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(Oh. Well, if they were purring, that changes everything. Even I can't resist a purring keyboard.)

Harper snickered at Neil's reply, removing her hands from around his waist to slide into his. She dragged her fingers over his for a moment, humming with a smile.

"No sticking anything in it. Gotcha." She chuckled. The mention of parents made her quickly stiffen and she stopped playing with Neil's hands, eyes hardening as she looked over his shoulder. The memory of her parents was not a welcome one. The way her mother hissed warnings at her when she replied to the friendly voices only she could hear. The way her father pinched her arm when she burst out laughing at a joke no-one else understood. The way they'd accused her of being posses- No. She would not think of them. Not now. They would not ruin another moment of hers.

Instead, she forcibly pushed them from her mind and looked back to Neil's face. Her smile returned almost naturally when she did so, her thoughts brightening. She twirled under his arm and pulled him towards her bed, scooping up her shoes with her spare hand.

"Removing garments of clothing can wait until later." She decided, releasing his hand to sit down and slide her heels on. "We're going to walk and talk, buddy boy." She informed him, quickly glancing up through her lashes to smile at him.

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(yeah...I'm glad you're open to that :D)

Neil raised an eyebrow when Harper...changed. She tensed up, almost like she'd seen a ghost, or was maybe experiencing a flashback. Not a happy one. But a sad one. Maybe an aggressive one. Something he said? It had to be. Possibility of being gay? No that can't of been it. He proved that he was straight earlier. Parents? Yeah, yeah that could be it, he thought. Neil made a mental note to refrain from mentioning anything that could be tied to parenting.

Harper smiled, which bought some confidence back to Neil. That he hadn't completely fucked it up. He was momentarily worried for her there.

Neil sat down next to Harper, thanking whatever higher power there was she was alright. Was he exaggerating? It wasn't that bad of a reaction. But it was still bad. So that wouldn't do. Later? We're gonna...please Lord if you can here me, grant my suspicions true. He stood as he mentioning 'walk', smiling as the rest came out, 'Sure thing dudette.'

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Harper planted her feet on the ground, glaring heatedly at the black straps on her ankles. Must not... Burn only shoes... She inwardly reminded herself that she needed shoes to go places. And going places with Neil was preferable. More than that. Her current goal in life. However...

"I hate wearing these things." She grumbled, extending her ankle and rotating it in annoyance. A tiny, tiny, teeny weeny part of her brain did have to accept the fact that the heels did look good on her. They went with jeans well. And they did give her a couple extra inches in height, bringing her closer to Neil's giant size. But, that small timid voice in her mind was loudly outweighed by the overall irritation her thoughts were exuding. "I'm so having some new trainers ordered, somehow." She declared, rising from her seat with a sigh.

She adjusted to the small change in height and smiled faintly, looking at Neil and noticing she wouldn't have to stand on her tip toes to kiss him. Her disgust for the heels lessened slightly. But, then she frowned and looked down. "Oh crap, my bra." She remembered, looking around for the black piece of lacy fabric. "Neil, baby, can you see my bra anywhere?" She asked, bending over to look down the edge of the bed.

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Neil chuckled as Harper's expression told 1000 words about what she thought of those heels. Very loud angry words. There was a lot of teasing he could do. Neil smirked as he turned away from Harper, hiding such an expression, before turning back, back in neutral.

'Oh, it's something you're going to have to live with,' Neil chuckled smugly, glad that heels were not invented with the common man in the creator's thoughts. The mention of bringing trainers in, somehow, sparked an idea within Neil. Had Harry got the job? He grinned to himself, covering his mouth, feigning as he itching at his septum, 'Yeah...somehow,' he said, an idea developing, 'What colours do you want? Oh, and who by? Nike? Adidas?' he asked.

Bra. She didn't know where it was. Revenge. Go on. Look for it and...don't. Say. Anything. 'I'll look, darling.' he replied, immediately searching the ground, hoping he'd find it first.

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{Okay then. I accept your apology. :) }

Harper cast a suspicious glance to a suddenly quiet Neil, narrowing her eyes when he turned to smile calmly at her. His expression seemed far too... practiced to be anything good. She snorted and dismissed his words, not giving in to the shoes. Live with it. Yeah, right. Then they'll stamp on my face in the night. She glared down at them, before carrying on with her search for the lost undergarment. She scanned her eyes across the room, frowning. She absentmindedly noticed Neil acting suspicious again, but her thoughts quickly focused back to the task at hand. She trusted Neil more than she trusted her clothes. Okay.. If I was a scorned bra, where would I go? She asked herself, before realizing the absurdity of such a question. She huffed at herself and glanced underneath a table, squinting in the darkness.

"Huh?" She turned her head to stare at Neil. Once his question registered, she shook her head and returned to moving things aside. "Oh, I dunno." She answered vaguely, clearly not paying much attention to the strange question. "Purple Nike, maybe? I dunno. I used to have some really cool purple and white DC ones." She recalled with a smile, pausing for a moment. "But, then they..." Got stained with too much blood. She shifted her eyes and moved to look somewhere else. "Got too small."

Goddamned bra... Where could it be? She muttered angrily, glancing at Neil. Her glare lightened slightly as she realized he was still topless. She let herself rove her eyes over him for a moment, before shaking her head and smirking up at him. "Feel like putting your shirt on at all?" She asked, eyes already moved on and scanning the room again.

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Neil whistled to himself as he looked for the bra. He might have to keep it for a while. Part revenge and part fascination. He fell onto his hands and knees, looking under chairs, tables...on window sills. He grinned as he found it. He slowly made his way over, passively listening to Harper as he picked it up and stuffed it down the back of his trousers as he leaned against the wall,

'Purple Nikes and purple 'n' white DCs, eh. You want both or just one?' Neil asked, already planning to surprise her - if Harry had got the job. He had no reason to think he hadn't. Apparently they were no traces of drug use on his CV, 'Oh yeah, what size are you, baby?' he asked, 'looking' for Harper's bra.

Neil looked down at himself, then at Harper, who appeared to be looking elsewhere, 'Thought I'd give you a bit of eye candy for a change.' he chuckled.

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Harper thumped her hand against the wall in quickly growing frustration, irritated to have completely lost the bra. She couldn't even remember where she'd lost it. There was just a blurred memory of grasping hands and warm skin. She huffed, passing over Neil with a glare. His fault, the snake. Too smooth for her own good.

As he asked her another question about shoes, she whirled around to face him and crossed her arms in exasperation. "What?! I dunno. The DC ones." She replied, just to get him to stop asking about goddamn trainers. But he didn't. "Size eight." She said, squinting her eyes at him. "You're being weird." She commented, not sure what it was about him that was off. His smile was true and his eyes were light, but... She shook her head, dismissing it. It was nothing. Her moods were just making her suspicious.

"Neil, you don't need to be half naked for that." She told him distractedly, giving in to her loss and walking over to her dresser. She rootled through a drawer and pulled out another, white and decidedly more see through, bra. She didn't even notice, so caught up in her own puzzlement. The mystery of the lost undergarment would tick away for days, she knew.

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Neil heard the thump and considered his options. Be on the end of that if she finds out. Or covertly drop it. But she scoured the room. She didn't find it and wouldn't believe Neil for a moment if he just happened to find it. He decided to play it safe, if you could call it that, and keep it for a while.

Neil nodded, taking the information in. DC, size 8. He'd say a few words. Best scenario, they come tomorrow. Worst, they never find their way onto Harper's feet, 'Consider them yours.' he said confidently, grinning as he did so. He was confident Harry was there, somewhere. 'Me? Weird? Why would you say such a thing?' he asked, an innocent look creeping onto his face.

He chuckled, eventually pulling his shirt on and wiggling into it. He watched as Harper found another bra and put it on. His eyes widened. She might aswell not wear one. Would be the same result. He stared for a few more seconds, before tearing his eyes away.

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Harper slid the bra on, hands slowing once she listened to Neil. She turned her head slowly and narrowed her eyes at him, yet again. Mine? What the hell did he mean by that? What, was he gonna talk to the doctor's round here or something? She'd tried. They never listened.

"Neil, what on earth are you planning?" She demanded, turning around and placing her hands on her hips. Briefly, she realized how ridiculous she must look. Shirtless, in a pair of jeans and high heels, with hands on hips. Classy and ridiculous. Like a hooker realizing she had no pay, she thought critically. She glanced down instinctively, eyes widening at she noticed the see through material on her chest. Her suspicions vanished into thin air as her slight embarrassment rose up. She avoided Neil's gaze as she hastily turned back around, scrabbling through the drawer again, this time paying attention to her search. She hadn't meant to pick that one up. It was for... Other times. Not when she was in public. "Damned distractions." She mumbled, shaking her head. "Thanks for telling me, jerk!" She called out, her cheeks a faint red.

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Neil had a hurt look on his face, 'Why you looking at me like that?' he asked with a smile, 'You think I won't deliver?' he asked.

Neil chortled lightly when Harper questioned him. From the waist down she looked quite respectable, something you'd see in high end restaurants. From the waist up...well, that was a different story, 'What have I done?' he asked, smiling slightly. He knew exactly how he'd been. Asking about the trainers, telling them they were her's. He watched her rummage through her drawers again. His hand went down the back of his trousers, pulling out the bra. He grinned, 'You'll never guess what I've just found, Harper dear-but if you're going to call me jerk, maybe I shan't show you.'

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Harper smiled confusedly at Neil, anger instantly vanishing at his hurt expression. Deliver? She inwardly shook her head, deciding that Neil was playing a game she didn't understand. Maybe he liked to pretend he could get stuff whenever he liked it? She couldn't blame him, if he was. She'd played that game for the first few months of her time here. It was bitter when she realized it never really worked.

"Sure I do, baby." She nodded vaguely, hoping her words would be what he wanted to hear. "I believe in you." She held back a chuckle, starting to turn her back on him again.

Her mind automatically noticed the playful tone to Neil's voice. Associated with happiness in her mind, it wasn't too concerning to her. She let his words wash over her, not giving them much mind. '..guess what I've just found...' She snapped her head to the side, hand frozen over the dresser drawer handle. Neil grinned at her and she had to brush the instant smile off her face. She stepped away from her dresser and squinted at him, trying to see what he was talking about. Her suspicions arose slowly. The smug twinkle in his eye brought a purse to her lips. He wouldn't have. "Neil... What are you hiding?" She asked him in a dark tone, hand propped on her hip.

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Neil chuckled slowly, 'You don't believe me, do you?' he asked, knowing full well what the answer was. Just adds to the surprise then. When it comes around...if it comes around. He had no problem with her being skeptical about what he was saying. People had been previously. And then he delivered. He smirked, proud of that part of his past.

Bingo! Neil raised an eyebrow, 'What could I possible be hiding?' he asked, a big grin playing on his face, 'I'm an honest man, Harper. You should know that.' he chuckled.

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Harper cast a worried stare over Neil's face. She really did think he was taking it a bit too far. She could handle playful daydreaming. She could handle foolish dreams. But, she was concerned by the determination in his eyes. He didn't even look like their was any possibility in failure. She smoothed a smile over her face.

"Not a word." She admitted with a shake of her head, seeing no reason to admit otherwise. "I've already tried to get stuff in here; they ignore the crazy and send them back to their room." She said bitterly, recalling previous events.

He did. Oh, that jerk. I'll kill him. A growl crawled out her chest and she glared at Neil, walking over to him. "Honest as a soon to be dead man. Honest as a deceased-conman, maybe." She came to a half before him, eyes burning. Her heels allowed her to be at a height where she could almost his eyes and she took the chance to step closer, face flushed in irritation. "Hand it over." She demanded, poking his chest. "Or else." She left the threat dangling in the air.

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Yup. That expression answered his question. All the better when I prove you wrong. He smirked, 'Say, let's have a bet. If I can get these trainers for you, you...' he frowned in thought, thinking of possible ideas, 'We partake in intercourse this Sunday,' he stated with a grin on his face. A cheeky one, at that, 'This will be different, I promise.'

Neil smiled slightly, enjoying this fiery Harper he lusted over, 'Or else what?' he replied, rather cliche. What kind of shite movie was he in now? Or else what? He chuckled at him self.

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Harper couldn't help but chuckle at Neil's bargaining tool. Like he really had to blackmail her into that. That stuff was more of a given. Her laughter melted into the air as she observed his expression. There was complete certainty there, without one glint of doubt. It surprised her. She'd expected more determination, maybe, annoyance that she wasn't playing his game. But he just looked... Completely self assured. She frowned and let her disbelief go slightly. Maybe... Maybe he did have a way to do this. Somehow. She wasn't sure she wanted to know what 'somehow' involved.

"Honey, let's not pretend that won't be happening anyway." She rolled her eyes at him, smiling dryly. She tapped her fingers against her jeans briefly, considering what she could bet against him with. But really, she didn't want to. She had faith in him. If he truly believed that he could achieve it, she would believe along with him. "Neil, if you don't get the trainers, we partake in intercourse this Sunday." She smirked. It was a good bet. She liked win-win odds.

She stepped even closer to him, her chest brushing his. She stepped again, forcing him to the wall. She had to admit, she was doing that a lot with him. It was a side of her she never knew she liked. She brushed the revelation away, fixating on having her clothing returned. "Or else this..." She grasped his hands and slid them to her backside, trying to ignore the warmth of his skin. "Will never be touched by your thieving hands again." She threatened.

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(iDoom time :( ) - Neil wondered what she was chuckling at. His 'bet'? It was a tad pathetic. She would be giving him sex for a pair of bloody trainers. What next, a wank for a sandwich? - Neil grinned joyously as Harper said what needed saying, 'Shit you serious?' he asked, hoping for a yes. Me and my male tendencies, he thought. He frowned at Harper's bet, 'But there nothing in that for me. Apart from the sex but I am getting you these trainers.' he said, the frown holding. Until she came close. The feeling of her chest sent a warm feeling splashing across his face. He was blushing. Then his hands were taken away and put on a piece of heaven. At a cost. The bra fell to the ground behind Neil's feet. He cursed.
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O. Gallan Rager

Rick hugged Yvette tightly, kissing her cheek over and over again, rubbing her bum.

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(Doom, doom, DOOOM.)

Harper smirked sinfully at the noise of something falling to the ground behind her. Men. One thing at once in their minds. And that thing was easy to predict. She slanted her lips against Neil's for a split second, exhaling a slow breath over his face, before pulling away and bending to pick her bra up. That was easier than I thought.

"Thanks, honey bunch!" She chirped merrily, walking away and switching the garments over quickly. She hummed loudly to herself, slipping her shirt back on. She glanced over to Neil, almost feeling sorry for the poor sap. But, he had to learn. Attempted revenge with Harper always bit you in the butt. She chuckled. And she knew how much Neil liked her butt. She slipped her hands into the back pockets of her jeans, swaying slowly side to side as an almost peace offering for Neil. "Sunday, then?" She called over her shoulder, removing one hand to grab a hair scrunchie from her desk.

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(that made me laugh more than it should of) - Neil smirked when he felt the breathe. He closed his eyes and leaned forward, expecting to feel Harper's soft touch. But it never came. He cracked open an eye and saw Harper was nowhere near him. Atleast she didn't see that. 'Oh it's fine. No need to thank me.' he chuckled, disappointed at how that turned out. His ears pricked up when Sunday was mentioned, We're going ahead with that?' he asked, grinning as he replayed what Harper said in his head.
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(If said in the right voice, the word 'Hippo' would probably entertain you.)

Harper tied her hair up and looked over to Neil, smiling comfortingly at his expression. Poor little- too tall, man looked like I'd taken away his favourite toy. She grinned at the thought. She could really be happy as his favourite toy.

"Okay then." She replied and arched an eyebrow at him. "I won't. Screw you, buddy boy. The next time you hide my bra, I make good on my threat." She said, her voice smiling where her expression tried not to. She caved after a moment, curling her lips into a smirk. Smirking seemed to be her way of smiling. She wasn't sure if that was good or bad. "Sunday happens as long as you're a good boy." She told him, pointing a stern finger in his direction. " Until then, you owe me a good time with our clothes on." She informed him, hooking her thumbs into the front pockets of her jeans.

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Neil chuckled, daring to confront Harper, 'Alright babe, don't pull a muscle,' he said, adding a smile in for good measure. How he loved challenging Harper. Then the smirk showed she wasn't as serious as he thought. Still, she looked good angry. He chuckled. Him, a good boy, 'You expect me to be a good boy? Really now, Harper? I ain't got a problem with clothes on entertainment, though.' he smiled. - ( posh voice did it for me XD)
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Madame Apathy

"What is it, Rick?" she asked, sitting up.

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Harper grabbed an empty water bottle and threw it at Neil with a scowl. Telling me not to pull a muscle. It only takes about three to hit him. How she hated the fact that the endearment melted her into the ground so. It was so hard to stay angry at him when his lips formed the word 'babe'.

"I'm sure you can be a good boy, when given the right end goal." She remarked confidently, flashing him a glance full of promises. She had a few ideas how he could score that goal. She chuckled and took one last look in the mirror. Satisfied, she nodded at herself and turned to Neil. Her eyes ran slowly over his form, his mighty fine form, in a careful scrutiny. Or at least, that's what she told herself. She definitely wasn't just ogling him...

..Okay fine, she was completely ogling him. Screw it, he was her boyfriend. She was allowed. Her eyes crawled up to meet his and she sighed. She loved his eyes. There was nothing else she wanted to see more when she woke up. "Okay then, lover." She drawled out, walking over to him. "Entertain me." She paused a foot away, rocking on her heels. "I am peckish, I might add."

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O. Gallan Rager

"Nothing," Rick said, still rubbing her bum and kissing her. "Just making sure your alright. You wanted me here, remember?"

6/20/2012 #1,764
Madame Apathy

She nodded, slinging her arms around his neck.

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Neil caught the bottle and immediately threw it to the ground. He whooped as he yelled, 'Touchdown!' he laughed afterwards, blushing ever so slightly. When she spoke next, he noticed it contained power, confidence. She believed he could. He couldn't. Not with his outside friend joining him on the inside. He rid the thought from his mind. He caught her admiring his body. He'd done it enough times, so it was only fair for Harper to have a gaze. She spoke next. Permian. He smirked, lust circling around his eyes, 'But I dont wanna ruin your appearance, honey.' he said, already having his hands on her waist.
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(Did you mean to put Permian? 'Cos, I googled it and it's a period of time about 299 million years ago. If so, I think Harper is offended.)

Harper giggled at Neil's silliness, kicking the bottle away. I love his sporadic fun behaviour. And that blush. Just the cutest goddamn thing in the world, I swear. She raised a hand to brush it, smiling.

"You're a fool." She purred, chuckling. Her smile dropped slightly at his expression, noticing a quick flicker of something like fear or worry in his face. As quickly as it appeared, it was gone, lust replacing it. Her mind followed it slightly, trying to work out it's source. She dropped her hand from his face to hang at her side as she looked into Neil's eyes, wary about that quick flash in his face. It didn't look good. When he spoke, however, her worries drifted away reluctantly and eagerly. By the time she had digested his words, he was already surrounding her with an embrace. She laughed, sliding her hands below his and moving them off her hips, keeping them linked with a grin.

"Baby, try and control yourself. I really am hungry." She swung their hands happily. "Someone wore me out." She remarked pointedly.

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(O_O I didn't ha meant to put peckish) - Neil smiled at Harper's giggle. So adorable-wait. Did he just consider her giggle...adorable? He was going soft. 'Which makes you fools gold,' he said with a wink. Just the way she said that was so smooth. If anything her voice was like velvet. His hands were moved away from her hips. He had got the wrong idea. 'Oh, my mistake. I thought you wanted to-oh nevemind.' he chuckled.
6/20/2012 . Edited 6/20/2012 #1,768

(Ha, good.)

Harper fluttered under Neil's comment, biting her lip in reply to his wink. His power over her body wasn't fair, she decided. She loved it, but disliked it equally. It was tough to swallow so quickly.

At his obvious disappointment over her dismissal of his actions, she sighed and rolled her eyes. She leant forward, maybe loving the heels a little more, and pressed a kiss to his lips. "Later." She whispered, pulling away and tugging on his hands slightly. "Now, take me to find some food, or I'll eat you." She paused, wrinkling her nose at him. "Don't comment on that." She said, expecting an innuendo filled joke to follow her words. She knew Neil well enough to know that.

6/20/2012 . Edited 6/20/2012 #1,769
Neil smirked at the lip bite. Something he'd seen Harper do before, but it never got old. It always attracted him to her. Simple, yet effective. Very effective indeed. Neil grinned as Harper pulled away. It worked out for him. And the matter of 'later'. He suppressed a childish giggle as Harper continued, 'You're mistaken, baby. Im the one who does the eating.' he laughed. 'Theres a cafe around here somewhere.' he said, leading Harper to the door.
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