Scott Pilgrim: It's not over yet
Set after the end of the film: Scott Pilgrim thinks that it's all over now, but little does he know who else has an extra life... Gideon's back, and he's bringing the others too, but will Scott and Ramona be able to keep on going together? RP
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For those of you who want to be the new characters to this part of the story. Either there to help Scott and Ramona stay together, or to split them apart.




Which side? (Scott's or Gideon's?):



Weapons (When fighting):

History (Not much is needed here, just something.):


2/5/2012 #1
Name: Zane Malaxe. Gender: Male. Age: 27. Alignment: Scott. Personallity: Cocky and belligeent, with a bad habit of making cruel jokes and an anger issue problem. Appearance: an even 6ft, weighing 140 lbs. rather pale, with pitch black hair that falls over his bright blue eyes. Right ear peirced with black spikes. Outfits are typically dark and brooding-like. Weapons: Guitar transforms into an ivory white zweihander sword. History: Zane was tossed out of his heavy metal cover-band for breaking their bassist's fingers becuase he lost to him at Halo. Other: Smokes, and is kind of sickly.
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(Sorry about the format, my phone cant process the enter key)
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Abbey Dawn





Which side? :



Random and Temperamental for she is happily eating candy one minute and the next she is flipping people off with a sailor's mouth.Though her normal attitude is usually cheerful from evilly pranking someone.


She is around five feet and nine inches to six feet tall,weighing in at 120 lbs.Her slightly tanned skin is usually covered by graphic tees and skinny jeans with high tops,also a hat with either a popular game or tv show design on it.Due to her being far sighted she wears black thick rimmed glasses.Her hair is a dark brown with natural streaks of blonde,and blue strips of highlights in her hair.Her eyes switch from green to blue depending on her mood and though usually remain constant with a tealish color.Her bangs are usually brushed to the side.

Weapons :

Her drum sticks turn into dual wielding pistols.

History :

She used to belong to five other bands as a drummer,though had to leave due to her tendency to attack her band mates when they pissed her off or took her candy.


One of the bands she was in was called Sucking Lollies.

3/21/2013 #4

(I know this forum is dead but still)

Name: Jayden Green

Gender: Male

Age: 21

Which side? (Scott's or Gideon's?): Scotts

Personality: Lazy, constantly bored, and forgetful. Jayden is constantly looking for a companion. Fearful, but can hold his own in a fight

Appearance: Short brown hair worn under a black paperboy cap. Usually has a Comic book T-Shirt. Is about 5'8. Weighs 150 so he seems a bit chubby.

Weapons (When fighting): A sword that appears from under his cap.

History (Not much is needed here, just something.): Born in L.A moved to Toronto out of boredom. He was born to a video game creator.

Other: Is an artist for a comic he writes.

(I thought of this character while sucking lollies)

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