Hogosha Acadimi
Hogo-sha acadimi is a school where students learn to control their abilities, where they learn new tactics and new skills that can be used in various fields. It is a place of bonding and team building. You may apply here either as a teacher or a student
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Final Kage
This is a naruto RP, we start in Kumo during the wave arc. Alphonse is a native of Kumo and genin. Kaze and Kage are given to Kumo by the Land of Snow as a means of peace and they are currently in a genin team with Alphonse.
3/24/2012 #1
Pirate King Navi

Ragna was lounging around waiting for his team of 3 genin to show up. "Man this is boring." He yawned.

3/24/2012 #2
Final Kage
The three genin ran up to their sensei as fastt as they could. "Sorry we kept you waiting, Ragna-sensei" Kaze smiled. "We had to clean up after one of Kage's pranks" Al sighed. "But we're here now, so what do you want us to do sensei" Kage grinned.
3/24/2012 #3
Pirate King Navi

Ragna got to his feet and looked down at the three. "Alright today I want you 3 to do some jutsu training." He said. "I want each of you to send jutsu at me and try to hit me with them. Ninjutsu only. No genjutsu, Taijutsu, Fuunjutsu, or Kenjutsu. Got it?'

3/24/2012 #4
Final Kage
"Hai, sensei. Kori nor Hari" Kaze smirked, throwing a barrage of ice senbon at Ragna. "Hai, Ragna-sensei. Kage: Yami dama" Kage grinned making several handsigns and launching a ball of shadow from his mouth. "Raiton: bolt" Al smirked, firing a bolt of electricity at Ragna.
3/24/2012 #5
Pirate King Navi

Ragna waited a few moments as the attacks drew closer. He formed his hand signs and prepared his own jutsu. "Raiton: Arashi Kabe"Ragna brought forth a wall of electricity to block the threee jutsu. "Not bad."

3/24/2012 . Edited 3/24/2012 #6
Final Kage
"Thank you sensei" Kaze smiled with a slight bow. "We do our best Kage grinned, slightly bowing. "If we were bad, we wouldn't make it out of the academy" Al smiled, slightly bowing. "Do you think we're ready to take a mission, Ragna-sensei?" Kage grinned.
3/24/2012 #7
Pirate King Navi

"I suppose you three are ready. The other squads have been able to do missions by now, so why not?" Ragna said. "Let's go and take on our first mission today!"

(How old are those three in this? )

3/24/2012 #8
Final Kage
(Well, twelve is the normal genin age, so in this the three of them are twelve.) "Yes, finally!" Kage cheered. "I wonder what we'll get" Kaze smiled. "I hope not any D rank missions" Al smiled.
3/24/2012 #9
Pirate King Navi

"Sorry bud, but D rank is probably what you'll get. I mean you three are fesh out of the academy. Higher than D rank would be too difficult for a genin to handle." Ragna said. "You gotta start somewhere."

(Are any other characters gonna come into this or join in?)

3/24/2012 #10
Final Kage
(Do you mean other OCs, CCs or people?) "Fine, the sooner we finish the D-rank missions, the better" Al sighed. "It couldn't be that bad" Kage grinned. "We can only hope we don't die of bordom" Kaze chuckled.
3/24/2012 #11
Pirate King Navi

(All of the above! XD )

"Well lets go. We want to get there quick before all the good missions are taken." Ragna said alread heading off to the mission office.

3/24/2012 #12
Final Kage
(Yes, CCs like team seven will be included, but I cannot garente that there will be more OCs and people)"We wouldn't want that to happen" Kage grinned, following Ragna. "I hope it's not as bad as I think it will be" Al sighed, following Ragna. "At least it's a start" Kaze shrugged, following them.
3/24/2012 #13
Pirate King Navi

(Ok then)

"Cmon you three hurry up!" Ragna said jumping from rooftop to rooftop.

3/24/2012 #14
Final Kage
"We are hurrying" Al sighed as the three of them lept after Ragna. "At least he isn't using shunshin" Kage grinned.
3/24/2012 #15
Pirate King Navi

Soon the three of them arrive at the mission assignment building. "Hello there. We'd like to accept a mission."

3/24/2012 #16
Final Kage
"Ah yes, the team with the two nin from snow, the Raikage has a special mission to test all of you" The secretary smiled. "Go strait on in"
3/24/2012 #17
Pirate King Navi

"Thank you." Ragna bowed. "Alright you three lets go." He said and walked into the Raikage's room.

3/24/2012 #18
Final Kage
The three nodded and followed Ragna into the Raikage's office. "Ah Ragna, I have one question before I give your team this mission. How competant do you think the three genin are?" The Raikage smiled. (If anyone is ooc it's because I haven't watched Naruto in a while and then it was only part 1, not shppuden.)
3/24/2012 #19
Pirate King Navi

(lol thats fine if they're OOX )

"I feel pretty competent in their abilities, but of course I'd still have to watch over them during the mission just in case." Ragna said. "I remember my sensei always watched over us during missions as well."

3/24/2012 #20

(( This looks fun, so d'ya need anyone specific for me to RP? OC wise, so I could make one. :3))

3/24/2012 #21
Pirate King Navi

(I say you can join. Idk about CC that you need to take but you can take any CC you want lol at least I say u can )

3/24/2012 #22
Final Kage
(I need an oc to replace Sakura, maybe Sasuke if anyone wants to, but the one who replaces Sasuke must be an Uchiha, the oc that replaces Sakura must be a girl.) "If that is the case, a C rank mission is an order. Your goal, kill Zabuza Mamoichi and recruit his acomplis, Haku" The Raikage smiled, handing Ragna the mission scroll. "Hai! We got a C-rank mission" Kage grinned. "Something that will test our skill" Kaze smiled. "This is awesome" Al smiled.
3/24/2012 #23
Pirate King Navi

Ragna blinked in confusion for a moment. "Wait....you want us to kill Zabuza Momochi? The Demon of the Mist, and recruit Haku? And you say this this is a C rank mission?" Ragna asked.

3/24/2012 #24
Final Kage
"The client can't afford a higher rank for the mission" The Raikage sighed. "So we get to fight a missing nin from Kirigakure no Sato, what an awesome way to prove that Kumo is the greater village" Al smirked. "It will be difficult, but we can do it" Kage grinned. "If we can't, we'll train until we can't train anymore, no wait, we'll do D-rank missions for three months if we fail" Kaze smirked.
3/24/2012 #25
Pirate King Navi

"Kaze...you might die if you fail." Ragna sighed. "Zabuza Momochi is a demon. A ruthless assassin that wont hesitate to kill you whenever he can, but since the client has already paid for the mission I guess we have no choice. Alright team. We head out in 2 hours!"

3/24/2012 #26
Final Kage
"Yes! Let's go!" Kage grinned, pulling Kaze with him as he ran towards the window and jumped out of it. "Kage you idiot" Kaze frowned. "I hope they're not like that during the mission" Al sighed, jumping after them.
3/24/2012 #27
Pirate King Navi

"I guess I had better go and prepare as well." Ragna sighed. "More than likely they'll fight haku while I take down Zabuza. We'll be back later on tomarrow Raikage."

3/24/2012 #28
Final Kage
"Goodluck, but I doubt they'll let you fight Zabuza by yourself. Kage is too loyal and Alphonse is too determined to prove himself, but I'm sure Kaze will want to prove how proficient he is with ice against Haku" The Raikage chuckled.
3/24/2012 #29
Pirate King Navi

"Well either way this'll be a good mission. I finally get to taste a demons blood." Ragna smirked evily as he left the room.

Alittle while later he would meet his squad at the village entrance.

(Are they going to run into team 7 during this? XD )

3/24/2012 #30
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