman are you okay" Robin said he did not like the fact his mentor voice had sounded cold almost like it he was deep in pain or something. "Robin, I am fine. It nothing to do with this. Just some personal thought that all" Batman said as he was think about the Brain Teaser. He had to push Wolfwoman out of his head.


"Do you have a helmet with a communication unit it?" Wolfwoman was not one to talk that much. But it would be easier for her if she could hear me and I her. Wolfwoman felt as if this was not safe or not. She felt like she had talk to Batgirl other identidate but that can not be so. I know there is something wrong. Wolfwoman growled a little at some of her thought. She was not happy but she had need the help but she was not one to ask. She had seen Batman place one of his remote tracking device on her shoulder. She had thought about removing it. But it better to keep it on my body. She new that Batman had want to have words with her. But she also new he could not speak to her with the Comissioner Gordon, Chief O'Hara, Robin or Batgirl was there. Wolfwoman had gotten the message from reading his body language. She know that Batman had got her message as well from her own body language.

2/5/2012 #17

Batgirl nodded "Built right in. Let's ride, shall we?"


Chief O'Hara nodded "If that's the case, good luck Caped Crusader"


Meanwhile, in an abandoned toy factory on the other side of town, who should arrive in a secret compartment that held a lair? Why none other than this new villianess herself, the Brain Teaser.

"Alright boys, show we what you've got." The woman commented to her three henchmen as she walked into the room from behind two sliding doors shaped like puzzle pieces

"We have all the supplies ready for tonight, Ms." One named Jigsaw stated

"Pandorius, you have the gift set?"

"Ready and waiting, Brain teaser" Pandorius nodded

"And Ali Baba?"

"Yeah, I did my part. But Ms.Brain Teaser, I still don't understand it. Baba replied with a puzzled expression

"What's your game?" Jigsaw asked as well

"You will in due time, my inferiors. For now, let's see if the Batman can" B.T chuckled

"Ready and waiting, Brain Teaser" The second replied

2/5/2012 #18
alanna of olua

Wolfwoman was started her bike. She took off to the old ware house. Where her source had given her the information. She was not looking forward to go in to the ware house. She had been in the ware house before. It had been about ten years before hand. "Batgirl, I want you to stay here. If I need back up. I will give a call. What ever you do dont enter the building" Wolfwoman said she was not one to give order that would not be followed. But she also new that Batgirl had been training with batman and Robin. So hopefully she did follow order that are given. For one of the old power plants inthe city.


"Thank you, Chief O'Hara" Batman and Robin turned and ran out the door. Btman lead Robin to the car. He open his door and got in as Robin bounced over his door and then buckled the seat belt. "Batman, do you know how the brain teaser is" Robin asked he had to wonder why is partner was very quiet. Or if his partner had other thought then just the brain teaser case. Robin had not seen his partner place a tracker on Wolfwoman costume. "Robin, I have my thought on the matter. But I hope that I am wrong in my thoughts" Batman said he was not all that happy about this. He wonder if Wolfwoman raid was goign ot go okay.

2/5/2012 #19

Batgirl nodded as she stated "If that's the best idea"


Cheif O'Hara sighed as he commented to the Commissioner "No one like those four eh Commissioner?"

2/5/2012 #20
alanna of olua

"I think so. I dont think this will be a problem" Wolfwoman had done seven to one odd before. "If I dont call in fifteen minute. You can come in and see if something has happen. If I am not able to speak or answer. Contact Batman. Tell him code 2714" Wolfwoman was not going to explain what 2714 code was. It was her way of say she need Alfred on the scene as soon as he could be. Wolfwoman took her grapple hook unit and sent the hook into the wall on the top of the building. She quickly climbed up to the roof. And hopped over to the top of the wall. She looked in the window from the top. She could see the four thugs. She nodded to her self think quickly. The room was not that well lite. If she planned right she could have the thug knocked out before they new she was there.


"I can not say, Chif O'Hara. Batgirl her voice is one that I keep think I know from somewhere before. But everytime I start think something like that. The Dynamic Duo show up and I forget my thought on the matter" Gordon said. He had to wonder if he new Batgirl real identity. "As for Wolfwoman. She and Batman worked years before together. I dont what happen to make then split. But I dont want to find out" Gordon said to his Chief or Police.


In the bat-cave Batman and Roibn work at the bat-computer trying to find out how The Brain Teaser came to be round Gotham. Robin could not help but think there was something wrong with his mentor. Batman hardly ever stayed quiet as he worked. He always ask Robin his thought on the case. "Batman, is there something wrong" Robin asked again. "Nothing, Robin. What do you take on the puzzle of us being hung" Batman asked his young partner with out thought on his personal feelings. "Well, We have had a number of time werethe bad guy have thought they had killed us. But I dont think the Brain Teaser knows. We have face multiple death issue. But way the gaint Jigsaw puzzle" Robin said he had to wonder about this new villianess.

2/5/2012 #21

Batgirl nodded as she stayed hidden on her Batgirl cycle


Cheif O'Hara nodded "Really? That's mighty odd, Commissioner. As for Batman and Wolfwoman, I quite agree. But maybe we shouldn't get mixed up in that. Just as we to have our's, I'm sure Batman and the rest of those fine heros deserve to have their private business to themseleves."

2/5/2012 #22
alanna of olua

"Chief O'Hara, I still think it is unusal. What would make Batman and Wolfwoman so cold at the other. What happen in there personal life that made them act this way at each other" Gordon ask his primary second in command?


Wolfwoman jumped through the window. She laid on a crate in the ware house. The four thugs open fire on her. But she had disappeared from site. The gun fire flew all over the place. Wolfwoman counted the shots as they were fired all around her. She felt one priece her shoulder. She froze as the gun fire stopped. She looked out from her hiding place to see the thugs were looking around. Wolfwoman jumped from her hiding place. She began the long hard fight. She took out two with her bare hand the other two she had to work on. They were not as heavily wasted as the other two had been. She managed to take out a third when a gun shot ran out. Wolfwoman keep going. She was not invisiable to bullet but she made sure to take him out before she let the blood loss take over. "Batgirl you can come in know" Wolfwoman called with a voice that sounded faint to her own ears.


"Robin I have got it. The Brain Teaser work with The Riddler. She likes to make logic puzzle for people to figure out" Batman said to his young partner. "Holy, Headaches. Why did we not see it before" Robin said with a little bit of shock in his voice. "Because we were looking for a new villianess. The Brain Teaser was the girl that followed The Riddler two years ago if I remember correctly" Batman said to Robin. "But, Batman I thought she went straight after a year in jail" Robin said to Batman. "It appearizes she has not gone straight as we thought she had gone" Batman said to Robin.

2/5/2012 #23

Cheif O'Hara nodded "Yes yes, it does strike me as odd. Maybe we should investagate"


Batgirl gasped a bit before running in and joining Wolf Woman in on the fight

2/5/2012 #24
alanna of olua

(Wolfwoman is one word not two)

Wolfwoman new her vision was goign blurred around the edge a little. Need to stay concussion. "Batgirl, contact Gotham Police Department let them know my raid went good. Let the Comissioner Gordon know I will brief him in the morning over everything. Let Batman now were he can find me. If he does not all ready know it by now" Wolfwoman keep her voice even and level. She sighed at the pain in her shoulder resoubled as the energy from the battle fade from her body. "I have a friend that will take care of my wounds. Dont worry about calling medic's. Just help me back to my bike please, Batgirl" Wolfwoman said as the pain hit her full in the face. Man her shoulder hurt like mad. She need to get to Alfred and quick. Luckly her bike was program to take her right to the Bat-Cave if she got injured to badly.


Batman and Robin left the Bat-Cave to go and find the newest villian of Gotham City in her layer. They need to see want they could do to stop her from getting to dangerous. They got there and started to look around for a enterance in to the layer.


"I hope everything goes okay with them all tonight. I cant shake the feeling that something is going to go wrong" Gordon said thinking about how much thing were getting better in Gotham with the four crime-fighting heors around.

2/5/2012 . Edited 2/5/2012 #25


Batgirl nodded as she got Wolfwoman to her bike, then went to contact the GCPD


Pandorius then looked up at the sound of a silent alarm "Boss, it's just like you said. They're right outside"

Brain Teaser smirked "Excellent, and right on time"


Cheif O'Hara nodded "Ya shouldn't worry so much though, Commissoner. They've had stickier situations"

2/5/2012 #26
alanna of olua

Wolfwoman was glad for the help to get back to her bike. She need to get back to the cave and fast. Before she lost two much blood. As it is she was starting to loss her concussioness. "Thank you, Batgirl. If the thug give you to much trouble. Just remind them that Wolfwoman will come back and pound them again" Wolfwoman said as almost a growl. She want to get out of her cowl and get her injury taken care of as soon as maybe. "Again thank you, Batgirl" Wolfwoman said as she started up her bike and head for the bat-cave were Alfred would be wait if the tracker had not gone off that Batman had placed on her.


"Batman I think the enterance is over there" Robin said as he points at a spot on a the wall. "I think you could be right, Robin. Let check out the wall and see if it is" Batman saids as he walked over to the wall and starts to look at it.


"I know. But sometime I think the situatuation is more dangerous then they tell us when they brief us on the problem" Gordon said again. He still felt like something was goign to go wrong that night.

2/5/2012 #27

Brain Teaser smirked as she pressed a button, which made the entrance open for the Dynamic dimwits. The door would lead them to a corridor, where a lovely wrapped gift would wait


Batgirl nodded quickly before turning to the thugs

2/5/2012 #28
alanna of olua

Wolfwoman was glad her bike was program to go to the cave in if she was to injured to drive it there herself. Wolfwoman arrived at the cave in a little nder five minutes. Her bike shut down once there. Wolfwoman collaspe on the ground of the bat cave. Luckly she land on the cave floor with her head facing up she could see the roof of the cave. Alfred soft alarm sounded in the kitchen that someone was in the bat cave. He head for the cave as quick as he could. He took the elevator down to the cave. When he arrived he found Wolfwoman lay on the ground barely concussion. "Wolfwoman, what are you doing here" Alfred said as he saw the gunshot wound in her shoulder and the graze on the upper part of her shoulder as well. "Alfred, need help" Wolfwoman said as she pushed herself up to her elbows. Alred reached out and pulled her cowl off her face. Aly felt better with the mask off. She could see Alfred more clear then before. "Miss Aly how did you come to be hurt so bad" Alfred ask as he moved to help her up off the cave floor. "Took out Four thugs. They had guns. I had no idea the leader had a spare gun on his person. He shot me before I disarmed him complete. They have been running drugs in the city the last couple of weeks. I have been staking them out for four days" Aly said as she let Alfred help her stand up. "Well you need to have that bullet removed. I cna do that. But it will be painful" Alfred said to Aly very gentle. "Well it cant stay in there now can it. Do I have some spare clothes in the cave still" Aly asked as she took her unility belt off. "In the woman changing room" Alfred answered in his usual calm voice. "Thank you, Alfred" Aly said as she slowly made her way to locker room. "Miss Aly, do be kind and take a shower. That will make it easier on me to take the bullet out" Alfred said as he watched Aly walk away from him slowly. "Of course, Alfred" Aly said as she open the door to the locker room.


Batman and Robin exchanged quick looks when the door had opened. "Batman I think it is a trap. Most villian hardly ever open there door for us to enter" Robin said to Batman. "Well Robin, do you think we should check it out" Batman asked as if he was trying to see how is partner would react to comment. "We could enter but enter with caution" Robin said as he went to step into the hallway. Batman place one of his hand on his shoulder. "No, chum I will go first. This way if it something bad you cna back out and let the Comissioner know" Batman said to Robin. He stepped into the hall and raised his hands a little as if to see how deep the hall or tunnel truey was. Robin followed behind him slowly. he listen to his mentor foot steps on the floor.


"Chief O'Hara, I hope we get a call soon" Gordon said as he sat at his desk and watched the bat-phone or the black phone on his desk to go off.

2/5/2012 #29

Brain Teaser smirked as her gift sat, waiting for Batman "Oh, this is delicious"


Batgirl then got her phone to call Commisioner Gordon's office

2/5/2012 . Edited 2/5/2012 #30
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