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Meiko walked around the halls of the Crypton Music Recording studios. It sure was boring when not singing.

2/4/2012 #1
"Meiko I need a duet partner for 'ColorfulXMelody' can you sing with me, please?" Mai asked
2/6/2012 #2

"Okay, sure, Mai-Kun. Thanks for asking me. It's so boring with noting to do"

2/6/2012 #3
"yeah!~" Mai cheered before he start dragging Meiko to the recording studio. Meiko wonder if he really is seventeen
2/7/2012 #4

In the recording studio, Meiko put on her headphones. "Oi! Mai-Kun! Do you want to sing the first or seccond part?"

2/7/2012 #5
"The second one!please"Mai chirped while putting on his headphone
2/7/2012 #6

(Oh my. I hadn't noticed this one xD I'll go as my O.C You guys should spread the word about this RP, please)

2/17/2012 #7


[Meiko] umaretate no kimochi ni donna iro wo dashitara kirei na yume ni naru no kana mata ashita wa atarashii kyanbasu ni irodorareteku watashi no mirai ga

[Mai] honto ni hoshii mono wa anata ga itsumo kureru tada uta wo utaeru dake de mata kinou ga nurikaerarete yuku oto ga karafuru ni afuredasu no

[Meiko/Mai] doredake no suki wo tsutaetara ii no ka na kimochi wa ima

[Meiko] aka? [Mai] ao? [Meiko] shiro? [Mai] aimai [Meiko/Mai] da ne

[Meiko/Mai] kono sekai chuu de dare yori mo anata wo suki de ii ka na [Meiko/Mai] ima wa

[Mai] kata omoi datte [Meiko] todokanaku datte [Meiko/Mai] tanoshiku utaereba ii yo ne! [Meiko] itsuka yume wa samete shimau to [Mai] shitte iru yo dakedo ima nara [Meiko] susumu saki ni nani ka ga aru you na [Mai] ki ga shite irunda

[Meiko/Mai] karafuru na suteeji oto de umete

[Meiko/Mai] doredake no suki wo tsutaetara ii no ka na kimochi wa ima

[Meiko] aka? [Mai] ao? [Meiko] shiro? [Mai] aimai [Meiko/Mai] da ne

[Meiko/Mai] kono sekai chuu de dare yori mo anata wo suki de ii ka na

[Meiko/Mai] ima wa [Mai] kata omoi datte [Meiko] kanawanaku tatte [Meiko/Mai] anata ni uta wo todoketai [Meiko/Mai] itsuka

[Mai] owari ga kita tte [Meiko] tanoshikatta tte [Meiko/Mai] ieru yo! karafuru merodii!

2/17/2012 . Edited 2/17/2012 #8
"thanks Meiko" Mai said before giving her a hug {will do}
2/23/2012 #9

"Your welcome, Mai" Said Meiko, Hugging him back even more tightly. "Wanna' go get some sake?"

2/24/2012 #10
"er no thanks I'm not legally allow yet" he denied "but I can treat you to a meal"
2/27/2012 #11

"Thanks, Mai! Let's go get some Okonomiyaki and Ramen! Woohooo! Anyways, let's PARTY!" Meiko shouted, annoying the recording crew. "Let's go!"

2/27/2012 #12
Mai just let Meiko drag him to the Okonomiyaki stand "one standard and one super extra large please"
3/12/2012 #13

When the Okonomiyaki arrived at their table, Meiko reached for it and started eating it mercillesly. After abit of nomming, she turned to Mai.

"Oi, Mai-kun. Wanna' go visit the costume department with me? I'm getting a new costume for Colorful X Sexy with Luka. I can't wait to see it!"

3/12/2012 #14
Winter Replica

Meanwhile, both Rin and Len were wandering around the streets.

"It's so great to be free for a while Len." Rin said nodding.

"Exactly...hey, isn't that Meiko and Mai?"

3/13/2012 #15

"sure Meiko" he a bit frighten when he remember what happen to Len at costume store "heh isn't that Rin and Len?"

3/13/2012 #16
Winter Replica

"Hi guys." Len smiled as he joined the two. "May we join?"

"We can leave if you want..." Rin shrugged. "But it looks like Len wants to stay."

3/13/2012 #17

"No..no. It's fine. Wanna' come to the costume store with me? I'mfinally getting my costume for my duet with Luka. Oi, Len. remember that one time at the costume shop?" Meiko laughed.

3/13/2012 #18

^Meant to post that only my brother forgot to log out and I accedentily posted using his. Sorry!a

3/13/2012 #19
Winter Replica

Rin nodded, "Sure, we'd love to...actually, we need to find Len a new costume...he has a solo thats why."

"OMG Meiko~ that was such a hilarious moment...I should have taken a picture of it..." Len laughed. (Except I don't know what it is)

3/14/2012 #20

"You should have! In face, look what I brought!" And out of her bag, Meiko pulled out a digital camera. "Ha! Try to see if you can escape me!" (Nobody knows. It's just there as a plot element)

3/14/2012 #21
Winter Replica

"Eh?" Rin and Len both cried as they stared at Meiko. "What do you mean?"

3/14/2012 #22

"It means that we will be able to torture and blackmail you in years to come!" Meiko smiled innocently.

3/14/2012 #23
Winter Replica

Len backed away as Rin did a slight evil smile, "Oh~ a very good way to torture Len."

"Rin...not you too~"

3/15/2012 #24
"heh Len there was something I need help with so bye" Mai said drag Len away from the two evil girl{I was thinking crossdressing guy but it depends on you}
3/16/2012 #25
Winter Replica

Len nodded, "Good idea...(Crossdressing guy? I know what crossdressing means but what do you mean by that?)

3/16/2012 #26
(don't mind that word I just wanna tell that I was thinking about crossdressing when I type those) Mai pull him to a game shop to hide
3/16/2012 #27
Winter Replica

"Oh great. Game center...why don't we have some fun?" Len cried as he clasped his hands. "Only if Rin doesn't spot me..."

3/17/2012 #28
"here" Mai pull out a brown cap and sunglass "this should help"
3/17/2012 #29
Winter Replica

"Hm...think they won't come all the way here but thanks." Len said

3/17/2012 #30
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