Annual Brian Jacques Memorial Competition
Discussion for the rules and regulations as well as the actual rules and regulations for the fanfiction writing competition to commemorate Brian Jacques death.
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Please share your ideas here.

2/6/2012 . Edited 2/6/2012 #1
My idea is that we personafy ourselves as characters, or something
2/6/2012 #2
Quaver Ava

I think we should choose a theme each year. And each year we'll take a vote on the best theme. My idea would be for cooking. I'd love to see more food related stories.

2/6/2012 #3

quavera taras right! screw my idea! a Cooking one wouldn't be too bad!

2/6/2012 #4
v.ren55 cooking XD

2/6/2012 #5
And let the games begin!!! ):)
2/6/2012 #6

AI CUISINE!!!!!! Kk so this year is decided to be Food/Cooking as theme. Yummy.

2/6/2012 #7
Quaver Ava

lol, OK.

2/7/2012 #8

Ya know, right about now i feel like a song. i think i'll type up a redwall song and post it this week.

2/7/2012 #9
Zalden the Maniac

Ah, if it isnt Ferret. Hello again, i see your still alive, old chap.

2/9/2012 #10
I shall live forever! Or until someone tries to kill me, then im pretty much screwed. By the way, chapter 13 is up, i would like to here what you think of it. Plus, what are your thoughts on the bj memorial?
2/10/2012 #11
Zalden the Maniac

me? i think the memoriAL is amazing.

2/11/2012 #12

i know it is. so, you spreadin the word, or whatever?

2/11/2012 #13
Zalden the Maniac

I might, i have a few Redwall fan buddies in the My Little Pony section i might be able to bring over

2/14/2012 #14
Zalden the Maniac

And im not gonna participate in this contest, i only want to see how this plays out.

2/14/2012 #15

my little pony? huh. didn't know that was that famous. well you learn something new every day!

2/14/2012 #16
Zalden the Maniac

Wat. O.O you didnt?

2/18/2012 #17
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