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H20 Rp! Claim a cannon character or create your own. This takes place right after season 3 and Emma has decided to come back.
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The RP takes place as Emma returns to Australia

Emma smiled as she walked to the old cafe her and her friends use to hang out at. She didn't tell the girls she would be back as a surprise and looked shocked when the sign on the cafe said Rikki's Cafe. Emma strolled in and took a seat

2/8/2012 #1

Cleo walked into Rikki's to hang out after her swim. She entered and got her smoothie and took a seat. She looked around and noticed a familiar blonde. She did a double take and stood up to go over there.


Bailey ran around her front yard, being chased by her brothers.

2/8/2012 #2

Emma smiled when she saw Cleo. It had been a whole year since they had seen each other but she knew that face anywhere. She instantly smiled and waved

Sara was walking on Mako recently discovering a cave with a bubbling pool she stared at in kind of in a trance

2/8/2012 #3

Cleo screamed and hugged Emma, "Em! I've missed you SO much!" She hugged her tightly.

"How was your trip?!"


Bailey continued to run until she tripped in a whole and slid down a hill.

"Bails?!" Braxton yelled.

2/8/2012 #4

Emma hugged back "Hey Cleo I've missed you too" she said "The trip was great but I missed my friends, so what did I miss" she asked

2/8/2012 #5

Cleo laughed, "Nothing much.. We just saved the world... Oh and there's a new girl! Her name is Bella Hartley!"

She sat down next to Emma, "Were there hot guys on your trip?"

2/21/2012 #6

Emma gasped "Another mermaid?" she asked "Oh and the boys were hot but not as hot as Ash. Is he still here?"

2/21/2012 #7

Connor walk down the beach after moving to Australia. Cleo doesn't know he is here so he decided to surprise her. He grab his cell phone and began to call her.

5/27/2012 #8
Rayne Dream Destiny

Bella sighed. She sat down outside on a bench, she was enjoying the Coolness of the Shade. Covered from the sun.

Stella sat under a tree. Nearly asleep she felt the cool breezes of the wind.

6/1/2012 . Edited 6/1/2012 #9
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