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Personality(Likes/dislikes included, please):

Armor(Act I-Act II- Act III):

House(Put Acts if they move in with someone else):

Weapon(Act I-Act II-Act II):


Mage, Templar, or Neutral:


Specialization Class(Your character's unique style):

Important Item/Gifts they can be given:

Personal Quest(Act I-Act II-Act II):

Other Skills:

2/12/2012 . Edited 2/12/2012 #1
Jack of Blade's Daughter

Name: Hank. J. Wimbleton.

Age: 36

Race: Human (Assumed anyway)

Sexuality: Straight


Personality: Hank rarely ever utters a word, his responses being only grunts or groans. Hank also appears to have no remorse for those that get in his way. If he has a goal, then he will do whatever he can to accomplish that goal.

Armor: Act I-

Act II and III

House: A estate hidden in the underground sewers. Lacks the smell thankfully.

Weapon: The 316 blade.

Background: Not much is known about Hank. All the people of Kirkwall really know, is that he was an acquaintance of the Champion, and a large time criminal, and a leader of the Thieves guild.

Mage, Templar, or Neutral: Neutral, but is more likely to side with the mages.

Class: Rogue

Specialization Class: Shadow Assassin

Important Item/Gifts they can be given: A silver hand-mirror, a owl, a batch of cookies, and a bottle of milk.

Personal Quest: Act-I is a simple job from him that goes bad, Act-II is where he requests a personal favor from Hawke, asking him/her to assist him in rescuing someone. Act-III is where Hank will finally explain who this someone was, with words I might add, and depending on their relationship, stuff might happen. (Wether romanced or not the situation varies.)

Other Skills: Stealth, backstab, poisons, lockpicking and alchemy.

2/12/2012 . Edited 2/13/2012 #2

You have some things missing.

2/12/2012 #3
Jack of Blade's Daughter


2/12/2012 #4

Relax, just edit it. No big deal.

2/12/2012 #5
Jack of Blade's Daughter


2/12/2012 #6

Am I to assume he looks like the guy you linked in the pictures?

2/12/2012 #7
Jack of Blade's Daughter

I would hope you do.

2/12/2012 #8

Hank is accepted.

2/12/2012 #9
Jack of Blade's Daughter


2/12/2012 #10

Name: Rush Klein

Age: 19

Race: Human

Sexuality: Bi

Appearance: A lean young man who's a head shorter than Fenris. He has slightly long brownish red hair, the red suggesting he's partly Orlesian, that hangs to his shoulders and blue vallaslin on his face. His right eye is blue and his left is deep brown and he's Feredan pale.

Personality(Likes/dislikes included, please): Rush is a kind-hearted individual with a bit of a vindictive streak. He has some trouble talking with other people but is always earnest in his attempts to finish a job. He detests slavers and people who treat elves as expendable trash.

Armor(Act I-Act II- Act III): Act I: Hand-Sewn tunic, cloak, and hood, Dalish belt, Dalish boots, Dalish gloves

Act II and III: Ornate tunic, cloak, and hood, ornate sash, riding boots, leather gauntlets

House(Put Acts if they move in with someone else): Cabin outside of Kirkwall

Weapon(Act I-Act II-Act II): Act I: Twin blades

Act II and III: Fen'Harel's Fangs(Twin Blades)

Background: A human who had been raised by a clan of Dalish elves when they found him abandoned in the forest as a baby. Rush lived the Dalish life but never really had a sense of belonging. All of the other Dalish children would give him funny looks, and most of the adults, save for his foster parents and the Keeper, ignored him. Rush was never allowed to go out to human settlements and always had to hide when the Templars came. Eventually, Rush ran away because he felt that he wasn't wanted with the clan anymore. He eventually reached Kirkwall where he met the Champion.

Mage, Templar, or Neutral: Very much neutral.

Class: Warrior

Specialization Class(Your character's unique style): Blade Dancer

Important Item/Gifts they can be given: Ironbark pendant, Raven feather, Silverleaf Earring

Personal Quest(Act I-Act II-Act II): Act I- Help him chase down a thief.

Act II- Investigate the disappearances of alienage elves in the city.

Act III- His clan shows up on Sundermount and Rush is discovered. (Outcome varies on whether he's romanced or not.)

Other Skills: Fleet-footed, sewing, herb gathering, hunting

2/12/2012 . Edited 2/13/2012 #11
Jack of Blade's Daughter

Accepted. Lol!

2/13/2012 #12

Now we just need more people and we can get started.

2/13/2012 #13
Jack of Blade's Daughter

Shall we invite Shadow-chan, and 101-chan?

2/13/2012 #14

Name: Annabell

Age: 23

Race: Human

Sexuality: Bi

Appearance: 5' 9". 125 lbs. Stunningly beautiful. Long chocolate brown hair. Deep green eyes. -her collar.

Personality(Likes/dislikes included, please): She is a fun loving girl. Very sweet. Girly. Can be a little clumsy. When she meets her master, she will fall head over heels in love with who ever the master is. Obssesed about flowers. Clingy to her master.

Armor(Act I-Act II- Act III): Simple floor lengthdark green dress with sleeves that flare out at her elbows and with a light green corset.

House(Put Acts if they move in with someone else):Whatever house her master lives in.

Weapon(Act I-Act II-Act II):

Background: Once was a slave to a powerful mage. This mage loved her. He put a magical collar around her neck to keep her from being taken. She was 20 when she and her master came to Kirkwall. The mage was old and passed away there. He changed the magic on the collar to, when a worthy person meets her, she will be theirs. This collar was also designed never to come off.

Mage, Templar, or Neutral: Neutral


Specialization Class(Your character's unique style):

Important Item/Gifts they can be given: Flowers.

Personal Quest(Act I-Act II-Act II): None that I can think of right now.

Other Skills: Has all the skills of a house slave.

2/13/2012 . Edited 5/18/2012 #15

Annabell is accepted.

2/13/2012 #16


2/13/2012 #17

Name: Vashoth-Saarebas(Gray one/Dangerous thing)

Gender: Female

Age: 25

Race: Qunari

Country of origen: Par Vollen

Appearance: Saarebas Stands at 6' 10" and weighs nearly 180 pounds. Her skin is somewhat of a light bronze and is devoid of any tattos or scars. She does not have any Stitches that would otherwise inhibit her speach and her eyes a bright yellow. She wears a standard qunari mage collor( Much like saarebas in the quest" Shepareing wolves) only hers has straps that wrap around her chest in a diagonal cross that hides her brests away. She has a young and beautiful face and figure and has a smooth and light voice, when she chooses to speak nicly to someone.

Personality*: Saarebas may be a Deserter, but she deeply believes in the Qun. The only flaw in it she see's is the wasting of mage power, having read how the qunari lost against the thedaians because the humans had much more powerful magisters. She is proud and stubborn in her beliefs, and she finds it hard to accept new ideas.

Occupation*: Qunari Apostate

Class: Mage

Specialization: Force mage

Weapon(s): A bladed staff.

Armor/Clothing: (Look in appearance).

Skills: Cooking, spell making.

Weaknesses: sweets and baked food.

Bio: Saarebas was born a mage, and from second on she was forced into the brutal role of a qunari mage. She was fitted with her collor the day she turned twelve, and forced to stay with her avaarad. For years she tried to find out why she was treated like this, never knowing why her people feared her so much. She tried her best to help the other Qunari, but when ever she tried she was brutally disaplined by her keeper. when she turned twenty, she and her keeper were seperated by Apostates that were on the run. When they saw Saarebas collored like a animal, they killed her keeper and brought her with them to ferelden. She followed them since she had no where to go, not wanting to die because her keeper was killed. When the blight came, she and her fellow apostates tried to join the refugees to kirkwall, but the apostates were killed, and only she survived.

Special item(s)*: A book given to her by the apostates, her Kadan.

Mage, Templar, or Neutral: Mage

4/15/2012 #18

hi guys, sorry about my disapearance.

4/15/2012 #19

Looks good. But where does she live?

4/15/2012 #20

....i'd guess the wounded coast, or the circle. both seem better then being with the qunari

4/15/2012 #21

Saarebas is accepted.

4/15/2012 #22

yay, so where are we in the story?

4/15/2012 #23

Very beginning. They haven't met Varric yet.

4/15/2012 #24

oh, so my char could be in the gallows where everyone is then?

4/15/2012 #25

They're all in the city, but where ever you want.

4/15/2012 #26

Name: Raziel Galizur

Age: 21

Gender: Female

Race: Dalish-Elf/Human Hybrid Sexuality: Bi

Appearance: Pale skin, long Honey-Blonde hair with silver highlights, Large, bright, Hazel-Gold eyes. Slim but muscular build, 5ft, 4 in" tall, 110 lbs. I wear a dark green and black Superior hood and Free Adept Robes, black leggings, deep green and black Superior gloves, And black, Demonic Ornamental Laced Boots.

Personality: Quiet, aloof and stand-offish at first meetings, I open up when i get to know people and can be quite boisterous, tho it is difficult for me to express deep feelings. There are many trust issues i need to deal with first. I can be very...blunt but i am never rude, or I try not to be. I dislike anything having to do with slavers or templars. I am quite skilled with my magic (Force Magic/Fire/Ice/Healing), tho out in the open i tend to hide the fact that i am a mage, and try to use melee with my blade-tipped staff. If i am pushed far enough, however, I will use my magic.

Class: Apostate Mage

Weapons: Magic/Staff

Bio/History: Ill try to make this story as short as possible... I was born outside of Lothering (in the Kokari Wilds) to my Dalish-Elf mother, Ariel, and my Human father, Roxas. My parents met in the Brecilian Forest, where my mother was her clans Keeper's First. She had been trained in Magics and Old Elvhen Lore since she was a small child and would have gone on to be the Keeper once the present one had passed away...if she hadnt met my father, who was a Circle-Mage that had abandoned the Circle after being held "captive",as he liked to put it, for about three years. My mothers clan didnt approve of their union, so they left, and eventually made it to Lothering, where me and my two younger sisters, Sabriel and Lireal, were born. It was awful there,even with my Human father living among us, we all had to remain hidden, for fear of Templar scrutiny. All of us were what the Chantry liked to call, Apostates. Mages living outside of their control.. and they feared that more than anything.. -thats how my childhood was spent, dodging the Templars, and people in general, outside of Lothering, in the Kokari Wilds, were few ventured to go for fear of meeting the legendary Witch Of The Wilds. But we werent afraid, she was busy hunting the Templars my sisters and I were hiding from...

My childhood came to an abrupt end after that.. the day my father was killed by slavers when i was 13... Me and my two sisters, Sabriel(11) and Lireal(10) were out in the Wilds, playing around, and "training" with our magic, as much as we could at that age, when a group of slavers stumbled across us, I quickly tried distracting them with a fireball, giving my sisters a chance to escape, but i was caught.. and a slavers brand was tattooed upon the right side of my face. My sisters told my father who immediately gave chase and found the slavers caravan, when he saw me and the brand upon my face, he grew angry and lashed out at the slavers with a monstrous firestorm, killing most of the them, but a hidden archer with a keen eye shot him down, and i was left alone. In my rage I slaughtered as many slavers as I could. I dont know if any survived.

I spent the next 8 years trying to make it up to my family, trying to fill Fathers shoes, trying to train them and feed them, keep them hidden, keep them safe... but it was all for naught, for when the Blight swept through Fereldan, I lost everything. My home and my family, destroyed. I fled to the Free Marches, like many other refugees, ending up in Kirkwall.. dodging still more Templars...

4/18/2012 #27

It seems okay though you're missing stuff like where she'll live in Kirkwall and her personal quest if she has one. I noticed you're writing in 1st Person POV for both personality and bio. It's okay for the CC, but this is a 3rd person RP and it'd be very jarring to suddenly have one POV in 1st.

Raziel also feels a little overpowered since she specializes in three different classes. May I suggest that maybe she specializes more in one, like the Keeper tree since her mother was a Keeper's First, and have one other that she's not so good in.

4/19/2012 #28

I think i can switch over to 3rd person. And while living in Kirkwall, she had to take refuge in the Alienage. Her personal quest....... Hunting down the slaver leader that killed her father (shes not sure if any got away, but i guess i could arrange for them to have a "run in" somewhere.) As for magic....i never really liked the "feel" of the Keepers magic when i played Merrill... Ill make the keepers magic the one im not so good in and make mine a force mage. Cause her father was a mage too, even tho she looks elven, she takes after him in the magic area. ^_^

4/19/2012 #29

All right. Raziel is accepted.

4/19/2012 #30
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