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OPTIMUS PRIME: Before time began; there was...the cube. We know not where it comes from, only that it holds the power to create worlds, and fill them...with life. That is how our race was born. For a time, we lived in harmony; but like all great power, some wanted it for good, others for evil. And so, began the war; a war that ravaged our planet until it was consumed by death, and the cube was lost to the far reaches of space. We scattered across the galaxy, hoping to find it and rebuild our home; searching every star, every world. And just when all hope seemed lost; message of a new discovery drew us to an unknown planet called...Earth. But we were already too late.

It was realatively quiet; the darkness enshrouded everything, making the green trees look black and the roads even darker. The nightly songs of crickets could be heard in the grass of almost every front porch in Tranquility and if you listened hard enough, the hooting of an owl, in one of the big trees was heard. The city wasn't as quiet as the little suburb of Tranquility; Mission City had cars travelling up and down it's roads, people hurrying home from work, as not to spend too much time in the darkness; Mission City in the dark, was a very dangerous and scary place. No; it wasn't because of the fear of being mugged or raped; it was because, most of the accidents that happened here, were because of drivers who were too tired and shouldn't be behind the wheel of their car. But there was also the fear of being raped or mugged that added to the fear of the tired drivers on the road.

A black 1982 Pontiac Firebird TransAm with red flames was driving amongst the rush of other drivers trying to get to or from work; the shiny decals almost glittering everytime a street lamp touched them. It wasn't driving particularly fast; this car was in no hurry, the driver didn't look tired at all, and if you looked very closely, you could almost swear that her bright blue eyes were glowing. As the car was going along; the driver thought back to how she got here; on Planet Earth, driving around in disguise, having human males admire her and her vehicle; it was a long and fierce battle that lasted several milennia.


The flashes of guns and the clang of metal was heard; the stench of scorching metal and death was in the atmosphere. A lone femme was hurrying along to the pod she called home; in her chest cavity, a tiny sparkling. Once she got to the pod; another femme met her, quickly ushering her inside.

"Did you get him?" The other femme asked.

The femme carrying the sparkling nodded and took said sparkling out of her chest cavity; handing him to the other femme.

"Good femme; your mother shall be here shortly" the other femme said.

The younger femme nodded and turned around; her blue optics looking out to what was once her home, but now, it was a battlefield.

"Rex?" A femme asked.

The femme turned around and her lip plating turned up into a smile.

"Hello mother" she replied.

The other femme ran at Rex; enveloping her into a hug.

"I'm so glad you're alright" the older femme said.

Rex's optics dimmed a little.

"I am a big femme now Mother; I can take care of myself" she said.

The older femme looked at her and then shook her head.

"Optimus wants to see you" she stated.

Rex nodded and made her way to the far end of the pod; where a tall mech was sat.

"I am glad you are well Rex; when NightShade requested that you go and retrieve this young mech; I was hesitant to allow it" he said.

Rex looked down; in obvious respect for the older mech.

"But Optimus; as you can see; I am fine and I was not spotted by the Decepticons at all" she stated.

Optimus nodded his head.

"Indeed; you have done well Rex" he said.

Then the femme from earlier was back.

"It is ready Optimus" she stated.

Rex looked around.

"What is ready?" She asked.

Optimus looked at Rex; his blue optics dimming a little with sadness.

"I apologise for this Rex" he answered.

Rex looked around.

"What is going on?" She asked.

She felt two servo's hold her arms; then...darkness. When she later woke up; she was in an escape pod.

"Let me out of here!" She shouted.

The elder femme; who happened to be her mother looked through the window.

"It is for your own safety Rex...I am sorry" she said.

Then the pod was unleashed and Rex was hurtling through the air.


The next time Rex woke up; she was in a huge open space that was covered by...strange green stuff. She walked around; looking at the strange tall structures that also had green stuff on them; but some had other colours. She continued to walk around; until she saw a vehicle that she thought looked good; she looked to her protoform body and then back to the vehicle; doing a quick scan and transforming into it before driving off. She began to look around; finding a source to this strange planet's World Wide Web and looking up where she was, finding out that she was on Earth, then she looked up the green stuff in the wide open space she found herself in; finding out that it was called Grass and then she looked up the strange tall structures with different colours on; finding out that they were called trees. Then she heard a noise; creeping forwards for a closer inspection; she found...strange, bipedal beings that looked very similar to Cybertronians; and they were speaking a language that she didn't understand. She recorded the voice and then looked up the language; finding out that it was American or English and also looking up the strange bipedal pink beings; finding out that they were called Humans. She began to download the languages and made her way to another place.

~End Flashback~

What she found odd about this place; was that, while the humans were very much like Cybertronians; they lacked the intelligence to be so. In the few Earth months that she'd been here; Rex had found out that Humans were both evil creatures and good creatures, there were only a few of the humans who chose to be evil, the others chose to be good. She'd also found out that they share their planet with other creatures, called Animals, Insects, Arachnids, Molluscs, Fish and other creatures that weren't human; she'd also learned that some of the humans kept quadrupedal creatures called Cats and Dogs; that they shared the humans residence. Earth was most certainly a strange planet.

1/11/2012 #1

Jess sat outside humming softly reading a book

'I wonder if there are other beings out there besides us humans'

she thought to herself Jess had always thought humans were not the only beings in the world

1/12/2012 #2

Rex continued to drive around; it was pretty weird to see the planet at night; her headlights were not on main beam; but they were high enough that she could see several feet in front of her and she had on her radio, some...what the humans called...Classical Music, that was keeping her calm throughout the entire drive. Finally she found somewhere quiet where she could recharge and wait until the solar cycle to begin; turning off her engine, she continued to keep her sensors on high alert, for she'd learned that some of the evil humans liked to thieve vehicles that looked like her and take them on things known by the law enforcement officers as...joyrides.

1/12/2012 #3

Jess curled up in her bed and yawned

'I wonder what will happen tomorrow'

Jess thought as she fell asleep

1/12/2012 #4

When the solar cycle arrived; Rex started her engine and began to drive around; seeing all the humans rush around; some getting into their vehicles, some getting onto motorised bicycles and riding off. She didn't know where they were going; and to be quite honest; she didn't really want to find out; driving slowly and carefully; she skidded to a halt as one of the quadrupedal creatures that the humans shared their residences with...what was it...oh yes, a cat; ran out in front of her. A human sparkling came running out after it and picked it up; looking at her and smiling, before waving and running off. Rex watched this human sparkling with interest; after having been here for approximately three Earth months; this was the first time she'd actually seen a human sparkling up close; it was fascinating.

1/12/2012 #5

after Jess woke up and got ready she got in her car and drove over to school along the way someone hooked at her

"oh shut up I'll be out of the way in a second"

Jess muttered to herself parking her car in the parking lot

1/12/2012 #6

Rex found a building that seemed to have loads of human sparklings gathered around, outside and inside; this was most perculiar; she looked it up and found that it was called a school, and that it was a place that sparklings went to learn about things. She continued to watch; finding it very interesting that the human sparklings were congregating in this place of knowledge. She faintly picked up on a group of sparkling mechs walking up to her and chatting about her decals and how cool she looked. Were these sparklings evil too?

1/12/2012 #7

Jess saw some boys were walking over to a car that looked pretty cool

'I wonder who's car that is'

Jess thought

1/12/2012 #8

Rex began to grow worried about these sparklings and decided to rev her engine; this made the human sparkling mechs back off a little and then she calmed down. But the mechs came back and one reached out and touched her exterior. From that one touch; Rex got a load of information about the human; and it was...squishy. So humans were squishy creatures, which meant that they were easily harmed and Optimus would blow a gasket if he recieved knowledge that she had harmed a human. Considering they appeared to be sentient; and Optimus believed in the motto that Sentinal Prime taught him a while back. 'Freedom is the right of all sentient beings' and she had to honour that. She noticed the human femme looking at her; and then something touched her exhaust pipe; that caused her horn to honk...loudly.

(My apologies. I must go now; I may be back on tomorrow)

1/12/2012 #9

Jess walked over and grabbed the boy's hand

"I don't think you should do that"

Jess told him

{no worries it's okay}

1/12/2012 #10

Rex noticed that the human femme stopped the mech from touching her exhaust pipe and her horn stopped honking; and her cooling fans came on. What in the name of pit did that mech think he was doing; touching her exhaust pipe like that...then again; he didn't know that the sensations would go straight to her spark chamber.

"Thank very much" Elvis Presley's voice played over the radio

(Now I really have to go)

1/12/2012 #11

Jess smiled and nodded toward the car

"your welcome"

she said

{okie-dokie see you later ^^}

1/12/2012 #12

(Do you not think that Jess would be freaked out by a car that has just honked its horn because of some dude touching it's tailpipe and then said car saying thank you? I know I would be...especially if I didn't know about Transformers)

Rex lowered on her shocks a little; should she have played that clip from a well known human legend over her radio? Considering the human mechs were now looking at her like she was some kind of alien; and even though she was, she was supposed to be hiding in plain sight. This was not at all good; what if the humans found out that she wasn't just an ordinary Earth vehicle, what would happen to her then? How would Optimus react to hear that she had made herself known to a species that didn't have the brain capacity to believe that there were such beings in the universe? As a matter of fact; it would be completely catastrophic if he were to find out. No; she needed to get herself away from this building and the prying eyes of the human sparklings.

1/13/2012 #13

{well yeah that would be strange but then again if I saw that I don't think it would freak me out very much}

'this car is pretty interesting I wonder who's it is'

Jess thought then she remembered she had class

"oh boy I'm going to be late at this rate"

she said as she walked over to the school

1/13/2012 #14

(Fair enough and sorry for the delayed reply; I was doing some coursework that is due in for today; I am off college ill you see, so I cannot do it there)

Once she had moved far enough away from the prying optics of the humans; Rex allowed herself to relax a little. how could she have been so stupid as to allow herself to thank the human femme who stopped the human mechs from messing with her tailpipe. Oh well she thought, what is done is done and cannot be undone; she could only hope that the human femme would not seek her out to find out what was...different about her.


Sam Witwicky smiled over at Jess; she was practically his only female friend that he had in the dump of a school. It was lunch time now and he saw her, sat by herself at one of the lunch tables.

"Hey Jess; how's it going?" He asked.

Next week, he had a 'show and tell' test, he needed to bring in his great grandpa's things that he left when he went crazy and was put into a mental institute.

1/13/2012 #15

{no worries it's okay ^^}

Jess smiled

"hey Sam I'm doing great how's your project going?"

she asked

1/13/2012 #16

Sam sighed and banged his head on the table; she would have to ask such a question wouldn't she? It was bad enough that the glasses that he'd put up on Ebay weren't getting any bids; it's like no one wanted a pair of glasses that were worn by one of the first men to explore the arctic circle. His dad had promised him that if he recieved three A's in school, then he would pay for half a car, but it looked like he wasn't really going to get it, even though he already had two A's, he had a feeling that his history teacher wasn't going to give him an A for his assignment.

"I still haven't got any bids on those glasses of mine on Ebay. It's just so annoying" he said.

He then looked up at the girl.

"Did I tell you that my dad said that if I get three A's then he'll buy me half a car?" He asked.

1/13/2012 #17

Jess nodded

"yep you did mind if I come along and help you pick?"

she asked

1/13/2012 #18

Sam was taken aback; she actually wanted to come with him to pick out his car with him? It made a small smile form on his face and he shook his head. No, he didn't mind at all; she was the only female friend he had and he wanted to have her opinion on how the car looked, in fact, he would let her pick the car out for him. But of course, if she were to come; it would be up to his dad, and not up to him as his father was going to be the one to buy the car and knowing how tight fisted his father was, it was probably going to be a cheap, beat up car that looked like...crap really.

"Sure; I'll have to ask my dad though" he replied.


Meanwhile; Bumblebee was on his way to the planet called Earth; Optimus had sent him there, firstly to find the human mech who had the co-ordinates to the Allspark's location, and secondly to rendezvous with Rex. But he, like the Autobot femme needed to find himself a suitable alt form so that he could protect the human mech and hide in plain sight while doing so. His orders were, that once he had acquired the human male and confirmed that the human did indeed hold the location to the Allspark; he was to signal Optimus and the other Autobots, so that they could collect the cube before the Decepticons even had a chance to.

1/13/2012 #19

Jess nodded

"I thought as much besides I figure you could use some help picking out your car."

she said smiling

1/13/2012 #20

Sam smiled and thanked her. At least then; if he picked out a crappy car; Jess would be able to direct him to a car that was more...fashionable, even if it was from what could be called a scrap heap. Because the only cheap cars sales person in Tranquillity is Bobby Bolivia's Auto Resale; and he'd gone past there a few times, so many in fact that he knew that most of the cars in that place were destined to go to the scrap yard; and the people who brought their cars from there, did them up in their own unique style, so that other people can't see that they've brought the car from Bobby Bolivia's.

"Alright" he said.


Bumblebee managed to make it into Earth's atmosphere without being detected and found himself a beat up '76 chevy Camaro, scanning it before transforming and driving off. He wanted to send a message to Rex; but his internal comm. unit was down, it had been since the battle and though Ratchet was still working on them, there really wasn't enough time for him to do that, as the Allspark was in need of being found and hopefully taken back to Cybertron to rebuild it. He continued to drive; looking for the human male who had these glasses and therefore the location of the grand cube that gave life to everything it touched. As he was driving; he managed to record some of the human radio transmissions that were playing on the weird noise and staticy thing that the humans called a radio; before doing some research on the place that he was.

1/13/2012 #21

"it's no problem you are my friend after all."

Jess told him

1/13/2012 #22

About a week later; Sam did his show and tell assignment and was now looking at his history teacher to see what grade he would get. He thought that what he did was worthy of at least an A-, but knowing his history teacher that wasn't going to be the case. It didn't help that he was pretty nervous, because the girl he had a crush on Mikaela Banes was in his history class and her boyfriend Trent DeMarco was with her and he disliked that boy immensely.

"So...pretty good right?" Sam asked.

His history teacher looked at him and seemed to be thinking about what grade to give him. Hurry it up already Sam thought, he didn't have much time and his father wasn't exactly a patient man. That and Jess was in the car with his dad, who was probably telling her all sorts of embarrassing stories about him. When his history teacher looked like he had finished contemplating what grade to give him; he sat up in his chair and looked at him.

"I'd say, a solid B-" he replied.

Sam's jaw almost dropped to the floor; a B- wasn't going to get him his first car; and it was going to get him...probably completely nothing. How could his history teacher do this to him; it was just so unfair; and he was really excited to get that car. That's it; time for some, heart to heart and some heart string tweaking. After he'd eventually tweaked the teacher's heart strings, he left the classroom and the school with an A-; but it was an A.

1/13/2012 #23

after class Jess went over to where Sam's dad was and got it the car

'hopefully sam got an A'

she thought while talking to Mr.Witwicky

1/13/2012 #24

A teenager walked out of the classroom, she was rather interested at Sam Witwicky's report since she does have a thing for artifacts and such. Marie sighed after looking at her watch. She continues to walk out towards the exit before her phone went off. She pulls it out and flips it open before looking at the caller, she sighed softly while pulling the phone to her ear.

"Hey mom." she said. "Yeah...just stay there, I still have a job in Uncle Joe's diner. Yeah...sorry but I need to get to work soon...okay...bye mom, love you." she said then puts her phone back in her pocket

1/13/2012 #25

Sam came running out of the school; the bit of paper that showed that he had an A- in his hand and his bag on his shoulder. He was so excited, he was now going to get his first car, the car of his dreams. Pfft, yeah right; his father was so tight it would probably be a heap of crap. He ran to his father's car and showed it to his father and then smiled back at Jess, letting her know that all was alright and that it was now time to go and get him his first ever car.

"So; where're we going?" He asked.

His father concentrated on driving; changing gears every so often, but still managing to answer him when he had the chance; like there was a stop sign coming up and that meant that his father would be able to answer him. He really hoped that it wasn't Bobby Bolivia's Auto Resales.


Bumblebee had finally found Rex and they were now driving towards Bobby Bolivia's Auto Resales. Because of Bumblebee's beat up alt form; it would make a perfect place to have the human male purchase him; and therefore he could signal to the others that the contact had been established and that they were clear for landing. There was only one problem; once contact was established, how was he supposed to go and signal to the others that they were clear for landing? He guessed he would make it up once it came to it.

1/13/2012 . Edited 1/13/2012 #26

Marie checked her clock on her phone before she gasped and began running towards the diner, which was a couple of blocks away from her school. The only thing she hate in there are the men, the bitchy waitresses, and her boss. It may be hell in there, but the payment was good, even if she had to let the boys smack her ass whenever she passes them. God, if there was anything she hate, it was men getting drowned in alcohol. She had to keep lying to her mother that she was fine, otherwise she might force her to leave her job.

"Shit, shit, shit..." she muttered under her breath.

1/13/2012 #27

Jess waited patiently for Mr.witwicky to ansewer though she had a feeling it would be a cheap place

'oh well even cheap places sometimes have descent cars'

she thought

1/13/2012 #28

Ron smiled down at his son and then changed gear; he knew exactly where he was taking Sam; and it just so happened to be the cheapest place in town. Bobby Bolivia's Auto Resales. They did good bargains there, and he was looking for a car that was either just under or dead on $4000. It wasn't because he was tight, not really; but because for a first car, you have to expect it to be beat up, rusty, not very good, that way, if you crash it; it's not going to matter because it's beat up.

"I got a little surprise for you son" he said.

He drove up past the Porsche sales; and noticed his son getting a little excited. He thought that he was going to get a Porsche for his first car? Don't think so some how; you have to earn a Porsche around here, and by doing that, you need to have a job, and to get a job you need to go to college and to go to college you also need money. So there was no way around it really; Sam would have to work to get a Porsche.

(You can play Sam as well if you want to)

1/13/2012 #29

The back door of the diner slams open, Marie panting and catching her breath. When she looks up she immediately closes her eyes and curses mentally, her boss standing in front of her with his arms crossed and wearing his casual, yet somehow a bit dirty, attire.

"Where the hell have you been!?" he asked

She gulped and stood straight.

"Got from school, sorry boss." she said

He huffed and motions her to get to work, she nodded and rushes to the locker room.

1/13/2012 #30
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