So many people who write for this fandom write at least on fic with Nuada in it even if it's a slight mention. He is a very popular character and this is a forum for his fans.
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Hi everyone as you should have guess I am a huge fan of Prince Nuada, so was my friend Prophetess92 who had a huge crush on him even though she was nineteen and he is a character in her favourite movie.

My question for you all is: Why are you a Nuada fan?

I look forward to seeing what you reply is.

1/12/2012 #1
Ya Nefer Ma'at

Hi, ImmortalAngel92 - Ya Nefer Ma'at here.

Nice question, ... and something pleasant to dwell on!

I think Nuada is impressive for the nuances of his character. Yes he's damn hot, yes he fights like no-one's business, and yes, he's honourable and dedicated to protecting his people. All these aspects are there, on the surface of his movie characterisation (plus the whole Nuada/Nuala thing).

However, bear in mind that the first part of the movie focuses on Hellboy trying unsuccesfully to find a way to belong among humans. Nuada plays a key role in showing Hellboy the world of the Fae, where Hellboy would surely find more acceptance and happiness. In this role, Nuada is the philosopher, the deeply moral elf pushed past endurance (over 1000s of years) to the point of being willing to commit genocide (and patricide/regicide, without apparent remorse or mourning), for a people better suited to Hellboy than humans. He's also the one to humble Hellboy in combat and show Hellboy that he needs to re-examine his invincibility.

Now bring on the second part of the movie, where Hellboy takes the side of humans and so, the prince cannot win (not when the movie is called "Hellboy" rather than "Silverlance"). The prince is doomed to failure, the inevitable outcome for the movie villain. In fact, Nuada's so good, having the power to mortally wound Hellboy, that he must die. In this part of the movie, we see Nuada's desperation, his willingness to manipulate people (though he might call that 'ruling'), and despite his aching love for Nuala, his willingness to hurt her as required. He is so dark, so fated to sadness, and yet only wishes to right an ancient wrong. That complexity makes him so much more interesting that he would be if he was but a boastful, violent, racist, hot martial artist.

The fanfictions about him that intrigue me not only capture him as he is in the movie, but take him past that. They free him from merely being the villain, doomed to fade. They show us his past, expand on his relationship with his family, and/or perhaps dare to allow him some happiness in the end (or even for a brief, poignant moment). He is worthy of all that and more. My favourite so far is "Orchid" (by Ariana Lussier), though there are many others worth mentioning.

Thanks for letting me have my say!

12/3/2012 #2
The Cretin

Out of curiosity I have to ask: What are some of the things that draw people to his character?

To me, he is a soldier in a losing fight. Despite all that his people have lost, he is willing to give his cause one last go before throwing in the towel. It's honorable, yet tragic. So....what draws you two to his character?

4/7/2013 #3
Ya Nefer Ma'at

I like Nuada because he isn't one dimensional. Is he truly a villain, or the hero whom his people have been waiting for, for so many millenia? His desire for genocide is horrible, but he certainly has good reasons to wish all humans would get off the planet. That means we have lots of room to dream and write about his good and noble qualities. In my case, I side-stepped the genocide aspect and wrote a story in which the Golden Army was no longer an option, and looked at how Nuada might act without that weapon as part of his arsenal.

4/8/2013 #4
Angelia White

ImmortalAngel92 currently doesn't have an internet connection so I am replying for her. This is copied directly from my phone so some of the words might be off. (hpwever I think it looks coherent so if I got something wrong Imia then I'm sorry)

"I like Nuada because he believes what he is doing is right. I also like how he and Nuala are opposites. Nuala is kind, gentle and delicate and believes they should keep to the treaty even if it means their people fade while Nuada is much darker and tougher than his sister and won't go down without a fight. My favourite fic is 'Searching For Love' by Azulastalker.

I also agree with Ya Nefer Ma'at. He isn't one dimensional like many villains seem to be. I mean compare him to Voldemort. Voldemort didn't really have a reason being a villain until the sixth book which made him pretty one dimens"

It cuts off there so obviously part is missing.

I personally think all of you have good points that I will have to think on when it comes to my next fic... if it ever gets to the point I can write it anyway.

4/9/2013 #5
Ya Nefer Ma'at

I had forgotten about the contrast between Nuada and Nuala, being very focused on Nuada. Good point. And though it was briefly covered and tragic in the movie, I am intrigued with Nuada's relationship with King Balor. LA Knight expands on these elements in her very detailed and involved story, "Once Upon A Time".

I will have to look up 'Searching For Love' by Azulastalker... thanks for the recommendation.

I also love both the sound and the inflections in Luke Goss'/Nuada's voice. At first, I thought that Luke Goss might be putting the accent on and using the rich tones for his portrayal of Nuada, the way Jason Isaacs varies his voice for his various roles. But then I watched Goss in a couple other shows, and realised that's just his voice. He is blessed with both a lovely accent and a rich voice. His voice suits Nuada very well, as does his physical presence and his sculpted features. (Sigh!) Nuada needs to have a strong presence, being small and light compared to Hellboy.

4/11/2013 #6
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