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A group of high school students take a class trip to a lakehouse to have a weekend full of fun. However, it's cut short when they come face to face with a burtal killer claiming they have til morning to kill all of their friends or die trying.
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This Spring Break will prove how deep down, everyone's a killer.

7/26/2014 #1


The night was reaching it's end, as evident through the moon lowering and the sun rising. From a kilometer away from a house were two silhouettes rushing pass numerous trees. One was a girl with dark hair, flying past her shoulders as she continued to followed the guy in front of her. Both had numerous scratches, dirt smudges, and blood on their clothes- it was clear they were running from something.

"Come on, Sarah, we need to keep moving!"

"I'm trying!" She started to slow down to catch her breath, slightly bending over at the knee. "Will, I can't keep running."

Will turned to face Sarah and grunted. "If we stop, he might catch up to us, come on."

Sarah winced. "What are we going to do," she whined, almost breaking down in a cry. Frowning, Will took a step towards her, wanting to ensure everything would be alright when suddenly an arrow protruded out of Sarah's forehead. Her eyes rolled back as her head leaned forward with the rest of her body, hitting the ground with a thud.

Will's eyes widened as he looked ahead to see a dark shadow standing by a tree. He gulped, slowly backing up until soon his back was against him. "Oh no."

"If I recall correctly, I gave all of you rules," the dark voice of the shadow said. "There was to only be one person left by the time the sun rose, and yet, you did not listen."

"B-But wait, you just killed her," Will insisted, pointing directly at Sarah's corpse. "So I win and get to go, right?"

The shadow moved forward enough for Will to see the crossbow, already equipped with an arrow.

"Wait….please…wait we just wanted to live, man, can't you see that?"

"No, you all wanted to die. And now, you have."

The arrow bolted forward, straight into Will's chest, killing him. His body slowly slumped down the tree with his eyes staring wide open. Stepping from the shadows, Victor White retrieved both of his arrows. He knew this group failed, unlike the first one. He also knew this wouldn't be the last one.

7/26/2014 #2


Josh exited his Black SUV, sporting a fairly tight green shirt and beige shorts. His sunglasses were pushed over his forehead just enough for him to see one of the dorm buildings on campus. The sun's rays, however, almost made it close to impossible to do. None of that matter though because he was pumped for Spring Break. The plan to go out to the cabin for the duration of the break was made a month in advance. It took a while to gather the right people, but that wasn't too hard to do- especially for someone of Josh's status on campus.

He walked inside and headed up the stairs, eventually knocking on the door of his girlfriend's dorm.

Travis had already been awake for an hour by the time he was ready. His bag was already packed with essentials, hanging loosely off his shoulder. He just barely escaped expulsion and he had to admit it to himself, he wouldn't have been sad had that been the case. The school was always hard on him like it was an extended father of his. He hated it.

This supposed trip with Josh and his friends didn't seem like his top priority, but he had nothing better to do so he just decided to go with it. Whoever the others were, he prayed they at least were decent. He wore a white tshirt with dark jeans, regardless of the weather. Finding himself prepared, he headed straight to the door before halting and going into the closest where he grabbed his leather jacket. After that, he finally left.

7/26/2014 #3

The door to the room opened up revealing a room full of girls and a short blonde with big blue eyes. "Hey There!" She smiled at Josh before turning and looking back into the room, "Cecilia! Josh is here!" She turned and walked away, leaving Josh alone in the hallway as a tall brunette girl approached the door. "Hey Boyfriend." She said, giving him a quick peck on the cheek. "Did you try to call? If so I'm sorry I didn't get it, as you can see there's a lot of noise going on in there."

She pushed a strand of her hair behind her ear and smiled. "A Sorority President's job is never done." she said with a shrug. "What are you up to?"

Iris sat in the quad taking a long puff from her cigarette. She watched the stereotypical college kids run wild on the vast lawns of the school. You had your jocks, who of course were playing some sport. Your over achievers with their noses stuck in a book. Oh and of course, you're girly girls laying around trying to figure out which guy they'll sleep with at the parties this weekend. She rolled her eyes in disgust as she flicked the cigarette over into the grass.

"Only you can prevent forest fires." Isaac said, approaching her. He stepped on the cigarette and then took a seat next to her. "Glad to know you're still making healthy choices." He said jokingly with a nod.

"You have your vice, I have mine." She said with a smirk, leaning back and crossing her arms. "Turn that paper in Nerd?"

"Excuse me, that wasn't just a paper. That was a grueling punishment and perfect argument dealing with Diversity studies of the 21st century." Isaac said, throwing his hands up in the air. "Why does no one appreciate my genius?!"

Iris laughed and threw her boots up onto his lap. "You're a total dork."

"Such a charmer." He said, taking off his red hoodie. "I can see why you're still single."

7/26/2014 #4
Dean sat in his room and took a hit from his bong and let out a couple coughs before he began chuckling at nothing in particular. Dave came into the room, "Dude stop fucking smoking and grab your your bags. We gotta meet them at the dorm." Dean smiled at his brother, "Chill out bro, The dorm is like 5 minutes away." He said before setting the bong down and grabbing his bag. "You better meet me at the fucking car in 2 minutes or im leaving your fucking ass here." Dave shouted before storming out of the room.
7/26/2014 #5

"I, uh, actually never called, I figured I'd surprise you here, but I see you're a little caught up," Josh said with a smile, eventually walking inside. He said his greetings to some of the girls before turning his attention to Cece. "So you think you'll be ready to go in like ten minutes?"

Travis walked down the hall, and steps, soon getting outside. "Dammit," he muttered, shielding his eyes from the sun. He looked around a bit, wondering if Josh was going to be waiting outside or not, unsure of what to do.

7/26/2014 #6
Dean followed Dave out to his car and they bothe got in and drove towards the dorm everyone was meeting at. "You better not have broughy any weed with you." Dave said in which Dean just laughed, "You expected me to go all the way out there and not smoke? You are crazy." Which caused Dave to curse Dean out the whole way there while Dean just laughed the whole time.
7/26/2014 #7

In the meantime of waiting, Travis decided to walk over to his black Yamaha R6. He had one of the only motorcycles on campus, and was still surprised he was allowed to have it after nearly hitting someone with it. The memory of it wasn't an old one, but it was preferred as a forgotten one also. When he reached his ride, he went on the seat, propping his elbows on the handlebars as he stared out. He was more than ready to do some waiting, as long as the heat didn't kill him.

7/27/2014 #8
Dave pulled up to the dorm and got out followed closely behind by Dean, "Better not be fucking late!" Dave screamed. "Chill out bro, you wouldn't even be here if you weren't my brother." Dave shook his head, "Dad made me come, said I need more friends. I dont wanna be stuck alone with you and your gay ass friends." He said ringing the doorbell of the dorm.
7/27/2014 #9

Josh paused, hearing someone at the door. "I'll be right back," he said, going to it. When he was there, he opened it to see Dean and smiled. "Dean, my man, you're actually here!" He diverted his eyes between his friend and then the other guy standing next to him. "So, uh, whose this?"

7/27/2014 #10
Dean smiled at Josh, "Hey man good to see you. This is my brother Dave, my father made me bring him with me." He answered. Dave held out his hand, "Its a pleasure to meet you." Dave said not even seeming like not more than 5 minutes ago he had been screaming at his brother.
7/27/2014 #11

Josh chuckled, going to shake Dave's hand. "Don't worry, i promise you there are no authoritative people going on this trip, except for maybe two people," he said before glancing over to Dean. "Cece's handling some sorority thing so it may or may not be a while."

7/27/2014 #12

Cece turned back to the room full of sorority girls and whistled loudly. "Ladies, Ladies." She said, demanding their attention. "We'll get back to planning the philanthropy event as soon as we get back from break. Until then, remember to enjoy yourselves, be safe, and keep the sisterhood with you." She said with a smile, holding up their sorority symbol.

The other girls made the same symbol then started gathering their belongings and leaving the room, each stopping to give Cece a hug and a few goodbye messages.

Once the room was empty, she cracked the door enough for Josh to enter then went to gather her bags. She had finished packing her stuff up sometime last night, all the while making sure her sister would be doing the same.

She opened her sister's door to find it empty, but saw her bags were ready. "Sure Iris, I'd love to lug your bags down to the car and put them in there for you." She said with an eyeroll, shutting the door behind her. "She better be on time."

Isaac looked at the time on his phone and pushed Iris' feet off of him. "We gotta go. We're supposed to be meeting your sister in 10 minutes by the fountain."

Iris stayed in her position, looking at him for a few moments before slowly getting up with a sigh. "Yeah Yeah... family vacation." She said with a sarcastic cheer.

"I sure can feel the love." Isaac said, throwing his backpack over his shoulders. "I need to run and get my bags, but I'll meet you guys there. Don't leave without me." He said, squeezing her shoulder before taking off.

"You can have them leave without me." She called to him with a smirk. She grabbed her bag and started towards her dorm.

7/27/2014 #13

Josh watched as all of the girls began exiting the room. He took a sidestep and watched most of them leave, worried he or the others might get too close to one of them. Once the group was gone, he walked back into the room. "I see your small army are more than ready for spring break," he snorted, going to grab her bags When he saw Iris' backs, he sighed. "Dammit, your sister does realize she has hands to grab her own shit, right?"

He shook his head, surprised not to have expected this from his girlfriend's sister. Iris was always quite the character to him, but he didn't pay her much mind- especially with Cece around.

7/27/2014 #14
Dave smiled, "Did you see the one in the green? I'd love to bend her over and take her to pound town. The fuck train has no brakes." He said with a chuckle. Dean's high was starting to wear off already but he was glad he brought the strong stuff for the trip.
7/27/2014 #15

Josh's head tilted sideways towards the doorway where he looked at both Dean and Dave. "Try not to say that around the lady, please. Don't want her getting pissed at you already."

7/27/2014 #16
Dave laughed, "My bad man, sometimes the other brain takes over." He said with a joke. Dean was leaned against the doorway looking up at the sky.
7/27/2014 #17

Josh smirked at the younger man, then noticed Dean simply staring up. He sent him a very odd expression, standing still. "Hey, uh, Dean? Hey Dean. Watcha looking at, man?"

7/27/2014 #18

"I told her she had to get her own bags yesterday." Cece called from her room. She came out and pulled the door closed behind her, looking up to see Josh with the two other people. She glanced at Josh then back to the others. "She should be here soon." She said.

7/27/2014 #19

"I guess this means we'll spend our whole break waiting on her," Josh remarked, leaning against the wall. He was considering getting one of the guys to grab Iris' bags and go out, but that probably would not have ended well.

7/27/2014 #20
Dean looked back at Josh, "Oh nothin, the sky just looks so cool right now." Dave facepalmed as soon as Dean finished his sentence.
7/27/2014 #21

"I told everyone else to meet us out by the fountain, the one near the parking lot." Cece said, "That's ok right?" She began to pull her hair back into a ponytail, tying it up with a hair tie.

7/27/2014 #22

Josh looked weirded out. "Okay...." He looked at Cece, giving an affirming nod. "Yeah it's totally fine, I hope you don't mind, I decided to bring someone to tag along with the way did I ever say how great you look in a ponytail?

7/27/2014 #23

Cecelia laughed and rolled her eyes. "You're such a dork." She picked up a few of her bags and handed them to Josh. "You take these, and I'll take those." She pointed to the last few bags she had left.

7/27/2014 #24

"No problem, babe," Josh said, grabbing the bags without much of a struggle. He paused, lifting one up and down. "Damn, what is in here?"

7/27/2014 #25

"Everything." Cece said casually. "Kidding, just the essentials." She picked up the other two bags. "Hopefully we'll run into Iris along the way. I don't want to have to carry her stuff too."

"No need to. I can get my own bag." Iris said from the doorway. She gave the two guys standing there a confusing glance before pushing passed them and going towards her room.

7/27/2014 #26
Dean Laughed for no reason and Dave shook his head, "Our bags are in the car still."
7/27/2014 #27

"Oh, she's finally here," Josh said, "that's great. Good timing too, we were about to start walking with your stuff."

Josh followed her to the room and then started to slowly walk down the hallway. "I've gotta go make sure everyone else is even alive."

7/27/2014 #28

Iris walked into her room and grabbed her bags, throwing them over her shoulder. She then shut her door and started out towards the car.

Cece followed with her bags.

7/28/2014 #29

Josh was going towards the truck when he saw Travis on his motorcycle, not far down. Looking back at Cece and the others, he began to walk over.

"Hey man, I see you were able to actually wake up on time for this."

Travis shrugged before making a low grunting noise. "Yeah, well, I had nothing better to do." He looked at the bags in his hands and made a face.

"They're Cece's bags," Josh replied instantly.

7/28/2014 #30
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