Play the original character of the 1966 batman show.
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alanna of olua

A place for villian to talk

2/5/2012 #1

(LOL, I'm gonna treat this like an RP for them)

Brain Teaser smirked as she read in the rec room of Gotham Penn.

2/5/2012 #2
alanna of olua

(That is fine with me)

2/5/2012 #3

Carlotta then looked up as she was joined by some of the others

"Well well well, you quite ehm cozy there, Ms. Levair. Wahwahwah" Penguin commented to Carlotta

2/5/2012 #4
alanna of olua

(That is a really good Penguin)

2/5/2012 #5


Carlotta shruged "Well, it's nice to have some peace and quiet."

"Ah yes yes. I quite agree, quite agree. Now if only I could say the same for Riddler. He's out there looking for you" Penguin stated, catching Carlotta off guard

(Can you be Riddler?)

2/5/2012 #6
alanna of olua

(Never played The Riddler before. Should be interesting to try)

2/5/2012 #7


"Oh is he?" Carlotta asked with a smirk and raised eyebrow

"Certainly is. I bealive, wah, that he's preparing for another of your uh, bantar battles, as he calls them"

2/5/2012 #8
alanna of olua

The Riddler had a mad idea it was funny but mad. He would send The Brain Teaser a couple of riddles before he would show up. He want to see if she could answer them or not. he wrote out the Riddles on two piece of paper.

First Riddle: "What has branchs and leaves, but no bark?"

Second Riddle: "What is Black and White and Read all over?"

The Riddleer laughed himself silly at the two easy riddles. It was two he had used on Batman and the Boy Wonder several years ago. He sent them in a package for his old leading female tht went rogue on him. He was grinning ear to ear at her trying to figure out the riddles.

2/5/2012 #9

Carlotta spotted the riddles before answering them. "A library and a book. Looks like he wants to meet me indeed"

2/5/2012 #10
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