Scott Pilgrim: It's not over yet
Set after the end of the film: Scott Pilgrim thinks that it's all over now, but little does he know who else has an extra life... Gideon's back, and he's bringing the others too, but will Scott and Ramona be able to keep on going together? RP
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At the end of 'Scott Pilgrim vs The World' Scott and Ramona go through the door and onto the next path of life, taking their relationship forwards and running away together. They live happily ever after in each others arms. Or... so they thought...

Little did they realise that once they had left, Gideon used an extra life to return, going to take a vengance on the two and get Ramona back, whether she likes it or not. He's getting back all of Ramona's evil ex's in one way or another, and sending them out to kill Scott and return Ramona,dead or alive.

Friends and co, including Knives, Stephen, Kim, Young Neil/Neil, Wallace and his many boyfriends and many many more are going to warn them and help them out of this mess, and soon they will find that this battle will be bigger than before. Just they wait and see what kind of people Gideon is bringing in this time...

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The RP will be starting in POV of the people who were left behind and how Gideon's new plans have impacted them.

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