Hogosha Acadimi
Hogo-sha acadimi is a school where students learn to control their abilities, where they learn new tactics and new skills that can be used in various fields. It is a place of bonding and team building. You may apply here either as a teacher or a student
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Final Kage
"we need everyone here for proof against the capitol, move" Kage grinned, slipping out the door and stickong to the shadows, other tributes following soon after.
7/10/2012 #121
"The tributes have escaped." Val grinned, running up to Mr Suterusu. She'd hated the Games ever since she'd won. "Hah, this is better than training." Grinned Aroha.
7/10/2012 #122
Final Kage
"Good for them, maybe they'll reach freedom." Suterusu chuckled.--- "Of course" Al grinned.
7/10/2012 #123
"I hope they do." Val smiled. --- "How much further?" Vibace questioned.
7/10/2012 #124
Final Kage
"A mile or two, keep your guard up" Ace frowned.--- "Hopefully they don't send the hounds after hem, it might have an undesirable effect" Suterusu frowned.
7/10/2012 #125
"Okay." Vivace nodded, glancing around. --- "Yes, but there are about twenty four of them, some with extremely good fighting skills." Val chuckled.
7/10/2012 #126
Final Kage
"We have Japonese assasins in there too, this could be interesting, too bad we can't make a show like this, teams trying to escape the capitol, fighting off animals and guards, avoiding traps" Suterusu chuckled.--- "Something's off here, there should be guards by now" Al frowned. (Send in the mutts. XD)
7/10/2012 #127

"I'd watch that, for sure." Chuckled Val.

"Yeah, everyone, start running faster!" Koinu yelled from the back as loud barks and growls echoed from the halls, the thundering of paws becoming audible.

(( Indeed. XD))

7/12/2012 #128
Final Kage
"What the hell is that" Nadare frowned, running faster with the other tribues.
7/12/2012 #129
"Mutts!" Yelled Tsuki as the other tributes ran faster, a pack of large, brown haired mutts that resembled large dogs coming into view sprinting after them.
7/12/2012 #130
Final Kage
"Keep moving, we're getting close" Al frowned, shooting some arrows at the mutts. "No use in hiding, they can smell us" Kage frowned, throwing daggers att the mutts.
7/12/2012 #131
The mutt at the front took both of the attacks, going down as the rest roared in rage, leaping over their dead pack member. Coraline flicked a lasso at one of them, yanking its head at an awkward angle and yanking her lasso back when she heard a crack, another mutt falling to the ground as she ran back into the group. "We need a plan to get rid of these things!" Scourge called.
7/12/2012 #132
Final Kage
"Maybe if we work together we can kill them all" Kaze smirked, stopping and turning around with Kira, both having their blades drawn.
7/12/2012 #133
Scourge, Lapsus and Koshka skidded to a stop beside them, smirking as they drew their swords. Aroha stopped beside Scourge, smirking at the mutts. "Can't be any worse than the sharks, can you?" She taunted as the mutts attempted to run down the tributes, a few of them stopping at the back and unleashing howls. But the howls were human screams, and they were the tributes family and friends.
7/12/2012 #134
Final Kage
"Damn it, they've transformed our family" Kaze frowned. "And friends, but it's us or them" Nadare growled, the two slashing at two mutts necks for getting too close.
7/12/2012 #135
The mutts growled, prowling in front of them, the two that were too close dropping to the ground, dead. Aroha speared one through the head with her trident, giggling. Frost was frowning. "No, they wouldn't, imagine the uproar... But they could manipulate the voices! Ace, you could change the pitch of the recorded voices on the interview, right?!"
7/12/2012 #136
Final Kage
"Yes, I could, and so could they... Those damn bastards" Ace sighed, slashing a mutts through. "Try to capture one, it would be ghood eviidence" Kage grined, crushing one's wind pipe with a strong punch.
7/12/2012 #137

"I'll try!" Aroha laughed, stabbing another mutt with her trident as Koinu and Tsuki smacked their flails into any mutt that came to close. Coraline threw her lasso over a mutt, yanking it to the floor, hard enough that it knocked it out. Frost nodded in satisfaction before stringing the wire to the broken cameras.

7/13/2012 #138
Final Kage
"Nice job" Kage grinned, slashing a mutts throught and stabbing it's spine. "Just a few more, but there might be more, so run after tthis" Al frowned, hitting one in the eyes with an arrow.
7/13/2012 #139

Frost finished stringing wires up, mumbling to herself.

"Thanks." Coraline grinned, dragging the mutt over.

"Sure!" Vivace yelled, then passed the message on to the other tributes.

7/13/2012 #140
Final Kage
"Let's go" Kaze sighed, starting to run with other tributes as Nadare picked up the mutt before running after them.
7/13/2012 #141

As the other tributes ran after them, Frost flicked a switch, creating an electricity barrier that would hold anyone coming from that direction for a few minutes before following.

7/13/2012 #142
Final Kage
"There's the building, we're almost there" Kira grinned.
7/13/2012 #143

"Thank goodness." King sighed in relief.

7/13/2012 #144
Final Kage
"Then we have to fly for hours" Kaze sighed. "Until we get to our homeland"
7/13/2012 #145

Most of the tributes looked at Kaze curiously, but didn't say anything. "Better than this." Aroha grinned, wiping her trident.

(( Want to be President Snow? :D))

7/13/2012 #146
Final Kage
(I don't know him well enough.) "Then you'll be free" Kage grinned, entering the building with the other tributes.
7/13/2012 #147

"Suterusu, Cain, what is the meaning of this?" President Snow stalked into the room they were in.

A collective cheer rose up from the tributes, as Aroha grinned at Kaze. "Brilliant, bloody brilliant."

7/13/2012 #148
Final Kage
"The tributes are attempting to escape. This would make a much more entertaining show" Mr.Suterusu chuckled. --- "Okay, hurry and find a plane" Ace frowned.
7/13/2012 #149

"And you didn't stop them?" Snow arched an eyebrow. "Remember what happened to dear Seneca?"

"There are hovercrafts over there." Koshka pointed to a group of them. "But they're guarded by Peacekeepers, which means we'll have to take them down."

7/13/2012 #150
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