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Zalden the Maniac

i want you to do it in this format, If claiming a character, either PM me or post below.



Species (Dark Maker, Precursor, Human/elf[whatever the hell Jak is] Metal Head, or robot?)



Vehicles (if any):

Bio(also include if this character is relevant to the J and D series):

Extra Information:

I also claim Daxter, since im the first one here.

2/8/2012 #1
Jack of Blade's Daughter

Name: Jane

Gender: Female

Species: Elf

Age: 21

Weapons: Standard Red Modded Morph gun, and a small steel knife with blue eco channeling across the edge.

Vehicles: A personal zoomer.

Bio: Jane was one of the many unlucky people in Baron Praxis's rule to be randomly picked off the streets and into prison for either execution or experimentation. She was unlucky enough to get the ladder, being one of the fellow experiments with Jak in the dark warrior program, they considered her a failure since her abilities only manifested partially. When the guards were going to kill her, Jak had escaped the prison, giving her enough time to kill the guards and escape.

Extra information: more than likely due to her exposure to dark eco, she has.... anger issues and a love for violence.

4/29/2012 #2
Name: Jay Gender: fem Species: Elf Age: 19 Weapons: Blaster, Pea Shooter Vehicles: Modified Dust Demon Bio: OC... Jay is a Wastelander. She teaches little kids how to use guns and fight. She is well respected and is an expert on guns. Her trophies collection is admirable, especially with all the artifacts she gained. She has a father and a mother who are both wastelanders, too. Extra Information: She can be a bit... harsh at times... hehe
6/15/2012 #3
Zalden the Maniac

I accept both!

7/17/2012 #4
The name of Jak's species is Monk. They are Monks.
9/5/2013 #5
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