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I couldn't find any active roleplays, so i made one! X3 OC's Are welcome!
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Charry layout




Eyes Color:

Skin Color:


Height and Weight:



Love Interest:


Extra Info:


Here are Mine

Name: Lunari

Age: um... how about a little older then Goliath

Race: gargoyle

Eyes Color: blue/white

Skin Color: light grey

Hair: bluish silver

Height and Weight: doesn't like to talk about it... she's 5'8 and 150 pounds

Clan: wyvern

Status: ex-warrior

Love Interest: Hudson

Bio: Lunari was born and raised well, and became a powerful fighter, but after being sealed in sleep and waking again, she slowly lost herpower, and grew afraid of the world around her

Extra Info: She doesn't like to be alone without Hapa, Goliath, or Hudson


Name: Hapa

Age: I can't fiure this one out... so younger then bronx

Race: gargoyle dog

Eyes Color: amber

Skin Color: if she will let you part her fur, she has bluish skin

Hair: her fur in general is a black in color

Height and Weight: em... slightly shorter and lighter then bronx... i guess

Clan: Wyvern

Status: Loyal companion

Love Interest: Bronx

Bio: Hapa was raised along side Lunari, and became her loyal companion, but once sealed and woken with her, she started to protect the slowly breaking gargoyle

Extra Info: Only Trusts Lunari with Hudson and Goliath without her there alongside.

1/7/2012 #1
Name: Arron Renard Servarious ( Guess his family) Nickname: Lad, kid, boy, dude. Gender:Male Age: the gargoyle equivalent of 7 Hair Color: none Eye Color: think Thailog Skin Color: forest green Height: Average for age Weight: Average for age Personality: Loyal, outgoing, curious. Arron has a temper and that can sometimes get the better of him. He is also a genius with a MENSA level IQ. Family: Anton Servarious( Father) ,Jennine "Fox" Renard Xanatos( Aunt), David Xanatos (Uncle), Halcyon Renard (Grandfather), Manhattan clan (His clan) Clothing: various modern clothes with holes for his tail and wings. Hobbies: Science, computer hacking, studying history, martial arts, gliding, training with Hudson Likes: Gliding, training with Hudson, learning about Gargoyles, Science, magic. Dislikes: His father (In Bio), being used, doing nothing. Status: Clan member Clan: Manhattan Love Interest(s): None, he's seven.
10/14/2012 #2
History: Arron was once a normal but brilliantly gifted boy. However his mother's death from cancer changed his life. Arron's father became more obsessed with genetics, to the point where he didn't care who got hurt. So when Arron contracted cancer, His father had invented a way to turn humans into gargoyles. Anton also added Electric eel DNA, and changed his son into a Gargoyle. This cured Arron of his cancer, however the terrified boy escaped and was found by the Manhattan clan. He lived with them, was taught by and cared for by them. However Anton Servarious wanted his son back and hired mercenaries to do it. Goliath and the others confronted Servarious and as he had done to the Magus centuries ago, Goliath threatened the not so good doctor to change him back. However the process was irreversible and Arron, in a fit of rage destroyed his father's lab.
10/14/2012 #3
Description: when you look at Arron, your first thought are that he looks like a dinosaur. His tail is clubbed with small spikes all over the club. He has a dome shaped head with a ridge of several small spikes and two horns. He has knee elbow, shoulder, and knuckle spurs. Arron is also able to shoot lighting like the Mutates.
10/14/2012 #4
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