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Grell-Bella Birthday





Finnian-meerkat102 and Kitty101





Prince Soma-

Frances Midford-

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Etc. If there's a character you want that isn't on this list, just tell me and then I'll add it. There's just too many characters to put them all down here at once.


Alexa Churchill-TheExplodingPriest

Gender: Female/Species: Shinigami/Age: Is older than she looks. Looks 19 but is really several hundred years old./Appearance: Typical shinigami eyes, short shoulder length blonde hair, pale skin with freckles, long eyelashes/ Height: 5'5/ Personality: Bipolar, hyperactive, fangirlish towards Undertaker, anti-social, musical, quiet, modest./Job: Plays the violin in an orchestra and is a maid on top of her reaper duties./ Location: Wherever xD/ Likes: Chocolate, reading, Undertaker, cats, poetry./ Dislikes: Being ladylike, Sebastian, stupid people, buttermilk, dogs, silences and extremely loud noises.

Amelia Grey-MysticMayhem

Age:12/Gender:Female/Appearance: Light brown hair, blue eyes, fair skin, contract mark on her left collar bone/ Personality: Childish, friendly, naive, shy around new people, scared easily, Alois's fangirl much to Alois's dismay, afraid of being alone./Backstory: She made the deal since she never had anyone to talk to and neglective parents that only took care of her older brother. She often drags her Shinigami everywhere and insists on piggy back rides. Doesn't see the seriousness in giving up your soul./ Likes:Reading, sweet food, animals, being carried./ Dislikes:Being alone or ignored, gore, blood, the dark.


OC application thingy:












(Optional) Picture:

If I think of anything else, I'll definitely add it~ ^^

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Sure! :3

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Oc: Name: Alexandria Levet Species:Shinigami(provided that's alright) Age: 20 Gender: Female, Appearance: long pale silver hair, pale skin, normal green and gold Shinigami eyes, blood red lips, 5'6", odd zigzagging scar across the palm of her left hand, medium sized chest, her glasses frame is made of two swirled pieces of black and silver metal and are slightly squared. Personality: Normally happy and friendly, uses sarcasm a lot, has morbid tendicies, rather flirty with people she likes, hates the lack of authority/power woman have in England, soft hearted, not a morning person, short temper, vicious when angry, curious, quite random Job: Shinigami, secretly works at a pet shop in London Location: From America(transfer) to London or wherever this rp will take place Past/Backstory: Due to freer laws in America she was allowed to train to real souls like male Shinigami, and was envied for her talents and skills at it. However when she scored highest in her group she began being bullied and sometimes abused by other trainees, due to that she gained anger problems and soon came to try acting as a male in hopes to escape the violence. After becoming a fully fledged Shinigami she stayed in America for many years, tell the head of her division noticed the problems she had and transferred her to the London Dispatch. she has never came across a demon but has heard about them and so is curious Likes: Sweets, animals with a high love of small cuddly ones, beautiful gowns, dancing, reaping, visiting odd places while in her chosen reaping outfit(white flowing sundress, long red cloak and heeled white boots), cute children(not in a bad way!!!) Dislikes: arrogant or power hungry men, super girly woman, corsets, people who look down on her, pink as anything but a faint accent color, squeaky shrill or loud noises, annoying flirtatious or perverted people, being forced to dance with said people, those who harm children or animals, Other: Her death scythe has been modified. It is a long black whip that has hundreds of little metal bits along it which make it cut through things easier than a regular leather whip. Is that alright? Anything I need to edit or cut out?
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Reyn's Girlfriend
Name: Age:12 Gender:m Appearance: Just like Ciel Personality:Just like Ciel Job: Master Location:London Past/Backstory: When the manor burned down on Ciel and Drake's birthday, Drake survived as well. Drake is still a Phantomhive, but he lives in his own manor. He wears the Hope Diamond ring on his thumb. Likes: Tea, his butler, Chaos Dislikes: basically everything but tea and Chaos Other: He is Ciel's twin brother. He holds the same contract as Ciel. ------------ Name: Chaos Age: However old Sebastian is Gender: M Appearance: Just like Sebastian Personality: Just like Sebastian Job: Drake's butler Location: London Past/Backstory: Chaos and Sebastian were perfect brothers. They never argued, and they never disobeyed. They split up when Sebastian became Ciel's butler and he became Drake's butler. Even though they both live in London, They have never visited. Likes:Same as Sebastian Dislikes:Same as Sebastian Other: He holds the same contract with Drake as Ciel and Sebastian
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Can I be Hannah, Nina Hopkins, And Ash/Angela? And maybe Mey-rin if its no problem. :D
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Name: Natalya-Linh Cathers. (Andrews.)

Age: 15.

Species: Half angel half demon.

Appearance: http://www.google.com/imgres?start=205&um=1&hl=en&biw=1360&bih=653&tbm=isch&tbnid=KlyofiMj89ZT






Personality: She rarely speaks and seems submissive, is actually strong. Is prone to bouts of extreme anger. Manipulative and calculating.

Biography: . Her mother, a fallen angel, was a powerful witch and had a high position in Coventry. She trained Natalya to follow in her footsteps and was often cruel. Although Natalya would never admit it, she's terrified of her mother. She ran away from her mother at the age of 10 and was almost hung as a witch after healing a bird for a few kids she meet in a village and tried to befriend. She was saved by Aubrey Andrews, the wife of a merchant. Aubrey took her home and she and her husband adopted her. The Andrews already had a son named James, who was a bit mental to begin but just got worse after his mother died. Aubrey died of scarlet fever and her husband is never home anymore, leaving Natalya and James to be raised by the servants. Natalya only stays because she promised Aubrey she would stay. She has a contract to James, the mark is on her wrist. Her back is covered in scars.

Character song: She's so mean- Matchbox 20.

Other: James became extremely sadistic after his mother died and often mentally tortures Natalya for fun. Natalya has an unhealthy fascination with blood. Her eyes turn black when shes around blood or angered. Electric things tend to explode when she is near them and angered. Her wings are black instead of white.

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Name: Sia

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Appearance: 5'3 feet tall girl with long soft black hair. She has icy blue eyes, and slightly pale skin.

Personality: Strong hearted, Shy

Job: Protector of High families

Location: ? London?

Past/Backstory: She was created to be loyal and protective, she was beaten and treated horribly by her past masters, so she has emotional and physical scars.

Likes: Winter, Animals

Dislikes:Mean people, Hunters

Other: She is an Alpha werewolf, with no pack, that guards High families (Weird! :3)

(Optional) Picture:

Theme song: She Wolf- Sia and David Guetta ( I was listening to it while making this)

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Name: Yoshki

Age: 13

Gender: Male

Personality: Strong, cunning, Quiet

Job: Demon

Location: London

Past/Backstory: Normal past for a demon

Likes: Books, Battle

Dislikes: None specific

Other: Demon

(Optional) Picture:

12/26/2012 #10
Name: Kuro Gender: girl Type: cat demon Backstory: well she's a demon she doesn't have one Other: demon
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Can I be Paula?
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