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I think that as a antagonist he is an awsume one, but there really isn't any fanfiction out there about him. I would write something but I have no skill at all. Does anyone know of good Vex fiction out there?

3/28/2012 . Edited 3/28/2012 #1

Well, I wrote Vexed II: The Reckoning, which was quite well-received...but I killed Vex off in it. Sorry. :)

3/29/2012 #2

I haven't read any fics specifically about Vex. I know there is a Kenzi/Vex story by the Sheep of Destiny titled "How Did This Happen." Besides that, I'm not sure. I love his character, but I haven't really looked for fics specifically involving him. I am currently writing a new story I have yet to post (and I probably won't for a while yet, I need to focus on my other story first) where Vex makes an appearance and probably will again in it, but he's not a main character in it. Good luck, I hope you find something

4/1/2012 #3

I haven't read any Vex stories yet, but I really really lurrve him! He's awesome, he's like the gratest television villain in history!

So, like I said, I haven't read anything yet but I plan to, and I think it's an awesome idea for you to write one! (:

6/3/2013 #4

I've written a Kenzi/Vex sex based fanfic but it's from mainly Kenzi's point of view rather than Vex's. I haven't so far seen any mainly Vex fanfics yet but I am hopeful that some really good ones come along. :3

1/19/2014 #5
I would love to read more vex stories, he is just a great character. A bit insane, sado-masochistic, loveable, sexy and the outfits! His humour and playfulness. I really enjoy his appearances in the show and to read his stories. Especially his relationship with Kenzi is special. They are great mates and it's easy to view them as more, they click.
2/6/2014 #6

He really is! I applaud the actor for being up for wearing what he wears as Vex. It takes alot of guts to do so. I actually love their friendship and don't want anything to harm it, but there does seem to be an underlaying attraction or flirtation between them and I hope the writers will give us a glimse of the two of them together, even if it's in a dream or along those lines at least. (:

2/7/2014 #7

I watched now several Interviews with Paul Amos and have to say, a certain sadistic cheekiness is in him. He is a trained actor, went to some of the best schools in Britain, he knows his body and know how to use it. And well, he can pull of his clothes as Vex!

I mean, others would look ridiculous in some outfits, but he, damn!


So I hope, there will be more Vex stories...and much as I liked Kenzi with Hale, now that Hale is sadly gone...maybe she do need a "nice" dark fae mesmer to cheer her up

2/7/2014 #8

I've watched some of Paul's interviews before and I know what you mean. He also has a sort of polished deliverance (I can't think of a better way to describe what I mean at the moment) to his lines and his movements which is something that is taught at the two drama schools he went to in both Wales and England.

No one would be able to pull off the character of Vex better than Paul I don't think. The show cast well. He's a humurous relief to some of the darker elements of the show, the same as Kenzi is too. (:

He's got a great accent; a mix of a typical London accent and a Welsh accent as Vex which I absolutely love and in interviews and bloopers, his naughty Welsh sense of humour shines through at times. He makes me proud to be Welsh!

The show needs more Vex. It's always a great episode whenever he's in one. Kenzi needs someone her through those lonely nights without Hale and there isn't anyone better than a certain mesmer. (;

2/7/2014 #9

You are Welsh? I don't know, what it is about Welsh actors....but I'm a fan!

If it's Gareth David-Lloyd, Iwan Rheon or Paul Amos. (And to know that GDL went the The National your Theatre and Iwan Rheon to LAMDA...)

Welsh are simply a Special Breed!

When I visited Newport and Cardiff I knew as well, Welsh are one of a kind!

So Paul has a Bonus just being Welsh, but he is simply a great actor, too!

I'm looking forward to every episode with him. And even he was nice as Doctor Roberts, this role as Vex brings out the best in him.

So yeah, more Vex for Lost girl!

2/7/2014 #10

I am by ethnic background but by the country I was born in, I am English. I've got a weird English/Welsh accent because of this. (:

I don't know what it is either. Wales just breeds great actors! :p There's a few other Welsh actors who intruigue me, but I can't remember their names right this minute.

Cardiff is one of my favourite cities. I love visiting when I go and see my family. My mum was actually born in Cardiff but she moved to Pencoed (Paul's hometown) when she was a baby and lived there for a little bit.

I agree with you that the character of Vex brings out the best in him. It must be such a great character to play, he must have so much fun everytime he's in Lost Girl. (: I can't wait to see more of Vex and the overall show. I hope any fans shipping 'Venzi' or whatever they're called, see that particular ship sail into Lost Girl reality. (:

2/7/2014 #11

I already told friends, if I ever move to UK, it would be most likely be to Cardiff or actually maybe rather Newport. I really love this little city! You probably know, that the Welsh are the true Brits, English are Anglo-Saxons so they are more...German. Which is not bad per se, but true Island breeds are simply something different! You often experience this certain type of proudness of their nationality with Welsh people, which they can be. Alone the fact, how they keep their Language alive, proves that! Most foreigners, who did not know much about the UK, do think of Scotland, when it comes to "individual" parts in Britain. But after visiting Wales, Scotland and England I have to say, Welsh are much more special! So more love for Wales, more love for Welsh actors, more screen time for Vex!

2/7/2014 #12

Cardiff's a great city to live in. I've got to be honest, I don't know much about Newport, I haven't been there since I was a little girl, but it seems a lovely city with what I remember. (:

The Welsh are. We are very patriotic with our background; both historical and family and even to live in England is an apparent no-no with A LOT of families which mine just ignored! Also, St. David's Day is a huge event traditionally in a family, with all your extended family joining in the festivities and the meal of 'Cawl' which is lovely. Sorry about me rambling on, I'm just very passionate on Wales basically. (:

I've researched a lot about the history of Wales, England, etc. as I've worked in Family History in the past and some of it is really interesting. I won't go into it, but when I looked up facial characteristics, body shape and colouring for each country in the UK, I've learned people have changed a lot. The Celts were quite short but seemed to be olive skinned, dark hair and dark eyes with rounded features, whereas now, not everyone who is Welsh looks like that. Some, like myself have still got a hint of the 'traditional' look of the Celts (I'm short, got rounded features and dark eyelashes) but are pale with blue eyes and/or blonde hair. It's all to do with the 'interbreeding' over the years. Again, sorry for rambling, I didn't mean to write so much! (:

Living in the UK, it seems all are patriotic (in Wales, England, Ireland and Scotland) and excluding England, have a hatred, whether it's serious or just a bit of fun for the English, especially in sport. (:

I love the Welsh language, but it's very complicated and hard to learn! I don't know how anyone has learned it. (:

Love for Vex. 3

2/7/2014 #13

Oh, I don't mind your rambling!

This love for Wales is kind of addicting! I know it from personal experience, even when I'm not Welsh , I just adore the country and the language! Guys with Welsh accent, goosebumps!

When I went to Wales I visited the Welsh History Museum. The people might have changed in appearance, but the mentality is still there. And yes, I remember this one Interview with Gareth David-Lloyd where he said, he had an agreement in his contract when filming in London, that when his wife would went into labour, he would be allowed to leave the set straight away to leave for Wales, 'cause his child would be "no bloody English" one. You have to love them!

Atm I'm rewatching all episodes...only 15 with Vex is really not enough...

2/7/2014 #14

Oh, that's good. :3

It is isn't it? Haha, same! I love a guy with a Welsh accent, it's lovely.

I've been there a few times, twice for my birthday. (: My favourite part is the town square where there's old shops you can go into and buy things. It's such a great place.

That's so typical with a lot of Welsh people to make sure, if you're expecting, that your children be born on the right side of the Severn Bridge. Otherwise...:3 I like the fact that he actually had an agreement in his contract so his child wouldn't be born in England. I personally wouldn't even think that. :3 Haha, you do.

Only 15? For some reason, I thought he was in more episodes. He's definitely made an impression on the show and with the audience if he's only been in 15 episodes out of 61 but is such a loved character. I haven't watched all the episodes yet, but I am looking forward to the next season to see what will be going on. :3

2/9/2014 #15

Well, he is a REALLY dedicated and proud Welsh man, of course his daughter had to be WELSH! lol

I had breakfast at the bay, just watching the people, watching the sea, enjoying the atmosphere. But I like the more central area as well. A friend is actually just living across the castle! I really liked Brute park. there are some spots, you expect a fairy appearing any minute.

I had planned to make a trip, exploring the countryside last year, which I sadly had to cancel, but I plan to still do it...maybe this summer.

And yes, only 15 episodes! But his presence is so intense, it does feel like he is in many more!

Paul Amos wrote on Twitter, that he will be in tonight's episode and there will be Kenzi/Vex scenes. so it does look like they answer our wishes and we get to see more of them! Btw. I started to write a Lost girl story yesterday, atm only Vex, but I plan to let others appear, so look out for posts from me .

2/9/2014 #16

Haha, exactly. :3

It's so lovely down there, especially on a sunny day, it must have been a great breakfast! Right. Wow! She must have a great view from her house. I don't think I've actually been to Bute Park before but I've seen it in family photos and I agree, a fairy could appear at any minute. It's a very pretty place.

Oh dear...that's a shame. Hopefully you'll be able to go again in the Summer, like you said.

It does but at the same time, I think he hasn't been in enough. I have a complex mind. :p

Oh, wow. Hopefully it's a good watch. Where I live, we're behind Canada by a few weeks, so I haven't caught up to the latest one, but I've been getting little bits from the internet which have looked good. I'm sad though that Hale's gone. I actually really liked his character and Kenzi's reply was equally if not more upsetting. Great acting from Ksenia I thought.

Great! If you ever upload your story, I'll make sure to read it. :3

2/11/2014 #17

It is really a pretty place...I hope I can be there for a day, when it's ot raining, but it's Wales, so the chances are not great..only think I don't like THAT much about Wales. XD

About being a few weeks behind, I would be REALLY lucky, if that was the case in my country. We are a year behind..they actually started only in April last year and mostly aired double episodes on pay TV...but dubbed! *shudder*. I stopped watching television in my country 1 1/2 years ago. It's horrible and I can't stand all the dubbing any more. SO I watch via stream or other ways. I finally only watch shows I like and it's not just mindless background noise...

I think, I'll post the first part of my little fic within the next days...was a bit busy with a solemn vigil the last 3 nights...

2/13/2014 #18

Oh yes, it's a very wet country but it makes up for it in other ways. :3

Dubbed? Oh yes, not good. It's annoying when you watch a show from the US or something and in your country it's aired WAY behind them. Out of interest, where are you from? I'm just interested but you don't have to tell me. I watch a few shows via stream too, but Lost Girl I want to carry on watching on tv. :3

I'll be looking foward to reading it when you post it. :3

2/14/2014 #19

Well, we start to learn English in form 5, but still all our shows and films are dubbed...back, when there was still real Music TV, there were shows with subtitles for songs... -.- A well, there are alternatives! And I'm from Germany... so not that far away... I'm atm moment wondering, Imdb listed Vex for episode 13, but Paul Amos said, he won't be in...Hmmm. But i know, I can include episode 12 in my story...doesn't interfere with my idea

2/14/2014 #20

Oh my, I just searched on LJ Interest: Vex.

The results: Fetish Auctions, Sadisco, Latexlovers, The endless graveyard Well...

2/14/2014 #21

I just wrote a fanfic about Kenzi and Vex, I don't have a Beta so its rough, . Post season 4 so beware.

3/4/2014 #22
Read your story earlier! Loved it! Vex and centuries of pain, but you endure it for the right reason, don't you?
3/4/2014 #23

Thank you!. Oh I have so many ideas about the story. Love and caring is new to Vex, so the road will not be easy, and how will the team deal with the new situation. Ahhh I'm so excited. I am going to write more this weekend.

3/4/2014 #24
I know the feeling! I think I'll write more today, maybe tmr. Thursday and Friday I'm gone, but well, lets see what my muse is saying. I admit, that my story is only driven by my muse. I had some basic ideas, but nothing real. So when I start to write, I don't know, how it will end. There is one scene, one idea I had, which I'm dying to write. But it's not time yet.
3/4/2014 #25

btw, if someone is using FB...I started a VEX group...needs a few more members...

3/4/2014 #26

I've joined your group. Great idea!

3/4/2014 #27

accepted you straight away! you are welcome to invite every Vex fan you know! spread the naughtiness!

3/4/2014 #28

Thank you. Haha, will do. :3

3/4/2014 #29


FB does offer some features, that are missing here...


3/4/2014 #30
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