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Miss Matryoshka


2/18/2012 #511

(Alois: -smiles sadistically at Charm, moving up behind Near- Oh really? -grabs Near from behind, and licks his earlobe slowly- Who says?)

2/18/2012 #512
Miss Matryoshka

(Near: U-uh....-blushes- get off of me please. Me: -throws a shoe at Alois, but misses-)

2/18/2012 #513

(Alois: -nibbles gently on Near's neck, whispering into his ear- No, I think I will stay right here~ )

2/18/2012 #514
Miss Matryoshka

(Near: Get off!)

2/18/2012 #515

(Alois: -laughs happily- Why? Give me a good reason why, then I'll get off~ -lets his hand trails down slowly down Near's chest, sucking gently on Near's neck-)

2/18/2012 #516
Miss Matryoshka

(Near: because.....Im feeling awkward....../thats not gonna be a good enough reason/)

2/18/2012 #517

(Alois: Hm? Everyone feels awkward ~ -hand trails over Near's pelvis lightly, going in circles- That's not a good reason~ -trails kisses up Near's neck toward his earlobe, nibbling on the earlobe seductively-)

2/18/2012 #518
Miss Matryoshka

(Near: Please leave me alone...)

2/18/2012 #519

(Alois: Why do you want to be alone? No one hardly ever wants to be alone. -pulls Near to his chest, smiling into Near's neck- Even if they tell themselves they want to be alone, they subconsciously crave companionship~)

2/18/2012 #520
Miss Matryoshka

(Near: -hugs Alois-) (Me: Ahh...crossover yaoi.....its a beautiful thing...)

2/18/2012 #521

(Alois: -hugs back-) (Me: :3 Yeah, well, I'm not used to it~ )

2/18/2012 #522
Miss Matryoshka

(Lets watch them......I bet Alois would be the uke.....)

2/18/2012 #523

(O_o -shrugs- Doesn't matter to me, I'm great a both parts~ -pretty sure, even though she never played a uke before-)

(Alois: -licks Near's neck slowly, biting gently-)

2/18/2012 #524
Miss Matryoshka

(It depends on the character I'm playing)

(Near: -gasps softly-)

2/18/2012 . Edited 2/18/2012 #525

(xD I can make anyone anything I want them to~)

[going into literary mode because it's easier to describe stuff-]

( Alois trailed his hands down Near's sides, his mouth not once leaving the other boys neck.)

2/18/2012 #526
Miss Matryoshka

[joining Tana in literary mode because lemons are better that way!! XD]

(Mico watched the two with interested eyes. He quickly cleared his throat, interrupting the two males.)

2/18/2012 #527

(Alois sighed, glancing uninterestedly at Mico. "What?")

2/18/2012 #528
Miss Matryoshka

("Oh nothing....its just..Charm's gonna kill you if she sees this...." He walked away.)

2/18/2012 #529

("Does it look like I care?" Alois rolled his eyes, and glanced at Near. "Why does Charm care so much about you, anyways?" He asked, annoyed.)

2/18/2012 #530
Miss Matryoshka

(Near shrugged. "I dunno.....")

2/18/2012 #531

(Me: -dying of laughter- :3 My mood for a yaoi lemon has passed~ Maybe later when I actually feel like it~ v.v)

2/18/2012 #532
Miss Matryoshka

(Me: me too! lol)

(Charm walked into the room that the NearxAlois was going on in. "Well, well, well.....what do we have here?" She said as she saw the two boys. She grabbed Near away from Alois into a separate room.)

(I feel abusive. I also fell and scraped meh knee. and I recently named my white cat Near. She has green eyes......) (Edit: I meant 'she')

2/18/2012 . Edited 2/18/2012 #533

(xD That sounds like a pretty kitty~)

(Alois stared at their departure. "Uh..." He muttered, getting up.)

2/18/2012 #534
Miss Matryoshka

(She is XD!!!)

(Charm threw the small boy against the wall, leaving a bruise against his arm. She punched him in the face, leaving a bloody lip. Another punch left a black eye. "Im bored with you now, Nate." She simply stated to the crying boy. Near went into the other room.)

(How would Alois react to this?)

2/18/2012 #535

(Hm...-lets head rest on hand-)

(Alois glanced up, blinking at Near. "Oh, hi Near!" He grinned. "You're back, what did she want?")

(:3 Alois can be a Narcissus at times, as well as sadistic~)

2/18/2012 #536
Miss Matryoshka

("Um...." He imagined Charms sadistic smile and crazy cackle. "Nothing!" He said, wiping the tears off of his face, as well as trying to hide his eye.)

2/18/2012 #537

("Really?" Alois was unconvinced.)

2/18/2012 #538
Miss Matryoshka

(Near slowly moved his sleeve from his face, revealing the wounds to Alois.)

2/18/2012 #539

(Alois blinked at Near's wounds, frowning slightly. "Hm? Who done this?" No one messes with his toy, no one. He walked over to Near, kissing Near's wounds. "Haha, you look hurt~" He laughed, happily.)

2/18/2012 #540
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