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The first official How to Rock Forum. Favorite character, favorite episode, favorite pairing, or anything else talk about it here!
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Money Stax

Welcome to the first How to Rock Forum! Feel free to introduce yourselves. :D

2/8/2012 #1

Hi! I'm Emma and I plan on being an active writer in this archive for a while. :)

2/13/2012 #2
I'm Crystal, I'm not a very good author, so I don't really like to write fanfics . . . But I LOVE reading and reviewing ^-^
2/14/2012 #3
Keep Calm. Eat Cupcakes

I'm Daylin, and I have been starting a How to Rock fanfiction that will be posted soon. I am the creator of the first How to Rock RP forum :)

2/16/2012 #4

Oh I hope it's up soon! :D What is everyone's favorite ship? Mine's Stevie and Zander.

2/16/2012 #5
Mine, too :D
2/16/2012 #6

Definitely Zevie. Oh, and I'm Princess Flora333, but if you don't feel like typing out my whole pen name, you can call me Flo... I really don't mind which one you use.

2/21/2012 #7
Madilyn the Introvert

I'm AnonymousH3art if you couldn't tell from my Screen name :3 and I am a huuuuge Zevie fan, since the beginning of the show I was paying close attention to those two.

2/26/2012 #8
Same! I LOVE Zevie!
2/26/2012 #9
Madilyn the Introvert

Right, it's funny whenever either of those two are speaking I always watch the other half of the pair to see what their expression is :3

Like, during A Messy Bet when Stevie was calling all four of them idiots, Zander was the only one to look at her and I think he may have been a little hurt. They also usually look towards eachother for confirmation. I may have an obsession :X oh well :D

2/26/2012 #10
Its okay... You're not alone. I might just be officially obsessed with Zevie too! ... What am I saying? I definitely am!
4/9/2012 #11
Madilyn the Introvert

It's just so....addicting, kind of like Seddie but different. It's like something just draws me to that pair, it's really cute ;D

4/24/2012 #12
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