Gone Series Role Play
This is a Gone Role Play for the book by Michael Grant. Create your Character and try to find a way to survive in the FAYZ!
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All Role players must abide by the rules or else you will be permanently removed from the RP. I am lenient but I give 3 chances.

1. I will send you a PM giving you a warning

2. You will be blocked for a week and then you may resume RPing

3. You will be permanently removed from the RP.

So enough of that let's get to the Rules.

1. No Godmodding. I appreciate that you let your character get hurt and lose some battles ok?

2. No controlling other peoples characters. Unless they give you permission to do so or your power permits it.

3. Sex is allowed but it is only allowed for characters age 15 and over. And nothing to graphic alright? Kissing and making out is fine but NO lemons.

4. Homosexuality is also allowed but follow number 3 if your getting "intimate".

5. Swearing is allowed but keep it at a minimum. Your characters can't be dropping f-bombs every 2 seconds alright?

6. Racism may be allowed but nothing too harsh.

7. This isn't like the book, so no gaiaphage or Sam or Caine none of them are in this RP. Sorry.

8. All characters are to be submitted in the Character Submissions page and all Rp within the Rp stage.

9. If you are in a tournament there is no killing. Characters get hurt and they tap-out so to speak. This also follows God-modding so your character has to be able to lose got that?

10. You must choose a home. Garrano Alley or The Forest. Choose wisely as it may affect your character along the way.

11. No killing another persons character unless they give you permission to.

12. All characters must be accepted before they are allowed to RP. If they aren't accepted within 2 days they are temporarily accepted until a Mod accepts or denies it.

13. Ages are from 10 years to 18.

14. If you want to attend the bar you must be over 15 years of age.

15. To become a Mod you must gain my trust. Mods are only allowed 2 chances where it will be a warning then banning.

16. This mod is in Third Person. If you don't know what third person is look it up

That's it for now but I'll add in anything I can think of later.

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