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This is the Gang Section where it shows you all the Gangs and there motives and Gang Cars and there District

Zaibatsu The Zaibatsu Corporation are a Drug Dealing Business hidden behind the innocence of a Medical Company with three Bosses, Trey Welsh for the Downtown, Uno Carb for the Industrial and Red Valdez for the Residential.

Motive: Conquor the City's Drug Dealings.

Gang Car: Black Z-Type

District: Downtown, Residential and Industrial

Rivals: Yakuza, Loonies, Rednecks (To a lesser extent), SRS Scientists, Russian Mafia and the Hare Krishna

Symbol: Yellow 'Z'

Yakuza: The Yakuza are a deadly Gang from Japan and believe in Honour, are known to take Pleasure in Torturing Victims. It's Boss is Johnny Zoo

Motives: Just being Hellraisers but do farm drug's in there J-Lab and deal, making them targets for the Zaibatsu.

Gang Car: Dark Blue Miara

District: Downtown

Rivals: Zaibatsu (A Gang War between the pair makes them deadly Rivals), Loonies (To a far lesser extent)

Symbols: White (Yet dark blue tinted) Yen symbol

Loonies:The Loonies are a Gang of Metally Insane People who control SunnySide (The Anywhere City Asylum) but there do hire Sane People. There leader is Elmo.

Motives: UNKNOWN

Gang Car: Bright Green Dementia (Though Lieutenants do drive Black Dementia's)

District: Downtown

Rivals: Yakuza, Zaibatsu (To a lesser extent)

Symbol: A Winking Smily Face with blue lips

Rednecks:The Rednecks are a Gang of Rednecks in the Mobile RV Park and area's in and around it who appear to be Confederate's and adore Elvis Music. There Boss is Billy Bob Bean who looks like Elvis

Motives: Just being Hellraisers

Gang Car: Light Blue Pickup with the symbol on top (However Lieutenants and friends of Bean drive Pale Blue Pickups)

District: Residential

Rivals: S.R.S Scientists, Zaibatsu (To a Lesser extent)

Symbol: Confederate Flag

S.R.S Scientists: The SRS Scientists are a Gang of Clones of the Boss, Dr. LaBrat. Who believe that Clones and Genetic Research is the future. There Boss is the Icelandic Dr. LaBrat who looks like Einstein. However, LaBrat hires non-clones to help. All Clones are called THC and a Number

Motives: Wipe out the Rednecks and to show Genetic's and Cloning is the Future.

Gang Car: Pale Gold Meteor (The Fastest Car in the Game) [LaBrat and his Lieutenants and high Ranking Clones drive Black Meteor's.

District: Residential

Rivals: Rednecks, Zaibatsu

Symbol: A Pale Gold Shield made by thin black lines.

Russian Mafia:A Gang of Russians who have illegally Imigrated from Russia. Lead by Jerkov

Motives: UNKNOWN

Gang Car: Dull Red Bulwark

District: Industrial

Rivals: Hare Krishna (To a lesser extent), Zaibatsu

Symbol: Communist Star

Hare Krishna: The Hare Krishna are a gang of Religious Monks who enjoy crushing Cars. Led by Sunbeam

Motives: The Hare Krishna are sick of being ran over by people. With this they have armed themselves and want to rid the World of Cars.

Gang Car: Bright Orange Karma Bus

District: Industrial

Rivals: Zaibatsu, Russian Mafia

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