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Roleplay 1!

1/13/2012 #1

Takao was taking a breath at the top floor of the school building with Natsu.

"They are nuts...." Takao muttered.

"Nuts?! More like insanefreakybloodsuckingbraineatingmaniac to me!!!" Natsu shouted.

1/13/2012 #2

Suki bumped into them by accident, she jumped back and looked at them a little alarmed.

1/13/2012 #3

Takao took few steps backwards.

Natsu screamed, "Kyaa!!! I may look like a strawberry because of my hair but I'm not!!! Don't eat me!!"

1/13/2012 #4

Suki raised an eyebrow at Natsu, "Strawberry....? Im not gonna eat you!"

1/13/2012 #5

Natsu screamed back. "LIES!!!!"

Takao slapped the back of Natsu's head and muttered, "She's a survivor, idiot."

1/13/2012 #6

Suki facepalmed and shook her head. "Anyway, shut up." she looked around catiously.

1/13/2012 #7

Takao leaned onto the wall. "It's safe here."

"For now" Natsu interupted.

1/13/2012 #8

Suki let out a breath and sat down with her legs crossed.

1/13/2012 #9

Takao asked, "Did you see any other survivor?"

"HI! My name is Natsu!" Natsu jumped in front of Suki and handed out his hand.

Takao glared.

1/13/2012 #10

Suki blinked and smiled. She shook his hand, "Suki. Nice to meet you Natsu"

Then she looked at Takao. "No I didn't."

1/13/2012 #11

Takao let out a sigh and said, "That means...we are the only survivors..."

Natsu smiled and said, "He's Takao!"

Takao glared at yelled, "Stop with the interupting!"

1/13/2012 #12

"Aye, keep it down." Suki mumbled and stood up.

1/13/2012 #13

Natsu stuck out his tongue at Takao.

Takao sighed. "We have to get out of here before they break in."

1/13/2012 #14

Suki nodded in agreement. "Yeah" she walked around, looking for an exit.

1/13/2012 #15

Takao pointed towards the door. "That's the only way out of this place but...that's just a simple way to get eaten."

Natsu shook his head and muttered, "Nasty....and bloody..."

1/13/2012 #16

Suki sighed and went over to the door. She pressed her ear against it.

1/13/2012 #17

Takao grabbed his steel kendo sword tightly with his hand.

Natsu poked Suki's arm and whispered, "I don't think this is a good idea...Suki-chan"

1/13/2012 #18

Suki smiled a little at him, "This is the only way we can get out Natsu-kun"

1/13/2012 #19

Takao walked towards Suki and Natsu.

Natsu bit his lips. "B-but....it's too DANGEROUS!"

1/13/2012 #20

Suki patted his head, "We can handle it.." she looked at the door, "hopefully.."

1/13/2012 #21

"I'll go first" said Takao.

Natsu grabbed Takao's arm and said, "There could be another way...Takao.."

1/13/2012 #22

Suki pulled out a gun. "This actually came in handy.." she looked at them and smiled, "I call going first!"she opened the door and rushed through.

1/13/2012 #23

Natsu dropped his jaw.

"W-wait!! What the hell are you`?! Argh!" Takao followed after Suki.

"WAIT FOR ME!!!" Natsu followed Takao.

1/13/2012 #24

Suki was shooting as she ran.

1/13/2012 #25

Takao slashed the zombies' heads as he ran after Suki.

Natsu dodgedthe zombies, "KYAAA!!!! BLOOD!! TOO MUCH!!!"

((I gtg sorry! cya~~))

1/13/2012 #26

(aww bye!)

Suki glanced back at them and the gun wouldn't shoot. She blinked and cursed when she had to reload.

1/13/2012 #27


Takao jumped in front of Suki and knocked them down.

"That's why I hate guns..." he muttered.

Natsu ran towards Takao. "I don't have a weapon yet!!"

1/13/2012 #28

"Well, I don't have my sword here.." Suki muttered and continued to shoot.

1/13/2012 #29

Takao sighed and said, "We should find a place with weapon stored."

Natsu nodded.

1/13/2012 #30
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