The Outsiders playlist challenge!
Here is my past and present playlist challenge! I give you ten songs, you give me ten awesome one shots. There is first,second and third place depending on the numbers. Do you except the challenge?
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Darry was worring about money... again. Just yesterday he had complained how much Mom and Dad's fueral had cost. I contined to watch him pace around the small kitchen talking to no one in perticular.

" Where am I going to find and extra 50$? Money just doesn't grow on trees!"

The front door slamed and Darry stoped in his track as Soda came bounding in droping a thick manilla envolpe on the table. It landed with a soft thud.

" What's that?" I wondered

"Mom and Dad's deed's" Soda answered. We all started at it sligently. No one moved and it flet like hours before I carefully picked it up and slit it open with my blade.

With shaking hands I pick up the first piece of paper and quickly scaned it.

"What does it say" whipspered Soda impatently. Most of it was minor things, a few small pieces of land here or there that Darry could sell and make some money off of. But in the middle of the paper was the one thing I had never expected.

"Our cottage!" I breathed

2/19/2012 #1

Merories flooded my mind, drowning me in the happiness. Alot of my "first" had been done there. Frist bike ride, First time getting lost First time hunting, First kiss...I flet the blood rush up to my race as I recalled that night. Good ol' Linda....

"But I thought they sold it!" soda exclaimed as he did a double take at the paper in my hand. Darry slolwy shook his head

" so did I soda"

2/21/2012 #2
( sorry that took two posts. I ment to put it in one, but here the post button by mastake:)
2/23/2012 #3

(I thought we were suppose to write our stories and post them here on FF in the BooksOutsiders topic?)

10/2/2012 #4

(Hello? Mylobear?)

3/18/2013 #5
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