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This is just a forum where people can come and roleplay as their favorite characters from the Tiger's Curse series or even make some of their own to join Ren, Kelsey, and Kishan on their adventures!
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Hellooo :) You all knew this part was coming, but I'll try to keep my rules short and simple.

1) You are free to do whatever you like on the roleplay with your characters but if it's something that involves other people's characters, please notify me first for my approval or a moderators.

2) If you make an OC or canon character, let's keep them real. No Mary Sue's. Nobody's perfect so I won't allow perfect characters.

3) I'm alright with you chatting on the roleplay because I do it all the time myself, but don't just chat the entire time, try to RP a little too while you do.

4) I absolutely hate it when people on the RP ignore other people on purpose so please don't ignore someone else. If you have a problem with them, talk it out with them and fix.

5) Don't insult another person on the RP intentionally, because we all know feelings can also be hurt by accident, but please try to avoid that as well.

6) You can use vulgar language if you would like but if it makes other people on the RP uncomfortable I ask that you stop.

7) No killing off other people's characters without their permission. I don't care how evil or whatever your characters are, another person's character is not yours to do with whatever you please.

8) Just have fun! RP's are made so people can get on and play as or interact with their favorite characters from different stories and they are quite a lot of fun :) Just enjoy yourselves and if you don't know what's going on, feel free to ask!

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