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Voice (Bass, Tenor, Alto, Soprano and where it comes from i.e Miku):

Char. Item:


Race (optional):


Likes/crushes/is with:

Favorite Songs:



You could add more than one O.C, and it will be accepted immediately. Just start a topic and RP! You could always RP as a Vocaloid, though!

1/28/2012 #1
Name:Mai age:17 Gender:male voice:tenor/rui/ Char. item:pocket knife hair:brownish race:- skin:tan like/crush:undefined fav song:Guardain of black(I write this based on Servant of Evil) bio: calm, friendly, observant and protective though he like to wander around aimlessly
2/6/2012 #2

Confirmed, you could make a role play thing now.

2/17/2012 #3

Group Name: ClariS

Name(s): Clara and Alice

Age: Nobody knows their exact age, but they are highschool students, so I guess 17?

Gender: female


Voice: I'm guessing Clara is Alto and Alice soprano

Char. Item: They don't have one :(

Hair: Clara has curly mid-back length brown hair with no bangs and a side ponytail, and Alice has Straight hip length brown hair with bangs

Race: Japanese

Skin: White

Likes/crushes/is with: None

Favorite Songs: DROP, Don't say Lazy, anything VOCALOID

Personality: Both smart and prioritize schoolwork. Very Kawaii. Clara is a bubbly sort of tomboy, and Alice is a bubbly yet shy girl.

Bio: Both Clara and Alice have been singing since they were in kindergarten, when they started having lessons at the same music school where they met as classmates. In order to put a priority on their schoolwork, ClariS have not released photos of themselves to the public and employ illustrators to draw their likenesses.

3/23/2012 #4
I would say I confirm that but I'm not a moderator but they're cool :)
3/23/2012 #5

Confirmed :)

3/23/2012 #6

(Sorry if adding some stuff offends you, I just want you to be able to get a better picture of her)

Name: Ayame Hayashi

Age: 13, almost 14

Gender: Female

Voice (Bass, Tenor, Alto, Soprano and where it comes from i.e Miku): First Soprano & Miku

Char. Item: Cotton Candy

Hair: Aqumarine with teal highlights and pin straight to the end of her shoulder blades, her bangs covering her eyes most of the time due to her shy nature

Eyes: Bubblegum pink

Regular Outfit: Pastel grey long sleeved shirt with some wrinkles, black V-neck button down vest, a black skirt to her knee caps over knee-length grey leggings with some rips, grey cotton socks with lacy edges that cover the rest of her legs, & black Mary-Janes. On concert/music video costumes, she's a bit unpredictable with more skin and colors

Race (optional): White

Skin: Peach, clearly shows when she blushes. Her lips are small and bubblegum pink if anyone cares to pay 'attention' (X3)/Her birthmark shaped like three falling flower petals on her right shoulder that she likes

Likes/crushes/is with: Crushes big time on Kagamine Len

Favorite Songs: Alice Human Sacrifice

Personality: Shy at first meetings(reallyshy), self-concious except on stage, curious, a bit playful, sweet, can easily blush, smart though not a straight A-girl, a good listener

Bio: Was created because the creators felt a shy personality and lovely talents would be popular. After being created, she wouldn't see the Vocaloids because they made her too shy. Until Meiko and Kaito come to personaly meet her and show they mean no harm, though they soon find themselves to be parental figures to the young girl.

3/29/2012 #7
Weiss Rose Schnee

name: solis age:fifteen gender: female voice: angelic sounding mikuish voice but a bit lighter....char. item: curry buns hair: goldenblonde and long.....skin: lighttoned.....likes/crushes/is with: likes miku who she is sorta based on but ends up with luka or lily. she also crushes on all three....favorite song: meltdown by rin. personality: shy and kind but can be tempermental at times....solis wears a outfit of a miniskirt with a tanktop and white sneakers. has angel wings on her back...bio: solis is a fanloid who was created to be just like miku as her designer was a miku fan and she noticed miku didnt have a angel version. after solis was created she was treated like a sister by her master but when her master had to move away so she put her up for adoption and she was taken in by the master of vocaloids.

4/6/2012 #8

^^ Everybody that submitted O.Cs

I like them, so, accepted!

4/6/2012 #9
Weiss Rose Schnee


4/6/2012 #10

Uh, um...can I join? (Btw, I had to retry entering this like three times and re-do it cause of my stupid computer..)

Name: Loki

Age: 12

Gender: Male

Voice (Bass, Tenor, Alto, Soprano and where it comes from i.e Miku): Len Kagamine

Char. Item: Firework Sparklers

Hair: Blonde hair, slightly less spikly than Len's

Race (optional): Japanese

Skin: Fair skin

Likes/crushes/is with: Luna, small crush on Rin

Favorite Songs: Servant of Evil

Personality: Naive, sweet, and really nice. Loki is protective over his friends, which might be only times which he might possibly lose his (small) temper. He gets embrassed easily-blushes easily too-especially if the teasing is about who he likes. (But he's really dumb/inexperenced in love, so he cant tell crushes from friends though) Slightly touchy on his height and who he likes. (Also much more pacient and has a smaller temper than his best girl friend.)

Bio: Loki thinks he was made as a small version of Len, which may-or-may-not be true, but Loki lost his memories of both his creator and creation, so this was his best guess. He also guesses that he was either sepated from his creator and got lost, or his creator abandoned him for some reason. Loki only rememebers a few things about his past, and its usually just his other friends who also got lost. He met the vocaloids because Luna found him and guided him because of unknown reasons. (He sometimes catchs flickers of his past, but ignores it because he can't get a grip on the memories.)

Name: Luna

Age: 12

Gender: Female

Voice (Bass, Tenor, Alto, Soprano and where it comes from i.e Miku): Any female Vocaloid

Char. Item: Sliver Chain

Hair: Light misty lavender hair, half wavy, and small curls at the end.

Race (optional): Japanese

Skin: Pale/Fair

Likes/crushes/is with: Loki

Favorite Songs: SOS from the Maid Star or Rin Rin signal (She finds people's expressions funny when she sings SOS from the Maid Star.)

Personality: Mischevious, hot-headed, nice girl. Luna is nice, but could and would go as far as to act innocent to blackmail to get what she wants. She also loves messing with people, specially her friends, earning her as a bit of a tsundere. Luna is much more forward and brighter in love than her friend Loki, although people say she's in denial if she's ever in love. She also tends to hide in small places and scare the living daylights out of people by popping out of nowhere. This is sometimes on purpose, but is usually (somehow) on acdent. She is very touchy on her height and voice.

Bio: She was made from the same creator as Loki, but unlike him, it seems that she never lost her memories, she lied. She states that everyone else that the creator or 'Master' made lost their memories when she found Loki, but it seems that only Luna didn't. But Luna had no intention to tell him this and instead helped guide him to the Vocaloids, because she didn't like seeing him so depressed. Whenever Loki has the flickers of his memories, she never says anything and just watches him. Luna says they were made with the intention of being 'copycats' although she seemly hates this fact. Luna cared about her Master who was a girl and thought of her as her own sister. Whenever she talks about her, she uses a bitter-sweet tone, and implies that Master left them for certain reasons.

6/3/2012 #11

Name: Asami Kasai

Age: 13

Gender: Female

Voice: Soprano

Char. Item: Pocket Watch

Race: Japanese

Skin: White

Hair: Short, Dark Brown

Like/Crushes/Is With: Len Kagamine

Favorite Song: Enclosure

Personality: Calm, Creative, Intelligent, Shy

Bio: She was found singing in the streets by the Kagamine twins and was later made a Vocaloid. She considers Rin and Len her best friends and isn't very fond of Miku.

6/6/2012 . Edited 6/6/2012 #12

I like this one! (Not fond of Miku.) Me neither, chappie! We'll become great friends!

6/6/2012 #13

((I want to join...but do you guys accept twincest? *is a RinLen/LenRin fan*))

6/14/2012 #14

(Err..I honestly don't care either way about pairings, (Especially if it's RinXLen thing cause I see them as whatever), but someone is already role playing as both Rin and Len, so do you wanna role play as your OC or just a Vocaloid?)

6/14/2012 #15

((My OC's, who are twins...))

6/14/2012 #16

((No comment......just post your OC info in the chart thing...))

6/14/2012 #17

Name: Himeko Abarai

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Voice (Bass, Tenor, Alto, Soprano and where it comes from i.e Miku): Mezzoalto/Luka or MEIKO

Char. Item: Sweets and Books

Hair: Curly, Ink-blue, and a bit above the behind.

Race (optional):

Skin: Milk Chocolate-shaded

Likes/crushes/is with: Oujirai...but has yet to tell him.

Favorite Songs: Utada Hikaru, Vocaloid...except their creepy songs, Cowboy Bebop soundtracks, Anime themes, and, surprisingly, Voltaire(look him up).

Personality: Kind, sweet, intelligent, has a good head on her shoulders, shy except around her brother, and is very....scary/traumatized when something in her past is brought up.

Bio: Abused and thrown out by their creators due to their voice not being "good enough", the Barai twins wandered the streets, their singing voices being the only source of money...until an ice-cream loving VOCALOID heard them, found them, and took them in; the Barais have looked up to KAITO as well as the other Vocaloids(except Miku, who they weren't that fond of)ever since.


Name: Oujirai Barai

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Voice (Bass, Tenor, Alto, Soprano and where it comes from i.e Miku): Mezzotenor/KAITO or Gakupo

Char. Item: Sweets and Books.

Hair: Mid-back, inky-blue, and straight

Race (optional):

Skin: Milk Chocolate-shaded

Likes/crushes/is with: No-one...yet...

Favorite Songs: (See Himeko)

Personality: Is the stoic one of the pair and is quite protective of whatever friends he has as well as his sister. He is also just as shy....and reacts the same way when a part of their past is brought up in any way...

Bio: (See Himeko)

((Is this ok?))

6/14/2012 #18

Erm, I'm not a admin, but I can get back to you tomorrow since I have to go sleep very soon. Meanwhile, I think you should read up on our role plays if you want...

6/14/2012 #19

Name: Yuuki Shirogane

Age: 14

Gender: female

Voice (Bass, Tenor, Alto, Soprano and where it comes from i.e Miku): Alto and Soprano, IA

Char. Item: light blue iPod.

Hair: back length black hair.

Race (optional): Japanese

Skin: peach colored

Likes/crushes/is with: VY2 Yuuma or Len k.

Favorite Songs: Romeo and Cinderella, twinkle twinkle, and immoral memory, lost memory

Personality: kind, tomboy, cheerful, and caring.

Bio: Yuuki already singing when she's elementary school.

9/13/2012 . Edited 10/7/2012 #20

Name: Yukio neko.

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Voice (Bass, Tenor, Alto, Soprano and where it comes from i.e Miku): Like Teto's uh- so Bass?

Char. Item: Black kitty stuffed animal.

Hair: Mid length dark chocolate brown.

Race (optional): ...

Skin: Pale like a vampires

Likes/crushes/is with: Len kagamine.

Favorite Songs: The wolf that fell in love with little red riding hood-len and rin,outside look in-jordan pruitt

Personality:Strong willed,crybaby,protective,short tempered.

Bio: She has no family and she was beaten up when she was little and was always told she had a bad voice by everyone so she stopped singing and once she met len she started singing again

10/17/2012 #21

Ahh, omg, IM really sorry. I have forgotten about this forum due to my dislike of Vocaloid. any OCs submitted are accepted

2/7/2013 #22
Is it too late for me to post some OCs?
2/7/2013 #23

Oh no, submit all your OCs if you'd like, it's just that I won't be able to moderate this forum. A new moderator would be nice.

2/7/2013 #24
OC #1 Name: Y3-M Sammy (Samantha) Age: 15 Gender: female Voice (Bass, Tenor, Alto, Soprano and where it comes from i.e Miku): she has he own voice bank. She is a very high alto and sounds like a high pitched Luka Char. Item: meatballs on a stick Hair: brown and kind of full Race (optional): American Skin: you know when you use the peach pencil but you don't color too hard? Like that. Likes/crushes/is with: Mikuo Favorite Songs: Remote Control, Two Faced Lovers, Ten Faced, and Rip Release Raksha and Carcasses. Oh and all the creepy SeeU songs!! Personality: She usually is always nice and playful. She is more on the tomboy side, so she is very self confident. She is the mother figure out of the three sisters, even though she is the middle child. She is kinda shy when she sings so it's very rare to see her performing. She likes to play guitar and messing with all the buttons on the sound booth. Bio: she and her sisters lived in a huge house when they still had parents. They all were very happy and loved to sing together. One day, Sammy's father had a business trip in japan so they all went. On the last day, the parents wanted to go on a date. As they were driving back, the car was hit and thrown into a ditch. Both parents died. Not knowing that they were American, the adoption people kept them in japan. A few years later, all the girls got to go to a shopping mall for the day off from the foster school thing. Yami, the youngest of the three, saw a singing competition and wanted them to enter. They did, and got second place. Master discovered them and researched them. He went to the foster home and adopted them, turning them into Vocaloids OC #2 Name: AnniE Age: 17 Gender: female Voice (Bass, Tenor, Alto, Soprano and where it comes from i.e Miku): own voice bank, soprano sounds like a bass miku Char. Item: Orange soda Hair: dark orange. Short with long pieces around Race (optional): American Skin: see Sammy's profile Likes/crushes/is with: Gakupo Favorite Songs: Levean Polkka, Ah it's a Wonderful cat life, Rolling girl, and Tsugai Kogarashi Personality: Sweet and gentle, has a soft voice and is very shy. She loves traditional Japanese stuff, and usually raids Gakupo's closet looking for clothes to alter to her liking. Her voice got all messed up, so whenever she talks, It loOks liKE thIs. She has a beautiful voice though, and isn't really showy when it comes to performing. Bio: see Sammy's profile OC #3 Name: Yami Age: 10 Gender: female Voice (Bass, Tenor, Alto, Soprano and where it comes from i.e Miku): ever heard stop nagging me? She sounds like that. Char. Item: Sushi Hair: long and straight. Lime green with black at the ends Race (optional): American Skin: see Sammy's profile Likes/crushes/is with: Oliver Favorite Songs: Happy Synthesizer, Prisoner and Canterella Personality: she's ten. I think thats enough. Bio: see Sammy.
2/10/2013 #25
Oh! My Bovine Sensei!? Your here too?!?
2/10/2013 #26

Accepted :)

2/10/2013 #27
Thank you! Now where do we go to RP with them?
2/10/2013 #28

Go to the main forum page thing and click on a topic :D

2/10/2013 #29
Thank you! :)
2/10/2013 #30
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