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Raising his head slowly, giving her a deadly glare as his eyes blackened. Looking her over, he noticed she stayed just inside the threshold. Lucky her. He growled at her and licked his teeth with his mouth closed. Leaning as far as he could into the house. He smirked darkly at her and stepped back a pace. No longer caring about Charley or Jane. "Sable..." He greeted in return slowly. He was having trouble containing himself.

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When he heard Sable answer the door, Charley took a breath before leaving the bathroom. Feeling extremely awkward, and now nervous that Jerry was right on his porch, but he knew he had to make this look believable. Passing his mom without so much as glancing at her, he tried to ignore the angry looking Jerry as Charley came up behind Sable. Turning her around, he pressed his lips to hers in an attempt to make it look meaningful.

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Sable's eyes went huge in shock as she was pushed roughly against the door and her mouth invaded. She was still a twenty year old women so her reaction was quite amusing. She squeeled in the back of her throat and shook her hands up and down in a panicked motion before pushing him off and slapping him which sent him into the wall, "DU VERDAMMTER BASTARD", she screamed at him and clutched her mouth as she ran across the street, "NEED ACID", she yelled and all was heard was her slamming and locking her door. She went into the bathroom and started to scrub out her mouth.

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Jerry stepped back a step and scowled disbelieving their actions. He smelt them quickly and his suspicion proved right. Stepping aside as Sable ran off while raising his brow, he watched her for a moment then looked back at Charley and gave him a small look. His eyes still black and he chuckled, leaning on the frame. "Do you really think I am that stupid, boy? I wasn't born yesterday. I'll deal with you later." Jerry said with a calm voice, but the threat very much present. Glancing past Charley, he looked at Jane and winked at her before he vanished. He kicked down the door to Sables and followed her scent upstairs. Catching her by the throat violently, he slammed her to the ground. "What the hell do you think your doing? Trying to learn about me? I heard some of what you spoke of. You really want to question about me? I'll tell you. I'm the last of the Earth Breed. The strongest of all of of us. And you just pissed me off."

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Charley winced at how hard she slapped him, not thinking that was very necessary as he carefully rubbed his cheek before hearing Jerry chuckling. Swallowing, he turned to look at him nervously. Hearing his words, he was about to protest, but Jerry was suddenly gone. "Fuck.." He muttered as he tried to look outside to see any sight of him before hearing a loud slam and realized he was going into what he assumed was Sable's house. "What was that all about??" Jane quickly asked, completely confused as she tried to calm her racing heart. "We were just trying to trick him." Charley quickly explained, not wanting this to somehow get back to Amy. He licked his lips nervously as he debated going to help her. She said she was a type of vampire...surely she could fight against Jerry? And really, what would Charley be able to do? Groaning as he debated...he just wanted a calm quiet night...

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"Can't I be intuitive?", she with the toothbrush still in her mouth, "I suggest you let spit this out so I don't accidentally spit it all over you", she said in a calm and gurgling tone. She actually leaned over to the sink with his hand still on her throat and spit up the toothbrush and suds. She whipped off the mouth with the back of her hand, "So your telling me if I asked you any question you would answer?", she asked with her head tilted to the side, "Don't you think I find you just a bit intimidating? Just a bit?",she said pushing herself up in his face. She was just sick and tired of it all. Her eyes narrowed, "I TRIED to be nice ,but no you bring out my dark side and fuck it all up when I just move in", her eyes went slits. Her finally leaned back, "This always happens", she sighed. She looked worn, "What do you want?"

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Jerry tilted his head and growled at her, his instincts told him to tear her to pieces. Which he was seriously considering doing at the moment. His dangerous glare didn't falter once. Grabbing her throat again and his other hand held the back of her hair. "You.. will abide by my rules." He said smelling her lightly, then grinned darkly. Letting out a scent of pure rage. Which he never released unless he wanted to make everything around him fall into fear. Suddenly most of the animals in the neighbourhood started to whine and howl loudly. "You think you can just do whatever you want? In MY territory? Question about me with my play things?" He questioned softly as he glared. His hand squeezing dangerously close to breaking her neck. "I don't care what you are... Your weak. I hate weak things. You just made an enemy out of me. I would have brought you to learn what you are, how to blend and take control of your pathetic hunger...This is your last chance. Piss me off again, I'll tear you to peaces and feed you to your fucking dog. Do you understand me?" He snarled at her then threw he back before walking away and vanishing. Walking into his house, he trembled with rage. Something he hadn't done in a very long time. His head fell back as he closed his eyes, beginning to laugh loudly.

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Continuing to watch outside nervously, Charley looked over to the side when he heard Jerry's door suddenly opening, wondering if he came home. Although that still didn't answer his question as to whether or not Sable was ok. Swallowing, he grew worried that Jerry just killed her, getting rid of whatever chance she might of had at helping Charley. He wanted to go check on her, but knew it would be a completely stupid idea to go outside right now. He then realized that he should probably call Peter, but seeing the time, he was probably doing his show right now. Letting out a breath, he took a quick look outside again before pulling out his phone, texting Peter, telling him to call as soon as he got the message.

-A little while later, Alexis woke up with a slight groan. She felt a little better as she got up, knowing part of her problem was that she was hungry. Getting up slowly and going to the kitchen, she checked her fridge again as if food would have magically appeared while she was asleep. Shutting it again, she grabbed a bag of chips, about to move back into the living room, but her phone caught her eye. Realizing she had a new voice mail, she clicked to listen to it, grimacing when her boss's angry voice came over the line. Listening to him for a moment, she definitely got the jist that he wasn't happy that she hadn't showed up the past two nights. By what he said, it sounded like she didn't have a job there anymore. Sighing, she figured that made things easy so she didn't have to quit now, but it also meant that she would have to look for something else if she did decide to stay here. Going back to the living room, she turned on the tv and munched on the chips, figuring she wouldn't worry about it tonight and instead enjoy the quiet and peacefulness.

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She rubbed her throat in discomfort and went to the window. She rubbed her arms and almost screamed in frustration. She scratched her fingers in her hair and felt her claws slowly dig in. Then she decided something. She walked out angrily and started to hotwire a car on the street while the family was sleeping. She let the engine come to a purr and drove off at full speed towards Vegas. She was going to a DAMNED blood bank. The next couple of hours she was nowhere to be seen until she pulled up in a red truck and was wearing different clothing. She looked different all together. All the warmth in the face had morphed into a mask. She was bringing in her cousin to come down and stay with her. She had sated her hunger by stealing into a blood bank and drinking as much as she could. She found that if it wasn't human or from a human directly that it did not hurt her. She slammed the truck shut and glared at Jerry's. She was playing stupid this whole time. Playing naive on purpose. He just had to bring out her bad side. All men brought out her bad side.

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Jerry sat in the livingroom quietly, watching television as though nothing had happened tonight. As he sat there, he knew that the peace was over. Death was coming for either himself, or anyone who opposed him. Perhaps tonight was a perfect night to unleash his tribe and increase his numbers just to ensure that he would be extremely hard to reach once the war really started. Standing up and going upstairs, he opened the trapdoor as he called them all out. One by one, his tribe emerged ready to do what they were told. Looking at them all, realizing that fifteen really wasn't enough. He smiled at them as he rolled hos shoulders. "We are going to go out and play. I want more. More blood. More numbers. Kill if you have too, but I want as many alive back here as you can. Keep it quiet." He said as he turned and led them out of the house. Looking around as they scattered, they went all over the neighborhood. He stood on the top of his house, watching with a pleased smile.
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She watched as they scattered and that's when a couple of them were surrounding her with interest and she looked up at Jerry, "HEY CALL EM OFF", she said as they slowly started to close in and she angrily looked back and forth at them. Her gaze was calm ,but she felt everything start to bubble. She had energy and power now ,but pissing off by killing his 'children' was not a good idea, "HELLOOOO", she called at him knowing that he was there, "COME ON DUDE", she said slowly moving closer to her front door.

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Looking down across the street, he smiled lightly as he knelt down. He wanted them to tear her to pieces. But that was a pleasure he wanted for himself. Huffing lightly, he sent them away. He watched that they disappeared and a few returned with unconscious people. Smirking lightly he would wait until the rest returned before completeing his plan.
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She moved into her house, "And no more coming into my house, invite taken back", she cupped her hands and called before she opened the door and closing it behind her. She locked it and proceeded to go around the house and lock all the windows. Surprisingly enough it would be thirty minutes until the sun started to rise. She sighed and sat in the basement with a glass of beer in one hand trying to calm down.

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-After Charley had shut the door and answered his mom's questions, he once again talked her out of calling the cops. "Charley, this is getting ridiculous! I'm not staying in my house at night, living in fear for the rest of my life!" She snapped at him as Charley sighed, knowing she was right. "Look, we're just being careful. The only reason Jerry came over tonight was because she was over here. He'll leave us alone if we mind our own business." He said, glancing at his phone every so often, but knowing Peter probably wasn't going to call back until much later. Going and making sure he locked the front door out of paranoia, he let out a breath, feeling stressed.

-As Alexis sat watching tv for awhile, she got up to go get herself a glass of water in the kitchen. At the sink, she ran the water before frowning suddenly, turning off the faucet. Hearing a small scratching noise, she turned slowly, pausing as she quietly listened. Wondering if it was the neighbor's cat again, wanting food, she moved over to the backdoor to where the sound was coming from. Opening it, she screamed, being startled by a hungry looking man, snarling at her with fangs out. He kept trying to move forward, but without an invitation, he was blocked from getting in. Quickly, she slammed the door back shut, locking it as she backed away from it with a confused expression. "What. The. Shit..." She muttered, wondering how he would have gotten out of Jerry's house because he obviously belonged to him. She slowly made her way back to the living room to look out the window...There was no way she was leaving her house to go tell Jerry one of his little pets got out...She just hoped there wasn't anyone else outside tonight.

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Jerry looked around silently, thirteen had returned with potential newborns. The neighborhood stunk of blood and fear. And like he ordered, it was silent. Except for the occasional screams that died as soon as they started. Looking towards the sky slowly, it was time to call them all back. Time was running short, but they all returned. He looked around in a pleased manner before dropping down and going inside. He closed the door slowly as he looked at the people laying on the floor. He gave each of his tribe a loving smile before his features changed, and procceeded to begin the turnings. ---- Peter's show ended around one in the morning. He yawned as he went back into his pent house. Picking up his phone to see if he had missed any texts or calls, he found an urgent message from Charley. He frowned and called him. Waiting for an answer for a minute before there wasn't an answer. Frowning, he called again as he pulled off the wig and slipped the heavy leather coat off. "Charley! He--" He stoped and heard his panicked voice. "Fuck! Slow down!!" He groaned in annoyance.
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-Hearing his phone ring, Charley fumbled with it before he answered it. Realizing he was speaking again way too quickly for Peter to understand, Charley let out a frustrated groan before starting again, a little slower, but not by much. "There is another fucking vampire or something in the neighborhood...She came over and was asking all these questions about Jerry...and then he came and got really pissed...and then I had to kiss her so she'd slap me, but Jerry didn't believe it, but I think it's ok because I think she's on our side...but I don't know if he killed her or not.." He started talking quicker the more he talked, not making much sense as he tried to get everything out in one breath, not realizing that story probably made no sense to Peter.

-Alexis watched out the window for awhile, hearing a scream somewhere outside as she bit her lip, feeling really guilty now. Looking around, she narrowed her eyes, wondering why Jerry wasn't going out there bringing the loose vampire back...of course not knowing that there was a lot more than just one loose vampire. She stood at the window for a little longer, irritated with herself for not getting Jerry's number...that would make things a lot easier. Sighing in annoyance, she waited a few more minutes but the neighborhood had grown quiet again. Figuring things had quieted down and were back to normal, she moved away from the window, letting out a sigh of relief.

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Peter blinked slowly and was seriously lost. "Okay.. what the fuck did you just tell me?! Another vampire.. who asked about Jerry, but is on our side? and may or may not be dead.. What the fuck is going on over there!?" He nearly yelled as he held the back of his head. Completely lost with this new information. Sitting down slowly as he scowled. "What specifically did she ask?"

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Charley flinched slightly as Peter suddenly yelled. Although he couldn't really blame him. This did sound pretty ridiculous. "Umm...she mainly just asked me what type of vampire he was. That was it. And she said she was kind of a vampire or something too, but she wasn't going to hurt me. Oh, and she didn't need an invitation to get in my house either." Charley said, trying to think of the most important things to tell Peter.

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Peter frowned in disbelief. "What?? Your fucking kidding me.." He said as he thought on it for a minute. Drawing in a breath, he turned his eyes towards the window. "Fuck me.. I thought those were only myth.." He said outloud slowly. Blinking when Charley questioned him. "Vampires need invitations to enter a house. But I read once that on a rare, extremely rare fucking change, there's ones that are born. They can't control what they are, so majority of the time they end up dying out at a young age.." He tried to explain as best he could from memory.
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Charley narrowed his eyes as he listened, getting a bit confused. "Well, that's a good thing then right?" He began before clarifying, "I mean, she seems like she's on our side. So maybe she can help us get rid of Jerry. She seems like a normal person, I wouldn't have ever guessed anything was strange about her until she told me. So I really think she's harmless to us compared to Jerry." He said, growing excited, "We might actually have a shot against him now." He said, of course saying this before he knew if she would agree to it or not...And before knowing whether she was still alive or not too.

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Peter closed his eyes and rubbed his eyes slightly. "Maybe. I don't know. If she is alive.. I say fucking rights." He said lightly then yawned again. "Look, I don't mean to sound like a douche.. But I need to get to bed. Tonight kicked my ass. I'm exhausted." He said trying not to yawn. "I'll call you first thing as soon as I am up and I'll come over. Alright?" He said as he finally yawned. "If anything happens out of the ordinary, call me. Ok? If I don't answer, just keep calling until I do." He instructed before hanging up. He pulled the fake hair from his face slowly before he stood up and walked to his room. Changing out of the leather pants and into something more comfortable before collapsing onto his bed and falling asleep right away. ---- Jerry sat in the livingroom quietly. Tired and drained literally. Rick didn't survive the day, and turned sometime during the night while he was busy leading distruction. Which made his numbers incredibly high for putting a rush on things. But made him vulnerable. Knowing that the sun was up now, he knew he should be down below with the others, but there was no room for him to sleep properly. He laid down slowly, feeling as though he would fall apart of he moved to quickly. He was gaunt, and almost looking like a living corpse. His pale skin was greyed. Maybe putting a rush on things might end up killing him.
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After reluctantly getting off the phone with Peter, Charley figure he too needed to get some rest. The next morning, while he only got a few hours of sleep, he knew he needed to at least go to school today. If only to make things seem like they were normal. Still not having gotten his bike fixed, he asked his mom to drive him, not wanting to bug Amy just yet because he had a feeling she would have quite a few things to say to him. When he got to school, he found out that he was right as Amy cornered him in the hallway and demanded answers. "Look, I'm sorry about ignoring you lately...but things haven't been grandma died.." He made up on the spot, hoping that was a good enough excuse. It seemed to work because immediately he could tell Amy felt guilty, hugging him and apologizing. Charley let out a breath, mentally reminding himself to tell his mom that story just in case Amy mentioned it the next time she was around. ----Alexis woke sometime the next morning and after actually taking the time to cook herself something, she felt a lot better. Going outside, she was in a good mood until she remembered the loose vampire from last night and the scream she had heard. Curious to know what had happened, especiallly since Jerry hadn't come over last night and harassed her like he said he would. Obviously he had been busy with something, only making her curious to know with what. Feeling completely opposite from how she did the day before, having eaten and slept off the hangover, she walked down the block, looking around and realizing how empty it looked. Usually the neighborhood was full of life in the day, but she wasn't seeing too many people out right now. Frowning lightly, she shrugged it off, remembering Jerry say how it wasn't fair to always blame the vampire...even if that was the logical thing to do. Going up to Jerry's porch, she knocked lightly this time, waiting a moment to see if she could hear any response.
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(For some reason my wifi isn't working, and fido isn't that great with their browser.. Sooo my posts might be delayed this day. Just a heads up!) Peter woke shortly after eleven. And for the first time since all this started happening, he didn't wake up feeling afraid. It could have been because all the bullshit that happened last night, and firing one of the women that played one of the vampires since she refused to go on stage. Now he had to find someone else, train them, make sure they were hot and didn't piss him off right away. He stretched and looked at his phone. Surprised that Charley hadn't called, but assumed that everything was going fine for the time being. He sent him a text to let him know he was up, but couldn't make it over just yet. He had to put another ad out for Fright Night. ---- Jerry raised his eyes towards the door, but didn't get up. He didn't know if it was locked or not. That and he was curious to know who it was. Pushing himself up slowly, he slowly made his way towards the door. Smelling slowly. A smile grew on his face slightly, not caring if Alexis was here to snap at him or not. He opened the door slowly, but stayed out of view. Not wanting her to see him in such a vulnerable state, he relied on the darkness of his home for now. "Hurry up.. Its unusually bright and it hurts." He stated.
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(Alrighty) -Things at school seemed to be normal, and for that, Charley was glad. He never thought he'd think it, but he was actually glad to be at school, being a normal teenager, and not scared half to death that a vampire was going to come out of nowhere and eat him. Although he knew all that was going to change as soon as he got back home. At lunch, Charley got the text from Peter, replying to tell him that he was at school and what time he would be home if Peter decided to come over. "Who's that?" Amy asked as Charley finished up the message. "Just my mom." He assured her before putting the phone back in his pocket. "So...I was thinking that maybe I could come over after school and we could study for the math test or something." Amy mentioned a few mometns later as Charley sighed. He was about to protest with some excuse, but the look she gave him said that she was really just testing him to see if he'd want to hang out with her or not. "Umm...My mom is still kinda grieving over my grandma...Could we maybe go to your house instead?" Charley asked with a hopeful smile, not wanting to seem like he was blowing her off, but also really not wanting her around his house while Jerry was still around. When she finally agreed, he let out a breath of relief.

-Alexis wasn't sure if he wanted her to hurry up and say what she came to say, or if it meant to hurry up and come inside, but she took it as the latter and made her way past him. "You didn't come over last night." She mentioned casually, not really bothered by it, but just mentioning it because he said he would. "Not that I'm complaining or anything." She laughed lightly, obviously in a better mood today, but was glad he hadn't harassed her while she had felt like crap. "Oh, and one of your little vampire guys tried to kill me last night too. Thought you should probably know that. You should probably keep those things on leashes or something." She said, meaning for it to be a joke, but finding herself suddenly thinking that was a good idea. "Are you ok?" She asked a moment later as her smile faltered a bit, as he seemed a bit off.

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Peter smirked and started to make phone calls. He would go to the Brewster's house later. But right now, he had to find a replacement for Samm. He started calling people who had auditioned before, hoping that he would find someone at least till he found an even better person. Glancing at the time, he figured he could squeeze in a few auditions in before he felt like heading over to the kids place. --- Jerry shut the door slowly then leaned his head against it. Feeling even more vulnerable now then a few minutes ago. "My apologies.. For not keeping my word." He said lightly, then slowly started turning around. "And a few had gotten.. out while I was busy. No harm done.. Just a few scared people.. Is all." Jerry lied and started moving towards her. Though with each step made him even more tired. Reaching out, he raised his hand towards her before dropping to his knees with a small grunt. "I'm fine.. Just.. Peachy." He said with a small laugh. "Bad blood..." He lied again. Wishing he didn't have to but knowing that telling her would only drive her away. Something that he knew he should do, but would drive him insane if he did it.
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-School went by quickly, a little too quickly in Charley's opinion. He knew that soon he would have to go back to constantly looking over his shoulder and being paranoid, but he figured he would enjoy the remaining hours of daylight without worrying about whatever was going to happen tonight. While he didn't want anything to happen, he knew wishing for a night of peace in his neighborhood wasn't going to happen. Last night was a good reminder of that. Leaving the school, Charley got in Amy's car and decided to head for ice cream first.

-She watched him, a little unsure of things until he fell down. Surprised at this, she quickly knelt down beside him, not thinking she had ever seen him so weak. "Woah there.." She said, putting an arm around his waist and one of his arms around her shoulders in an attempt to help him, "We should probably try to get you to the couch.." She told him, not knowing how much of a help she was going to be, but could at least attempt to help him over there. "Who's blood did you drink?" She asked curiosly with a small laugh, not knowing that there was such a thing as 'bad blood' to a vampire.

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Sable spent the day in a neutral boredom on her computer ordering new furniture and other objects of interest that she needed at the moment. She rubbed her eyes and decided to take a break from the computer. From the night before she had changed into a pair of pinstriped skinny jeans, med top converse that were black and a tank top with a Slipknot band logo on the back in red. She had her hair mussed up as usual and in her pure boredom she had painted her fingers black. She was not usually one for nail polish and if her claws came out it would probably flake right off. She clutched her hands slightly and she went into the kitchen for her evening beer to keep her buzzed. Beer was her friend.. along with cigars ,but the liquid kept her calm and dazed so she could walk around and act 'normal.' She popped the top off with her teeth and spat it into the garbage and took a long swig and a long moan emitted from her lips after she swallowed. Her gaze slowly settled on the bright skies outside with squinted eyes. She slowly got her sunglasses and slipped them on.

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Jerry didn't move for a moment as she knelt beside him. Chuckling as he nuzzled against her shoulder and pushed himself to his feet slowly. "Some stupid.. Human. First time.. I had that here." He said and was glad she hadn't noticed how deathly he looked. His eyes trailed to her throat, his lip curled back slowly as his fangs grew. Closing his eyes slowly, he buried his face against her neck as his arms wrapped around her. "Stay.."
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Letting out a breath after he got to his feet, she narrowed her eyes questioningly as he drew closer, wanting her to stay. "Let's go to the couch, you need to sit down or something.." She said to him, moving out of his embrace as she moved to stand next to him to help him walk over. "How long do you think this will last?" She asked, not wanting to have to offer her blood to make him feel better, but knowing she was probably going to have to as she grew a little worried by his weakness.
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He exhlaed lightly as she moved away, but didn't stop her either. Moving towards the couch, he dropped heavily and slumped to the side with a small smile. "I don't know. Probably will end once I feed.." He said and looked at her. "I'm not going to ask that of you.. I might kill you." He said and chuckled. "Have any enemies you want to get rid of?" He asked in a curious teasing tone, though he was serious as well.
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