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Title of the thread says it all. You can recommend anything here.

Post in this format:

Type: [Book/Fanfic/Song/Author/Comic/Movie/Other]



Additional Information: [Just information that you think may be important, like ratings, warnings and so on.]

Why: [Just a short, or long if you wish, explanation to why you're recommending this.]

(Just put N/A in sections if it's not applicable for the thing you're recommending.)

4/29/2012 . Edited by PNoC, 4/29/2012 #1

Type: Harry Potter fanfic

Title: The First Day


Additional Information: This 50+ chapters chronicles tthroughout a year after the Battle of Hogwarts. Each canon (and some minor fanon ones) try to move on with their lives. The author shows the strengths and weaknesses of each character, highlighting why we still love them.

Why: If you want to see the Harry Potter gang experiencing human emotions and situations, then this is it. I cried reading it, and you will too by the ending. It's all so bittersweet about living after the war. Everything else by Little0Bird will do the same.

4/29/2012 #2

Type: Harry Potter fanfic

Title: More Than Words


Additional Information: The sequel to The First Day, but this goes into their adult lives. Like Relationship bumps, Ginny trying out for the Harpies, and Charlie attempting a relationship.

Why: Reading this makes you wonder if Little0Bird is JKR, then you see the slight errors reminding you that she isn't.

4/29/2012 #3

Type: Activity

Title: Sleep

Link: N/A

Additional Information: May cause notfinishedhomeworkitis.

Why: Because it makes you less likely to nearly fall asleep in lessons the next day.

5/3/2012 #4

Type: Song.

Title: Does It Really Matter.


Additional Information: Sang by Theory Of A Deadman.

Why: I play this song when I write sad romantic scenes. OuO But other than that, the song is really good.

5/5/2012 #5

Type: Book

Title: The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane

Link: N/A

Additional Information: Suitable for pretty much anyone who wants a good, heartbreaking yet brilliantly written story to read. Warnings: It should probably be rated T for death, but apart from that K. It's a story about a porcelain rabbit who finds the meaning to life.

Why: It is so simply narrated yet so thought provoking. Not the taste of many people, I know, but I love it. I sobbed at the end. It's my favourite book ever.

It is awesome. That is all.

5/11/2012 #6

Type: Book

Title: The Boy in the Striped Pajams

Link: (It's the first 12 pages)

Additional Information: Death and.... well, the setting is outside a Concentration Camp. I think you know.

Why: I loved this book because of the sheer innocence. In the book, the main character Bruno is only 9, and he doesn't understand anything that's happening. As the reader you get to see this time period through a child's eye. It's definitely a tear-jurker and the end. It's sweet, sad, and thought-provoking.

5/12/2012 #7

Title: The Boy in the Striped Pajamas

OMFG I LOVE THIS BOOK. I was sobbing like hell at the end of it.

5/12/2012 #8

For those of you who follow Earth-16/YoungJustice Universe:

Type: Fanfic Recs

Title/Link: Just Like Bad Wallpaper

Additional Information: Five times Batman adopted a Superkid without his knowledge, and that one time he did it on purpose. Unashamed family/friendship fluff.

Why: Bruce Wayne in the YJverse is just so much of a Team Dad, and this portrayal of Dick is easily my favourite I can recall. You get beautifully characterized Bruce_Dick implied interactions (seriosuly- they don't interact at all in the fic, but they don't even have to for it to be heartwarming) with bonus scenes like snarky!Alfred, caffeinedeprived!Bruce, nervous because he's in the BATMAN'S house!Conner, Wally who is perfect just as himself and just Bruce being so totally unflappable (but never so much as Alfred, which is just the way things should be) about all the superpowered teenagers his ward is dragging into his house and everyone making themselves completely at home with single rooms and everything was just so perfect. T_T

Also. Bonus appearance by Jason Todd. 8D

Title/Link: Friend vs Fanboy

Additional Information: Gotham's (adopted) rich kid Dick Grayson has a huge fan. Said fan is Kid Flash.

Why: Because Wally is obsessed to the point of well- obsession and totally TV-stalks his favourite mini-celebrity and then talks about him to Robin because hey- you babble about obsessions to you best friend, right?

Cue much facepalming WTFness from the Boy Wonder.


9/7/2012 . Edited 9/7/2012 #9
Mission to Marzipan

Title: Cal Leandros Novels by Rob Thurman.

I think everyone should read these, especially Musa with her love of the brothers Winchesters. they're about two brothers, one who is half monster and the other human who solve supernatural crime.

9/10/2012 #10

Type: Song (instrumental)

Title: Love Conquers all

Link: Fan made orchestral genius, ho!

Now you may be reluctant to listen to a fan remix of background music to My Little Pony, but shove all that hesitation aside and click the pretty blue link.

9/13/2012 #11

Type: Book

Title: My Sister's Keeper

Link: N/A

Additional Information: Death, minor swearing, mentions of adult themes

Why: We take a look into the point of view of a daughter who's being expected to donate a kidney to her dying sister as well as their mother who's torn between her two daughters. Angsty feels. Oh, and the unexpected twist in the end.

Type: Fanfic

Title: with nothing but a voice within

Additional Information: Rated T for Jason/Piper/Reyna angst and death

Why: It's one of the best fanfics I've read on this site. The writing style, the character portrayal, everything is perfect. Just... Flawless.

9/14/2012 #12
Whispered Melodies

Type: Book, Percy Jackson and the Olympians

Title: Working Class Hero by Felicity Dream

Summary: Percy's plagued by the usual ADHD and dyslexia…but he's also diagnosed with leukemia at a young age. Now Luke gets to learn what it means to be an older brother, and Percy has to play the villain to be the good guy. Gen, Luke/Percy brother fic.


Additional Information: It is sad at points and updated infrequently, with long waits in between. It is an Alternate Universe fic.

Why: Because it is amazingly well written and the story line is really sweet, showing a softer side to Luke Castellan and various other gods.

10/5/2012 #13
Personality Test

Type: Teen Titans Fanfic

Title: Live Forever


Why: It's something I've never given much thought in. They always say the thoughts before you die are like your hopes, your dreams and your life rolled into one, and this story just proves it. Sometimes, I think it's even better than the episode itself.

1/4/2013 . Edited 1/4/2013 #14

Type: Naruto Fanfic

Title: The First Flower of Spring

Link: ower-of-Spring

Additional Information: The author takes advantage of secondary character traits to take characters in a whole new direction. A tad dark, but worth every nightmare.

Why: The premise gives Sakura a bloodline, but it's so wonderfully done. I practically squeal whenever it updates.

5/2/2013 #15

Type: Activity (?)

Title: Loud, loud music, accompanied by FanFiction and junk food of choice.

Link: N/A

Additional Info: Best done late at night, with friends, or when no one is home, so you can belt out lyrics, loudly praise junk food of choice, and laugh/cry/give commentary to the fic you're reading.

Why: Never fails to make you feel better. Ever. Also, you might get inspired to make an update! ;)

6/14/2013 #16

Under The Dome by Stephen King. Warning: graphic violence, rape, strong sexual content and strong language.

Five stars out of five.

7/1/2013 #17

I recommend my forum. -Jackson-Forum/125542/

8/18/2013 #18


Type: Fanfiction

Title: Chaotic


Additional Info: Definitely NOT a Chaos fanfiction. Good grammar and spelling. Original plotline. Ten chapters in and at 20k. Rated T.

Why: because this is seriously one of the best Fics - PJO or otherwise - that I've ever read. If you don't read ot, you're seriously missing out.

10/18/2013 #19
Proud to be Plug

Reviving this thread…

I recommend the Celtic folk-rock band The Waterboys. They have a pure and always-changing sound that is real music, not a processed consumable product. Begin with the pinnacle of their initial phase of Big Music: This Is The Sea.

3/6/2015 #20

Type: Book

Title:Mistborn (Trilogy)

Link: ...... Local Barnes&Nobles? Bookstore? Magic? Interwebs?

Additional Information: (Heads up, I type fast, if my grammar slurs or my words cut together you have my permission to murder me later. I know I'm bad at it. Sorry) Loved the series and even though I popped in her (sorta on accident?) I wanted to at least reccomend one of my favorite series. It's a lovely series which always keeps you hanging, at least to me. Falls within a Sci-Fi, Fantasy world. Twists and turns in the plot are usually take you by surprise, but if you look back on it, it magically all ties together so wonderfully I end up cackling hysterically about it and look possessed.

Why?: The series is similar to PJO, in the sense that it deals with humans with special powers. Saddly since it's a fantasy type thing, the book doesn't have history to delve into like PJO does. But what can you do? I think someone here might like it. The workings of the powers is really cool, along with the whole story line, and several of the characters are amazingly written. That and I feel entitled since I may or may not have accidently crashed this. My bad. ;P Hahahaha

5/5/2015 . Edited 5/5/2015 #21

I second that rec and all of Cosmere. Musa and I need more people to talk about it with.

Type: A Vague Concept

Title: Sleep??????

Link: Unknown because body error message

Additional Info: It's sadly unobtainable for college students, you guys know what I'm talking about.

Why: because finals

5/6/2015 . Edited 5/6/2015 #22

Type: Book

Title: Furiously Happy by Jenny Lawson


Additional Information: "A funny book about horrible things"

Jenny Lawson writes about her struggles with mental illness and her determination to be happy despite it all. I'm laughing and crying and getting better at coping and I'm only a few chapters in.

Why: It's a fun read that will have you snorting into your coffee, and her particular brand of crazy fits quite well with most of you. Plus, you didn't know that you were going to look up to a taxidermied raccoon, but don't you kind of want to?

2/14 #23
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