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Four musicals, all alike in dignity, in an alternate universe, where we lay our scene. The characters from AVPM/S, Little White Lie, MAMD, and Starship are sucked into another universe to star in a reality TV show, The Starkid Game.
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((I'm not posting as the character yet, this is just the letter that everyone recieves))

Dear [insert name here],

Congratulations! You have been selected to star in a new reality TV show, "The Starkid Game". Should you choose to accept this offer, you will stay in a large mansion with the other stars. You each will stay in your own rooms. Aside from the bedrooms, there is a grand dining room, a kitchen, an arcade, a hidden swiming pool, a roller-rink, a TV room, a library, a computer room, and a lounge. (there is a bunch of other rooms, but we're too lazy to name them all.) Cameras are hidden in every room, so be careful what you say. Oh, and don't kill eachother.

More importantly, have fun!

Yours truly,

The Starkids.

1/6/2012 #1

Specs stood in the front hall of the giant mansion, her suitcases in hand. She'd never been one to really like reality TV. She was just hoping this didn't become another Jersey Shore. She wold not be able to live like that.

1/8/2012 #2

Meredith walked into the big house looking around. It looked like something from the capital with all of the colours and strange gadgets she did not recognise. After closer inspection shnoticed alot of old looking whimsical instruments as well as, thankfully some things that looked farmilier including, to her delight a microphone and stereo system. The room was empty apart from a girl with curly red hair and think glasses. She looks nice enough. She walked up to introduce herself. "Hi I'm Meredith Clements, you can call me Mere, I love your shirt by the way! Where did you get it."

2/9/2013 #3
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