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I'm putting one of these up. If you want to rp Yu Yu Hakusho or discuss the show or whatever, come here.
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Samurai don't need angels

"Hey, feeling gross is better than having some mean guy punch you in the face and saying 'stupid rich girl.'" Pointed out Akane.


Kurama felt worried for Kuwabara. The human couldn't be taking Genkai's death.

2/24/2012 #481

Hiei is standing there as they miraculously see Kuwabara beat the guy by squishing him with his new sword. He has a feeling that the guy isn't all the way dead though as Kuwabara is declared the winner and it comes down to Yusuke vs the younger Toguro.

Faith is releived that Kuwabara had won and blinks as he ends up hitting Yusuke for not telling him about Genkai's death.

2/24/2012 #482
Krow's Nest

Turpis began eating faster nervously.


"Well, you gotta defend yourself!" Ki said, motivationaly. He pulled out a watch and looked at the time, "I gotta go." He left the stadium.

2/24/2012 #483
Samurai don't need angels

Akane sighed. "Well....I tried." She said, going over to the statuim to go sit with Turpis. "I changed my mind. I can't help you." She appologized.


Kurama quickly explained to Kuwabara about Genkai's death.

2/24/2012 #484
Krow's Nest

Turpis looked over at her, "Thanks for trying. Yusuke has to win this match!"

2/24/2012 #485

Hiei stands there and watches Yusuke get in the arena after Sakyo and Koenma make their bets on this match.

Faith silently cheers for Yusuke as the fight starts off.

2/24/2012 #486
Samurai don't need angels

"Well....I wouldn't say he 'has to' win the fight." Akane said. "Don't get me wrong. I'm cheering for him and all....but ah, wouldn't hurt if he lost either." She said, before cheering for Yusuke.


Kurama looked at Yusuke and nodded. He was worried.

2/24/2012 #487
Krow's Nest

Turpis didnt look over, "No, he better win."

2/24/2012 #488

Hiei watche as they have to get out fo the way as the fight soon ends up destroying the arena yet again and the fight continues onward.

Faith has dodged the debris going everywhere and sees Yusuke shoot Toguro right through the wall.

2/24/2012 #489
Samurai don't need angels

Akane watched as the arena was destroyed again. She managed to get out of the way in order to avoid getting killed by flying debris. She let out a sigh of relief.


Kurama dodged the flying peices of death as the fight continued, making his way over to Faith.

2/24/2012 #490
Krow's Nest

Turpis used demon arms to stop the debris from hitting him. He checked on the others and saw they were ok, "There gonna destroy the whole stadium!"

2/24/2012 #491

Hiei stands with the others as they watch the fight continue. He raises an eyebrow when Genkai possesses Puu and tells Toguro to kill one of Yusuke's friends to access his full power.

Faith tenses up at this as Yusuke argues with Genkai about this saying that it was a stupid idea.

2/24/2012 #492
Samurai don't need angels

Akane looked at them all anxiously as she head that one of them was going to die. She didn't want any of the to die! She looked around at all of them.


Kurama teased up. Kill one of them? But - He got even tenser as Toguro made his way to kill Kuwabara.

2/24/2012 #493
Krow's Nest

Turpis stared as he moved the debris away, "That's just low!"

2/24/2012 #494

Hiei tenses up as Kuwabara tries to attack and ends up getting killed. He looks over at Yusuke who's just standing there greiving.

Faith is just standing there shocked that that happened as she sees this and wonders what's going to happen next.

2/24/2012 #495
Samurai don't need angels

Akane covered her mouth when Kuwabara died. She felt awful.


Kurama ran over to Kuwabara, discovering that he wasn't actually dead.

2/24/2012 #496

Hiei sends a glare at the Toguro brother as he tries this again but Yusuke stops him and the fight continues.

Faith goes over and she finds out the truth and smiles faintly before watching the fight again.

Botan is watching this with the girls and soon sees that Keiko is just sitting there in a trance.

2/24/2012 #497

(Hey where did you guys go?)

2/24/2012 #498
Samurai don't need angels

((Well....I'm waiting for Hibish.))

2/24/2012 #499

(I wonder where he is. He didn't mention he was going anywhere.)

2/24/2012 #500
Samurai don't need angels

((Maybe his internet cut out?

....so....what other mangas/animes do you like?))

2/24/2012 #501

(Maybe. I have a list of what I rp. I can send you the list in a PM since it's long.)

2/24/2012 #502
Samurai don't need angels

((Works for me.))

2/24/2012 #503
Krow's Nest
((IM SO SORRY!! *hugs* play practice!)) Turpis looked shocked, "Kuwabara... ..."
2/24/2012 #504
Samurai don't need angels

Akane scrubbed some tears from her eyes, and sniffled.


Kurama pretened to be sad about Kuwabara's supposed 'death'.

2/24/2012 #505

Faith pretends to be sad about this as she watches the fight come to an end with Yusuke the winner and Toguro dead.

Hiei is glad that this is over as Kuwabara gets up and laughs at Yusuke and Yusuke chases him around.

2/24/2012 #506
Samurai don't need angels

Akane felt a little better when she saw Kuwabara get up and start running around with Yusuke. She laughed a lot until she realized she'd just put her father out several million dollars. She felt a little sick. I'm dead! She thought.


Kurama smiled as he watched the two humans start chasing eachother around.

2/24/2012 #507
Krow's Nest
(Sanurai, PM me) Turpis smiled and congradulated the team on their victory.
2/24/2012 #508

Hiei stands there and smiles as he goes over and sees Akane and wonders what she'll do now.

Faith smiles and blinks as it starts shaking out since the stadium is starting to collapse and they make their way out of there.

2/24/2012 #509
Krow's Nest
"AKANE!!" Turpis was demon form, using multiple arms to hold a large chunk of debris. He shoved her away as the debris fell onto Turpis.
2/24/2012 #510
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