Hogosha Acadimi
Hogo-sha acadimi is a school where students learn to control their abilities, where they learn new tactics and new skills that can be used in various fields. It is a place of bonding and team building. You may apply here either as a teacher or a student
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Final Kage
I won't ban anyone for their relatives insults or mistakes... Is that how he found out about this forum?
6/2/2012 #151

no actually. i never told him about it

6/2/2012 #152
Final Kage
I can kinda see why.
6/2/2012 #153

yep. again i apologize for him.

6/2/2012 #154
Final Kage
It's fine... You sound like me when I apologise to a sub for my class.
6/2/2012 #155

Geez, you just summed up my life in a post. -.-

6/2/2012 #156
Final Kage
Wow 0.0
6/2/2012 #157


6/2/2012 #158

Name: Rai Heiwa

Age: 12

Species: Shinigami (one of you has to know what I mean...right?)

Appearance: Also Asian (yes, I'm being racist but I'm not the most creative) wears the usual Shinigami uniform.

Weapons/Powers: wields her spirit sword, sekkai heikawa (not revealing anything bout the sword until I have to). has activated bankai

Bio: was raised in soul society but escaped because rebellious nature disliked rules

Personality: rebellious, the sort of person who would break every rule

Partners: N/A

Skills/abilities: can use spells that every Shinigami knows, bankai(again), can tune out to anything

6/3/2012 #159

Death Note! I think?

6/3/2012 #160
Final Kage
6/3/2012 #161

Nope, it's Bleach

6/3/2012 #162

AWKWARD! Although Death Note is awesome.

6/3/2012 #163

Tru. I loved that series

6/3/2012 #164

One Piece, Naruto... Soul Eater!

6/3/2012 #165

Uh huh...well read bleach

6/3/2012 #166

Is it on Read Manga? (The app?)

6/3/2012 #167

You mean vizmanga? That's the one I use. Or u can find it online.

6/3/2012 #168

Name: lapsis angelus

Age: 13

Species: fallen angel

Appearance: straight hair, purple fading to light blue, same with eyes. Has wings and wears spiky bracelets.

Weapons/Powers: has an air affinity, can fly. Uses a blue seraph blade

Bio: was contaminated by chaos at an early age. After being thrown out of heaven she is battling with the demon within. It will come out when she is angry.

Personality: nice. Demon? Nuh uh.

Abilities: telepathy with twin.


Name: cecidit daemonium

Age: 13

Species: fallen demon

Appearance: straight hair, light blue fading to purple, same with eyes. Has bat wings and wears spiky bracelets.

Weapons/Powers: can control a mind, summon demons, flight, uses purple demon blade

Bio: was contaminated by loght at an early age. After being thrown out of hell she is battling with the angel within. It will come out at the most inconvenient times.

Personality: mean. Angel is exact opposite.

Abilities: telepathy with twin.


about them

they are longlost twins, the offspring ofa demon and angel. One went to heaven while the other went to hell. Now, both exiled, they found each other and are both going to Hogo-sha acadimi

(the demon Will be played by my friend. She will be joining shortly)

6/4/2012 . Edited 6/4/2012 #169
Final Kage
6/4/2012 #170

heya! yl2000(wc) and i came up with them. im cecidit and she's lapsis :)

6/4/2012 #171

name: eric rowdy

age: 6

species: human

appearence: a small boy with brown hair golden eyes

weapons/powers: none

bio: he was at an orphanage when one of the older kids got sucked into a portal and he followed ending up on hogosha. he follows valkyrie sometimes trying to be sneaky wishing she was his mom

personality: shy and kind.

partners: none except his stuffed teddy

skills/abilitties: can use his 6 year oldness to get out of trouble

6/13/2012 #172
Final Kage
6/13/2012 #173

Cute. :)

6/13/2012 . Edited 6/13/2012 #174

Because I felt like some sadistic torture. :P

Name: Scourge

Age: Similar to Koshka's, but otherwise unknown.

Species: Werecat

Appearance: In his cat form, he is a small, black tom with a torn left ear and icy, pale blue eyes. His front right paw is white, and the white extends about halfway up his leg. He wears a dark purple collar studded with cats' dogs' teeth, and his claws are also reinforced with dogs' teeth. His voice is high and brittle like splintering ice, and he always seems to have a dark aura surrounding him.

In his human form, he is somewhat short, and his straight, long black hair hangs over his left eye. His teeth are slightly sharpened into fangs, and his nails are curved like claws. He wears plain black clothes, and always seems to have an emotionless expression on his face. He also wears a choker studded with the same teeth.

Weapons/Powers: Control of the ancient language, and his ability to disconnect himself from the world enables him to almost do anything without feeling any regret whatsoever.

Bio: He was raised in a group of werecats, Koshka included, and was constantly teased about his size. He was quite a sweet, good-natured kit back then. Their teasing hurt him, and he vowed to prove to them he was as good as any of them. He was the one who set up the swimming challenge that gave Koshka her deep-seated fear of water, and he enjoyed watching all of the cats that had teased him get teased themselves for being dumb.

One day he was accidentally caught by a human, and a ridiculously strong collar was put on him. He escaped, but almost commited suicide to the constant teasing of his 'friends.' One day, when he was trying to rip off the collar with a dog tooth, it got stuck in his collar. He then started killing werecats and dogs for his adornment, and even started using them on his claws to inflict deep, lethal wounds.

One day, he vanished, and hasn't been heard from since. But that's all about to change...

Personality: Cold hearted and spiteful, Scourge has been twisted from his old self to something beyond recognition. He is always on the lookout for aanother kill, another set of teeth and claws to add to his collection. He has grown an icy-cold shell around his emotions, the only thing left is rage and pain.

He has a great love of torture, and has plenty of gruesome methods for his prisoners. He likes to drive them insane, then send them back into their old life so they can wreck the same kind of pain he felt. He is quick witted, sharp tongues and even sharper clawed. He gets annoyed when people mention his size.

Skills/Abilities: He can devestate his oppenent with quick, lethal blows with his claws and teeth, and has an impressive control over the ancient language. He is also good at agility and stamina, but no so good at brute force.

- A reference to one of the greatest villians of all time, Scourge, Leader of Bloodclan. It was Tigerclaw's fault, my dear.

6/20/2012 #175
Final Kage
Accepted. He's like a werecat version of an evil humonculus. I feel like him and Ace will get along just fine.
6/20/2012 #176

Aye, I think so too.

6/20/2012 #177
Final Kage
You sound like Happy the blue cat from Fairy Tail.
6/20/2012 #178

;) Got it.

6/20/2012 #179
Final Kage
Ace and Scorge are both immortal bastards, as Edward Elric would say.
6/20/2012 #180
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