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Greeting, all my mini- students, I mean. Heh. A little slip of the tongue there. Ignore it...what do you mean, it sounded like I was saying "minions"? Why would I do such a thing? No. Seriously. I didn't say anything even related to "minion". You're still not convinced? But I thought humans were reassured by smiles! Oh. So...my smile looks like one of a demented psycho whose planning to murder you when you're asleep and no that isn't reassuring at all? Oops. I shall take this onto account for the next time I need to converse with people on the other side of the insanity spectrum. But yes, where were we? Ah. You still don't believe that I didn't say "minion". Well, to be honest, I'm getting tired of arguing with you guys, so...wait a moment...where is it ..ah! No, you shouldn't be scared of the thing that looks suspiciously like a mindwiping device, and I am totally not going to use it on you...

(several minutes later)

Hello, class. I see that you are blinking confusedly and wondering why there is a sudden blank in your memory. I have no idea what hhappened, so let's just move on. I am Miss Cheese Cake/Gwen Royale/Horny Eyelash, depending on whichever fake ID I'm using to throw the police off my trail at the moment. I teach psychology, also know as the art of mindfucking. I will teach you the mysteries of the human mind, mind control, how to build a complete psychological profile of a person with only one word as a clue, and mich, much more.

Now, you might be wondering why these lessons are in the dungeon, and it's simply because I prefer the decor more, and not because there's nowhere else big enough to store the mind-control lab ray I definitely don't have and is definitely not artfully hidden under this big sheet.

I'm truly looking forward to teaching you all.

2/5/2012 #1
Proud to be Plug

//steps into dungeon tentatively

Hello there, Dr. Royale. I was wondering if I could perhaps take a course with you on the area of Basic Mind Manipulation? It would be most useful for my Thesis, which is concerned in no small way with mind manipulation.

2/7/2012 #2
Why, of course! Would you like a quick summary or an in-depth talk?
2/7/2012 #3
Proud to be Plug


A quick summary will suffice for now. I may come back for more information at a later stage.

Feel free, of course, to visit The Library if you want some information pertaining to my field.

2/7/2012 #4
Well, the easy option is to build a mind-control machine, though I can't be much help on that front, since I HAVE NO KNOWLEDGE WHATSOEVER ABOUT HOW TO BUILD ONE AND NO, THAT ISN'T A MIND-CONTROL RAY HIDDEN UNDER THAT SHEET WHAT WOULD GIVE YOU SUCH AN IDEA?

-innocent smile-

The other option requires slightly more effort. The basis of it is to understand your victim- I mean person you wish to influence. Once you know them well enough, you will be able to see things from their point of view, and therefore, work backwards from what they are feeling/thinking/doing to how to make them feel/think/do in this way.

The question is, how do you begin to understand your victim?

...That was a rhetorical question.

Well, practice makes perfect. Just practise watching people and analysing how they act; think about why they act the way they do.

That is a very quick overview. So, any questions? (Apart from "what's under that big sheet?")

Feel free, of course, to visit The Library if you want some information pertaining to my field.

Thank you. I may take you up on your offer someday. :)

2/8/2012 #5
Proud to be Plug

Hmm, whatever is the purpose of that large white sheet?

Fascinating. Understand the subject, I mean person.

And if the poor fool– person should proof very guarded and hard to read, what would you recommend?

2/8/2012 #6


Hmm. Well, try and find out stuff about them, from friends, from their history. Perhaps the reason for their hard-to-readness stems from their history, and once you've found that, easy peasy. Or you can experiment before your actual manipulation takes place and see how they react to certain actions of yours, which should make it easier for you to analyse them.

People that are harder to manipulate are the ones that seem easy to read but are actually very guarded and good at manipulation. How do you tell? Be better at manipulation than them is all I can say. XD

2/8/2012 #7
Proud to be Plug

I see, Professor.

//nodnod You truly are a master of your field.

Which makes me surprised that you don't have some form of mind-manipulation technology.

2/8/2012 #8
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