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Kyoya pulled Kya closer, 'You're here now, thats what matters.'
4/5/2012 #1,171
Kya nodded, pulling Kyoya closer towards her. "Why on earth did I leave..." she muttered.
4/5/2012 #1,172
'I dont know,' Kyoya said, leaning closer to Kya, 'but Im never letting you go again.'--- Isabelle coughed loudly, 'Get a room.'
4/5/2012 #1,173
Kya laughed. "I'm so saying that wheneve you and Seiya get all mushy... And plus, I just died, remember?"
4/5/2012 #1,174
'I dont get mushy,' Isabelle said bluntly. -- Kyoya rolled his eyes, 'This is my house and therefore this is my room.'
4/5/2012 #1,175
Kya laughed. "Let the man have his space," she joked.
4/5/2012 #1,176

Isabelle rolled her eyes, 'Sorry I'll go out side while you two jump on each other like animals.'

Kyoya sighed, 'Isabelle we were just hugging.'

4/5/2012 #1,177
Kya sighed. "I would just leave it..." she muttered to Kyoya.
4/5/2012 #1,178

Kyoya took a deep breath, keeping his arms around Kya.

Isabelle sat down, looking around bored.

4/5/2012 #1,179
Kya put one of her hands on Kyoya's. "Calm down..." She whispered.
4/5/2012 #1,180

'I'm fine,' Kyoya said, smiling over at Kya.

4/5/2012 #1,181
"Good!" Kya smiled back. --- Renge suddenly came rushing in. "I have already got about twenty fangirls' parents writing letters to your father!" She yelled. "And I only said you would look good together!" --- Kya looked confused. "What?"
4/5/2012 #1,182

Kyoya smiled at Kya; 'You don't need to worry about it.'

4/5/2012 #1,183
"Oh c'mon Kyoya, you know I like to be nosy..." Kya nudged his arm.
4/5/2012 #1,184

Kyoya rolled his eyes, 'Leave it alone, Kya.'

4/5/2012 #1,185
Kya looked at Kyoya, trying to read his expression. She shook her head. "I'm not interested in fangirls anyway..." she mumbled.
4/5/2012 #1,186

Kyoya smiled down at Kya; 'Good.'

4/5/2012 #1,187
Kya sighed. "I'm going to sit down..." she made her way over to one of the sofas and curled up on it.
4/5/2012 #1,188

Kyoya moved next to Kya; 'Are you sure you don't want to go back to the hospital?'

4/5/2012 #1,189
Kys shook her head. "I'm fine," she said, moving up so Kyoya had more room.
4/5/2012 #1,190

Kyoya frowned; 'Ok, why don't you go to sleep?'

4/5/2012 #1,191
Kya yawned and nodded, her head falling into Kyoya's lap.
4/5/2012 #1,192

Kyoya moved Kya's hair out of her face as she slept.

4/5/2012 #1,193
Kya giggled in her sleep, moving her hands so they wrapped around her waist.
4/5/2012 #1,194

Kyoya took ahold of Kya, making sure she wouldn't fall off the sofa.

4/5/2012 #1,195
Kya blinked a few minuites later, looking at Kyoya. "Always good to wake up to a handsome face," she yawned.
4/5/2012 #1,196

(I accepted someone on the Hp rp ..is that ok?)

'Always nice to see a pretty one,' Kyoya smirked; leaning down to kiss her.

4/5/2012 #1,197
(Sure! You are a mod...) Kya hooked her arms round Kyoya's neck, leaning upwards.
4/5/2012 #1,198

(they were asking for cannons though, so I thought I should check.... might have confused them a little as well.)

Kyoya held Kya up against him, not caring there were other people around.

Isabelle rolled her eyes, 'Really? again?'

4/5/2012 #1,199
(Just read it, and I don't think you confused her at all! :)) Kya pulled away, looking at Isabelle. "Why are you looking, Isabelle?"
4/5/2012 #1,200
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