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It is the year 3016 we are at war with the Mongolians. so cope with the need of soldiers they have created Fight School. In this school they teach us to fight and how to lead or fallow orders in an army. But they teach us one more thing that every human b
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i will start off for you.





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toshiro kida

NO THIS IS HOW TO DO THIS!!!!!!this is my example.

Name:tosiro kida

Backround:A special kid who has been ignored by everybody and had no talent until now.

apearence:5 feet 6 inches, jet black hair, ice blue eyes, and always wear jeans and jackets.

personality:stubborn, hates to lose very badly , and hates all people

power:sky abilities (involves wind)(you guys can only one power and yes this is fair)(NO DOUBLE POWERS)

special skills:archery and speed sword skills

(yes you have to fallow this format)

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Name: Shadow Pandera

Backround: She was born and raised as a male, and considers herself a boy, and if anyone even hints that shes a girl, she will crush them.

apearence:5 feet 9 inchs, long white hair and yellow green eyes, she has a decent figure but due to what she wears, a helmet, breastplate, leg bracers, gauntlets and a skintight suit, she is often confused for a boy.

personality: Extremly stubborn and tends to get a little bossy sometimes, and doesnt stand for anyone picking on her or her friends.

power: She has a tail that is around 5 feet long she uses for balance or for whacking people around, the tail is armored.

special skills: Her stregth is astounding for a human, she uses 100 percent due to way to many hits to the head, and she is very flexiable.

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toshiro kida
7/4/2012 #4

Yay! where can i start? :3

7/4/2012 #5

Wait....we can start, right? :3

7/4/2012 #6
toshiro kida

we should wait for more members.

7/8/2012 #7

sure, but this things kinda dead.

7/8/2012 #8
toshiro kida

so you want to do this with just the 2 of us

7/24/2012 #9

eh, sure.

7/24/2012 #10
toshiro kida


7/29/2012 #11

Hey there! Can I join?

Name: Emi Namiko

Background: She's the one known as "The Silent One". She doesn't talk much when it's about non-special things but she likes gathering information without even saying a word.

Appearance: 4 feet and 10 inches, shoulder-length hair, one eye is red and the other is blue, she's pretty much an A-cup but she's reaching her B-cup stage, she wears a dark green miniskirt with with white leggings underneath. She wears a white top with a black blazer and a red striped necktie. She also wears a black wristband

personality: She's not exactly shy but she is often quiet. She isn't the type to start a conversation and it takes her a while to reply when she's still not comfortable with the conversation. She may not show it, but she loves having friends around. She tends to be cold at first but she quickly turns to a kind and sweet person when she feels comfort and happiness with the person.

Powers: She can magically create weapons out of thin air but her powers have limits and each weapon disappears if too much force gets exerted on it.

Special skills: She knows a lot in handling different kinds of weapons. She can also jump from one tree to another as long as they don't have a large distance.

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this is pretty much dead. XD

12/14/2012 #13

Oh :(

12/14/2012 #14

Why's it dead? It looks really cool! I think you should try it again! I'll try to get some people interested! Please just say you've revived the forum!!! Maybe you could make the elaboration a little better? C'on just try one more time?

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