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Four musicals, all alike in dignity, in an alternate universe, where we lay our scene. The characters from AVPM/S, Little White Lie, MAMD, and Starship are sucked into another universe to star in a reality TV show, The Starkid Game.
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Hello! Welcome, hotties, nerds and tools, to The Starkid Game! I only have a few rules for you to follow:

1. All characters must be from a Starkid musical, and I will not be accepting submissions to be the starkids themselves. It's just a bit creepy to be playing a real person.

2. No Mary Sues (overly-perfect person) or god-modding. (Controling other people, making yourself invincible.)

3. Keep things rated T, people. (or about as T and you can get with MAMD)

4. Post in third person, with thoughts initalics,and put OOC thoughts in double parenthisis. ((which I probably just spelled wrong.))

5. Grammar, people! dnt tpe lke dis!

6. No double posting in the Rp thread.

7. If you are in a fight, you can type "[name] fired her zapper at [name]." but the person you attack gets to choose weather to dodge or get hit. (But you can't dodge everything.)

8. Stay in character! No making them do things they would never do in a million years. (Taz get with Draco, ect.)

9. Have Fun! To accept these Terms and conditions, reply "Totally awesome" to this post.

1/6/2012 . Edited 1/7/2012 #1

Character Submission Form!



Race: (Human, Bug, robot, wizard/witch, ect.)


Relationships: (friends, family, boy/girlfriends, enemies.)



Occupation (if they have one):

Other: (other things that don't fit in the other catigories.)

1/6/2012 . Edited 1/6/2012 #2

Name: Julia "Specs" Willowson

Musical: Starship

Race: Human

Age: 26

Relationships: She has a sister named Molly and a brother named Jake. Her mother was a G.L.E.E nurse who was killed in the robot wars. Her father was a mechanic who was constantly getting drunk. Him and julia have never seen eye to eye, and they haven't spoken since she joined the Academy.

Her best friend is Krayonder, (She also has a mojor crush on him, but is too scared to tell him.) but she gets along pretty well with everyone in her crew. She looks up to Commander Up like the father she never had, and she thinks Taz is actually really cool. February and Tootsie annoy her sometimes, but she knows they mean well.

Personality: She seems a lot like a sterotypical socialy awakward nerd, but she is actually a lot more girly than she lets on. She is a hopeless romantic, but also extremely shy. S

History: Julia grew up in Sorrento, Maine, with her parents and siblings. Her childhood was fairly normal untill her mother was killed while on a mission in deep space when Julia was 14. After that, her and her father started fighting more and more, and she had no one to turn to when she got bullied at school. Her high school years were miserable, but her life turned around once she got to the G.L.E.E Academy. She passedalmostat the top of her class. (She didn't do so well with the physical aspects.) She didn't go on any huge missions until the Bug World Mission.

Occupation: G.L.E.E Starship Ranger core, engineer.

Other: She is a writer, and her guilty pleasure is writing fanfiction.

Oh, and Totally Awesome!

1/6/2012 . Edited 1/6/2012 #3
Can I be 2 characters? I can't decide whether to be Draco or Goyle (Jim Povolo for the win)
1/8/2012 #4
Hmmm... Well, since there are a lot of spots to fill, and Goyle isn't a main character, you can.
1/8/2012 #5
Okay I'll start on the character sheets 2mrw
1/8/2012 #6

Name: Tazia Alexandra Lopez

Musical: Starship

Race: Human

Age: about 25

Relationships: Her best friend is commander Up, who she has had a crush on since he saved her from some killer robots when she was 15. Her entire family died on her 15th birthday due to a robot attack. The only other person who even comes close to a friend is Specs, who helped her with all the academic aspects of the G.L.E.E. academy.

Personality: sort of a stubborn teenage girl who misses her family and has bee in a sort of denial state for ten years she only opens up to her best friend Up and would never talk about her feelings to anyone else.

History: she was a normal defiant teenage girl until her 15th birthday when everyone she knew and loved were killed by a robot attack, she was the only survivor because commander Up came to the scene just in time to save her. She was never really good at academics and almost failed her Senior year at the G.L.E.E.A. She has had a HUGE crush on Up since the day they met.

Occupation (if they have one): She works for the Galactic League of Extra Terrestrial Exploration Starship Ranger corp

Other: she has always seacretly loved books and art

and"One more crack like that and I will roll you up in a tortilla, and I will eat you as a snack, maybe with some pinko de Gallo!"

p.s Totally awesome!!


hugs and butterfly kisses

-Mia :)

1/9/2012 . Edited 1/11/2012 #7

You seem to be forgetting something, Mias. (Last rule)

1/9/2012 #8

Character Submission Form!

Name: Sally Beatty

Musical: MAMD

Race: (Human, Bug, robot, wizard/witch, ect.)


Age: 17

Relationships: (friends, family, boy/girlfriends, enemies.)

Sally is completely in love with her new boyfriend Joey Richter (someone can play Joey if they play his personality from MAMD right?) I believe she'd be friends with Specs because she's a nerd as well. I think she'd be enemies with Cho Chang (it's funny cause her best friend is played by the same person) because she reminds her of 'perfect Vanessa' who almost got her boyfriend. Her best friend is still Miss Cooter, but i don't know if i could play her or if i shouldn't have Miss Cooter, or if someone else should play her. That's up to you.


Sally is very dorky. She's very socially awkward but a hopeless romantic (obviously from her shrine to Joey). She's just an average teenager I guess, with a lot of drama and making a big deal out of everything. She loves talking about what she loves (I'll come up with some stuff she fangirls over like Glee of Harry Potter or something teenager-y)


Sally grew up in Ann Arbor, Michigan (at least i think that's where it's based). She's always been dorky and in love with the boy next door, Joey. She excels in school but is always that socially awkward girl who doesn't have many or any friends. Only Joey, who she's now dating. Oh, and in her world, genitalia talk but only characters from MAMD have to have talking private parts (unless you want a twist...? idk)

Occupation (if they have one):

She tutors a rude little brat named Terrence and works part-time at a book store

Other: (other things that don't fit in the other catigories.)

she still wears glasses and I think I'll have her just graduating high school and looking into colleges

oh and Totally Awesome!!! (like how this RP is going to be :))

1/11/2012 #9


Hmm... It might be convenient for you to be Ms. Cooter, concidering she wold go where ever you go, but if yo don't want to, you can give her to someone else.

1/13/2012 #10

of course I'll be miss c! (will it be easier to call her Ms. C?) I've also told my other starkid fan friends about this and my friend wants to be joey from MAMD and my other friend hasn't decided yet so :)

1/13/2012 #11

Name: Draco Malfoy

Musical: A Very Potter Musical

Race: Wizard

Age: 20-ish

Relationships: Onesided love: Hermione Granger

Enemies: Potter!

Personality: Very random, eccentric, and dramatic.

History: A pureblood raised by Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy

Occupation: Student


2/1/2012 #12

Name: Cho Chang y'all!

Musical: AVPM, APVS

Race: (Human, Bug, robot, wizard/witch, ect.): witch

Age: Umm...13...BUT LOOKS 24!

Relationships: (friends, family, boy/girlfriends, enemies.) Her beloved boyfriend Cedric Diggory, Professor Flitwick, PProfessor Lupin, bff of Lavender

Personality: sl*t, southern

History: She sleeps aroud

Occupation (if they have one): student

Other: (other things that don't fit in the other catigories.)

(If I can be two!)

Name: Hermione Granger!

Musical: AVPM, APVS

Race: (Human, Bug, robot, wizard/witch, ect.): Witch

Age: Umm...I think like 12....BUT LOOKS 24!

Relationships: (friends, family, boy/girlfriends, enemies.) Depending on the time line...RON!

Personality: Buzz kill

History: Muggle-born, best friend of the supermegafoxyawesomehot Harry

Occupation (if they have one): student

Other: (other things that don't fit in the other catigories.)

(Does this count even if it's another musical?)

Name: February

Musical: Starship

Race: (Human, Bug, robot, wizard/witch, ect.) Human Starship Ranger!

Age: 20ish

Relationships: (friends, family, boy/girlfriends, enemies.) Bug

Personality: Dumb Blond

History: She's a STARSHIP RANGER!

Occupation (if they have one): Starship Ranger

Other: (other things that don't fit in the other catigories.)

Totally Awesome!

2/7/2012 . Edited 2/25/2012 #13

Um, I don't quite think it's fair that you get three characters, and three of the best ones at that...because there are other people who want some of those parts, but we can't get parts if there are people taking up 3 at a time...just sayin'

2/8/2012 #14

Um, I don't quite think it's fair that you get three characters, and three of the best ones at that...because there are other people who want some of those parts, but we can't get parts if there are people taking up 3 at a time...just sayin'

2/8/2012 #15

Um, I don't quite think it's fair that you get three characters, and three of the best ones at that...because there are other people who want some of those parts, but we can't get parts if there are people taking up 3 at a time...just sayin'

2/8/2012 #16

Well considering this RP doesn't have that many RPers I was just doing it a favor so we have more leeway to RP and I didn't see a rule that says one character per person....

2/25/2012 #17

Totally awesome! (Sorry forgot, but I read the rules first!)

2/25/2012 #18
Peaceful Sunrise

Name: Dolores Jane Umbridge

Musical: A Very Potter Sequel

Race: Witch

Age: 40

Relationships: She had a very traumatic childhood thanks to her mama, and is determined to be very tough, and very masculine. She doesn't really have any good friends, or any friends at all, and is quite mean some...most of the time. She had a lousy boyfriend who won't return her phone calls, and won't text her back *cough*Dumbledore*cough*. She takes this badly, and she vows revenge, doing anything possible to defy him. She gets off to quite a rocky start with Firenze, punching him so that he bleeds, but she impresses him, and he 'abducts' her to have some much needed coitus. She gets over that little detail, and is soon happily enjoying much coitus with him.

Personality: Due to a traumatic childhood, she is a very tough woman, whose tough exterior hides a more delicate side to her. When she thought someone loved her, and found out they didn't, she even broke down and cried. But her mascuilinty soon emerged, and she became some type of woman Hulk, only way meaner and eviller. Only the not so gentle touch of Firenze brings out her better side.

History: She had a very demanding mother, who kept toughening her up, making her eat lots of body building foods, and doing lots of exercise. As a result, she became very masculine and cruel, with a weird and twisted sense of humour. She arrives at Hogwarts as the security officer, appointed by Fudge, and she immediately captures the heart of Headmaster Dumbledore, who mistakes her for a man. She tries to train the girls at Hogwarts like her mama trained her, and doesn't stop there. She hands out extreme, life threatening punishments, and almost kills Neville Longbottom when he delivers flowers from the Headmaster. After a date with the Headmaster in which he ditched her, they break up, and she becomes devastated, going on a rampage of terror until she meets a certain centaur...

Occupation: Security officer at Hogwarts

Other: She is currently enjoying much coitus.

Is that alright? I'm just basically typing part of the plot for AVPS over and over again. Oh well. By the way, this is TOTALLY AWESOME!

6/1/2012 #19
Nikoline O'Conner
Totally Awesome
7/29/2012 #20
Nikoline O'Conner
Name: Tamila Albana Zorofina (has been called Taz since she was 13 by everyone except for her Stepmother who calls her Tazzy, Tazzy-Taz, Sugar Baby and a lot of other embarrasing and sickly sweet nicknames) Musical: Starship Race: (Human, Bug, robot, wizard/witch, ect.) Human Age: 25 Relationships: (friends, family, boy/girlfriends, enemies.) Family: little brother Gary, 5 years younger, little sister Nora, 3 years younger, older sister Rosa, 3 years older, older sister Josephina, 5 years older. Mom: Zara Zorofina. Dad: Carlos Lopez. Stepmom: Chiliena Sanchez. Half-brothers (Carlos and Chiliena's twins) Léon and Louis Sanchez. She has secret feelings for her co-Starship Ranger, Commander Up. (Who, when I describe him is two years older than Taz Personality: Taz is a shy girl, who hides it behind a greatly constructed facade of toughness and son of a bitch-ness. She don't want to change anything if things are great, if the smallest change happens, she freaks out. Otherwise, if things are goingbad, she will sacrifice anything to make it good again. She isn't a girly girl, far away from that. She hates being called weak or soft, and the worst thing you can say to her is: you are so little, how can you be stronger than me? She hates people who acts superior even though they don't know what they're talking about. History: When Taz had her Quinceañera at her 15 years birthday, everything went wrong. Her stepmom and older sister, Rosa was killed. Her mom, dad and other siblings were captured and used as unwilling slaves to the robots, even though the robots could do a mich better job than the humans. Taz is currently doing everything she can to find them somewhere in outer space. When her Quinceañera turned into a disaster, she was rescued by a Starship Ranger. He had grey hair, but besides that he looked young, too young to be a day over 20. His name was Up and after she'd asked him, he said that he was 17. Taz had to spend a year learning Space theory because one has to be 16 years old to join the Starship Rangers. And even when she turned 16, the Ambassador wouldn't let her be one because he thought she was 12 years old. She got pissed at him, but then Up said that she was good, and then she was a Starship Ranger. At the age of 21, just out of the academy, she saved the human excistence with Lieutenant Up. Up got promoted to Commander and Taz to Lieutenant. The pair has been through thick and thin together Occupation (if they have one): Lieutenant in the Starship Ranger Corpse Other: (other things that don't fit in the other catigories.) She always carries a knife around with her, one that she had gotten from her father at her Quinceañera.
7/29/2012 #21
Loony the Lothlorien Hunter

Name: Albus Dumbledore

Musical: AVPM and AVPS

Race: (Human, Bug, robot, wizard/witch, ect.) wizard

Age: who knows how old that guy is

Relationships: (friends, family, boy/girlfriends, enemies.)

Is gay, tight with Harry, finds Hermione annoying at times, thinks Draco is a little sh*t, thinks Snape is sexy

Personality: Funny, finds enjoyment in people getting hurt badly in Quidditch, helpful (to Harry that is), likes singing

History: Was sorted into Gryffindor by the Sorting Hat and 'Gay as the 4th of July' by the Scarf of Sexual Prefence. He had a lot of boyfriends through school, one of them being Grindlewald for about a year, defeated some dark wizards and that kind of stuff.

Occupation (if they have one): Headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardly

Other: (other things that don't fit in the other catigories.) Doesn't know what a Hufflepuff is.


11/14/2012 . Edited 11/14/2012 #22


Meredith Tiffany Clements


Little White Lie






Family- Mom: Sarah, Dad: Clark, Stepmother: Clara, Stepsister: Lauren

Enemy's- Tanya, Jaime, Trixy

Crush- Draco Malfoy


She is a huge geek, loves reading particularly Harry Potter, the morganville vampires and the hunger games, she likes the British shows doctor who, Merlin and Sherlock as well as les mis. She worries a lot and has to keep up an act and pretend she is someone she isn't, she has a lot of trouble making friends. The likes the LBD.


Her parents split up when she was little, she dosent have a great relationship with either of her parents but she dosent talk to her father at all. Her dad got remarried to a horrible woman who hates Meredith and won't let her visit. Her dad's new wife Clara has a daughter who's 18 and who Meredith is jealous of, she's called Lauren and is a model. She resents Lauren for being perfect. She was bullied at her old school but when her and her mother moved she stopped acting like a geek and joined Tanya and the hot girls, Tanya put a lot of pressure in her to act dumb and dress in trashy clothes and she resents her and the other girls for it. She is scared of what will happen if she leaves the band and still feels like she has no real friends. She is secretly still a huge nerd and aces all of her tests. She wishes that she could go and talk to Julia and Sally as they are just like her, but worrys that the other girls will turn on her if she leaves.

Occupation:She babysits two adorable kids called Molly and Jake because their dad is an alcoholic and would rather pay her than stay sober enough to look after them.

Other:She is extremely clumsy and loves singing and musicals. She can't dance would like to sing and act but Tanya gets angry when she steals the spotlight, because she knows deep down that Meredith is a better singer than she is.

Ps. It's gonna be tottaly awesome!

2/9/2013 . Edited 2/9/2013 #23
Name:Ginevra Molly Weasley Musical:AVPM Age:11 Relationships: (friends, family, boy/girlfriends, enemies.)Friends with Hermione and Harry.Sister of Ron,Percy,Fred,George,Bill and Charlie.Rival of Cho Chang.HUGE crush on Harry Potter.Enemy of Draco Malfoy. Personality:According to Ron a stupid dumb little sister/a pain in the a**.She can be whiny but also very insightful,kind and considerate.A complete MESS in front of Harry and would do ANYTHING for his attention (within reason). History:Ginny grew up with the Weasleys,poor but loved.Was the only girl and was a pest to her older brothers however they still love her in their own ways and were protective (and still are)about her and boys. Occupation (if they have one):Schoolgirl Other: (other things that don't fit in the other catigories.)
10/22/2013 #24
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