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Anni Wood

"It's you,Janey"

The words rang through Jane's Head over and over again, as if she was hearing an echo. Me? It's always been me?She knew exactly what he had been referring to. He was in love with her. The shock of the confession had left her breathless and wide eyed. But that was almost twenty minutes ago.Now they were sitting in her bedroom, and she'd had time to think. After leaving the fashion show and a very confused looking Jeremy behind, Billy had suggested they go back to her house.

Ben was working late at school today, Planning something with the Baseball team. So they had plenty of time and privacy. Even though Jane had thought about it, she didn't know where to go from here. What was she supposed to say? Nervousness around Billy was a first, then again so was having her fashion ideas be put on the run way. Today was just full of firsts. She'd come to the conclusion, now that she had been forced to think about it, that she really did love Billy, more than a friend. He'd always been there for her, she could tell him anything. Being around him came naturally, She didn't have to think about it. He always said the right thing, and even if it wasn't "Right" It came from a good place. He made her laugh, could always make her smile.

There was really nothing between them that wasn't perfect. The thought of being with him, of having him as her boyfriend, was a really nice thought. She'd been jealous when he'd started dating Lulu, but Jane had kept it to herself. Even though her distaste for Lulu had been clear.What am I supposed to say…?She bit her lip nervously, shifting around on the bed. Billy was sitting across from her, leaning comfortably against her pillows. His green eyes where assessing her, she knew that look well enough. He was judging what he said on her reaction. She fidgeted some more and then glanced up at him, her brown eyes wide. "So…" It was the best she could manage.

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