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Create a patient- or a doctor- and throw them into the mad world of an insane asylum.
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Madame Apathy

First things first, I have never used the banhammer and never intend to, so perhaps "rules" is a bit strong. However, I'm trusting you all to follow these. Please post below to state whether you agree with the rules or not. If you have a problem with a rule, then please PM me and we'll see if we can reach a compromise.

1) Treat other forum members with the kindness and respect you yourself would like to be treated with. Do not take what happens between characters personally.

2) No Godmodding- it's plot poison.

3) Please wait for your character to be approved before you post. This is to avoid Mary Sues.

4) I would prefer for a fully qualified doctor to be at least 26. The reason for this is that it takes eight years of university and four years of experience to be a fully qualified doctor. Alternatively, if you must have a younger doctor I would appreciate an explanation as to how they got their degree at a young age.

5) Your characters, preferably, should only reference a previous event if they were present or specifically told about it. This is to prevent fridge logic or godmodding. Near misses are fine. Dramatic irony is also fine.

1/29/2012 . Edited 6/5/2014 #1
I agree to this :D
1/30/2012 #2

I agree to this :D

4/6/2012 #3

What rating is this forum? So I know if I can swear or not :)

4/6/2012 #4

I agree

4/6/2012 #5

I agree Kate :D

4/6/2012 #6
Madame Apathy

You can swear, kiss and fight, but I'd prefer if people stopped short of actual sex, please. So I suppose I'd put it at M(implied sex, swearing and violence), but not MA(i.e.Pornography).

4/6/2012 #7

Ok :) thanks for answering my question

4/6/2012 #8

I solemnly swear that I am up to only good. And that I agree with these rules.

4/8/2012 #9

can I join? I agree to the rules and conditions stated above.

5/6/2012 #10
Madame Apathy

Yes, you can join. :)

5/6/2012 #11
Btw I agree with the rules too
5/28/2012 #12

If this forum is still in operation, I will gladly accept theses rules.

6/13/2012 #13
Madame Apathy

We are. :)

6/13/2012 #14
Darling Dai

If you are willing to take in a poor, bored RPer, I'd be glad to join. :)

And, erhum, I accept the rules. :)

7/20/2012 #15

I was recommended by Ren. She gave me a link and I agree to the rules.

7/26/2012 #16

I agree to the rules.

8/7/2012 #17
Shadow Sleepwalker

I agree :3

8/22/2012 #18
Madame Apathy

Great. Just introduce yourselves in the regulars threads so we know who you are and stick a character sheet up to be approved. :)

9/10/2012 #19
Princess Skye Jewel

I solemnly promise not to break the rules. If I do, you can shout at prob.

12/2/2012 #20

I agree:)

12/28/2012 #21
Madame Apathy

Thanks. Could you two please just nip into the introductions thread and make a post each? Helps me keep track of all the nicknames. :P

12/28/2012 #22

I agree.

1/24/2013 #23

Nicknames are hard to keep track of sometimes lol :)

1/26/2013 #24
I agree.
1/29/2013 #25
Madame Apathy

Great. :)

2/4/2013 #26

I agree. :)

5/3/2013 #27
Xuan Tian Shang Ti

I long as there is fish. Sorry bout that.

5/7/2013 #28
Madame Apathy

There is no requirement excluding fish, so you're good.

5/8/2013 #29

Agreed :)

5/10/2013 #30
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